WSJ2007World Scout Jamboree 2007


Do I have to bring my own tent?
Yes, everybody has to bring their own tent, but you should ask your contingent how they organize it. If you have more questions about tents, please ask your contingent.

Do I live with my patrol or contingent?
As an IST you will live in the Adult town during the Jamboree with people from your contingent. If you belong to a large contingent the contingent will be divided into groups of about 40.

Can I go to Home Hospitality too?
No. IST’s should arrive at the Jamboree site two days before the jamboree starts, which makes it difficult to have a full Home Hospitality experience, therefore we have chosen not to include IST’s in the Home Hospitality experience.

Can I wish for a specific job?
We will try to match qualifications and area of interest with jobs and task at the Jamboree.

Is it possible to arrive earlier or later than the 25th of July?
No, arrival date for the IST’s is the 25th of July. It is not possible to arrive earlier or later than that date.

I need to leave with my contingent on the 7th, is that OK?
No, all the ISTs need to stay one day more than the participants, to evaluate, clean and take down the campsite.

What is safe from harm?
Safe from Harm is a course that should become an integrated part while planning, carrying out and taking part in activities at the World Scout Jamboree.

By learning more about abuse, everyone will be able to act in a safe and secure way. The course Safe from Harm is created for everyone to be able to work preventively before and during the Jamboree. The course will also prepare you for how to act if something happens.

Child protection is the responsibility of each and every adult at the World Scout Jamboree. It is also the responsibility of each adult to be aware that abuse can take place, be able to recognize it and to take appropriate action. This is an absolute priority in both WOSM and WAGGGS.
The course is available in Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish and is available online, in pdf format and on a CD. Every member of the Planning Team and every IST must take the course and complete the test with a minimum of 75% correct answers.

What is the IST Experience Programme?
The IST Experience Programme is an activity programme specially made for the ISTs. The programme will contribute to your personal development, so that you will leave the Jamboree enriched, motivated and with new skills. It will include themes such as Our World, Personal Development, New Skills and Spiritual Experience

Where is the job catalogue?
There is no job catalogue. The planning team of the Jamboree will match the qualifications and areas of interests of the ISTs with the needs to the jobs.

Will I know what task I have before?
No, but you will get an indication of the generel area in which you will be working.

Will I know my patrol members before the jamboree?
No, you will meet your patrol on the 25th or 26th of July.

Will I have a day off?
This will depend on the task you are doing. But all IST’s will have some free time to see and experience the Jamboree.

Do I have time to visit Stockholm during the Jamboree?
No, Stockholm is 5 hours by train from the Jamboree Campsite, so you can’t visit the capital during the Jamboree.

Can I leave the Jamboree site and go to Kristianstad?
Yes, when your schedule allows you some free time.

Will there be alcohol on the Jamboree site?
No, there is a zero-tolerance-policy at the jamboree.

Can I smoke on the site?
Yes, but only in designated smoking areas.

I have a disability, can I still come as IST, how will I get help with…?
Yes, everybody is welcome, please ask your contingent for more information.

Can I take my bike with me?
Yes, you’re welcome to take your bike if it’s possible.

Can I park my car on site?
Yes in designated parking areas.

Can I hire a bike?
No, but your contingent has information on the opportunity to buy a bike to have delivered at the jamboree.

I have a food allergy, can I still eat the staff food?
Yes, but you need to make sure that you have written that on your registration form. Ask your contingent for more information.

Can I bring my children?
No, it is not possible for IST’s to bring their children.

Can I bring my dog?
No, you’re not allowed to bring your dog.

I need financial help – can you help?
Unfortunately we do not have the ability to help financially. There is a solidarity programme, that is aimed at participants from poorer countries. We recommend you contact your national scout organization and ask if they have any programmes or funding available.

What do I need to pack?
You need to pack for 12 days of outdoor camping. Since ISTs will be using the adult canteen, there is no need for food equipment such as plates, glass and cutlery.

What time does it get dark – how do I keep the day and night rhythm with so much light?
The sun rises at ca. 5.30 am and sets at ca. 9.30 pm.

What is the weather like?
The climate is temperate, so the weather in southern Sweden in the summertime can be very varied from hot and dry to cold and wet. You should take this into consideration when you are packing.

Will I have time for prayer during my work?
This is something you have to talk to your partrol and work leader about.

Can I be an IST and still participate in Ramadan?
Yes, the different workplaces will take into consideration, when they plan, that some IST’s will be taking part in the Ramadan.

Can I charge my phone and computer?
There will be facilities for charging and it will be at cost.

Is there wireless network?
Yes, there will be two internet cafés in Adult Town, with Wi-Fi.

Can I buy a sleeping bag?
Yes, you will be able to buy sleeping bags and other things in different shops. Please observe that not all shops will be open on IST arrival.

Can my friend come and visit and stay with me for 3 days?
No, Visitors are welcome to visit the camp between 10:00 and 18:00. After that they are not allowed to be on the campsite. There are no camping posibilities on the campsite for visitors. You can buy Day Visitor Ticket in our Web shop. On WSJ homepage you can find links to camping and hostels.

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