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Update 3: The World Scout Jamboree is over but keep on sending your wishes to all the Scouts!


Latest Comments

  1. Zeineb says:

    I wish I could become a leader to go to the 23 World Scout Jamboree and I wish you all the 22nd WSJ a great happy new year !!

  2. josh fonseka says:

    Same here greg.
    i miss jamboree so, so much.
    I would give almost anything to go back…
    Still, look to the future.
    Bring on Japan!!!
    Merry christmas.

  3. Marcos Tawadros says:

    I would like to thank the WSJ for the best days ever. I was an IST from Egypt. They were the best days. I’d like to wish the World Scout Jamboree and all its participants a “Simply Merry Christmas!”.

  4. Dongo says:

    i would like to congrts those who participated during the world scout jamboree, i was an IST from uganda who cycled to the jamboree and after the jamboree i joined the deconstructor team upto 18/8/2011.

    please i would like to get in touch with scouts over all the world. please email me on

    Yours in scouting,


  5. Greg Thompson says:

    I find that as time goes on the more and more I miss being at the Jamboree having wonderful experiences and forging new friendships. I hope that I will be able to attend the 2015 Jamboree and meet new friends.

  6. Joshua Fonseka says:

    Hi again. I agree with the other guys who just posted.
    Bring on Japan!
    Go on JOTI in the meantime!

  7. Katherine says:

    It saddens me to realise that there were so many opportunities that I unfortunately missed out on during the Jamboree. There were so many amazing people which I didn’t get a chance to meet, and so many things I missed out on. Therefore my wish is to go back and get a chance to experience a few more wonders which the Jamboree had to offer. It was the most amazing experience of my life; a time I will never, EVER forget and I am honoured to have been a part of it. Thank you scouting.

    BRING ON JAPAN!!!!!!

  8. Harriet Butterfield says:

    I have already left a comment before, but I still get overwhelmed by all of the memories of the World Scout Jamboree. My heart is still set on attending the 23rd Jambroee as part of IST. After living in harmony for so many days with so many people from “so many” parts of the world, I am truly proud to say that I am a Scout. Thanks for the memories everybody – you all chipped in.

  9. Joshua Fonseka says:

    I am Joshua Fonseka, a 15 year old Scout from the UK, Camped in Mora Subcamp, Winter
    The 22nd Jamboree was the most incredible
    experience ever. I wish I could go back there for
    just a few more days, but I cant. But instead, I know I will meet all of you guys and girls in Japan! GO TO JAPAN!!!!

  10. Joshua Fonseka says:

    I am from the UK, and am 15. I wish every day that I could be back at WSJ for just a few more days. But sadly, that is not to be. Stay strong guys and girls,
    Japan is Coming Soon.
    See you all there!

  11. Donna says:

    There’s so much I could say on here, the Jamboree really was a life changing experience and I would do anything to go back. But the one thing that I really want to say is Thank-you. Thank-you for helping me experience the best thing of my life.

  12. Jessica Pike says:

    Hi Guys,
    The jamboree was a life changing experience for me, it opened my eyes to the world we live in and the many brothers and sisters that before Jamboree I had never had the chance to meet. I’m a Girl Guide from the UK and for me the organisation’s of both Scouting and Guiding offers so many unique opportunities that without Scouting and Guiding, many young people would not get. It is such an important past of society. It just goes to show that if 40,000 people from 160 different countries, a multitude of religions, faiths and backgrounds can all come together and live on one campsite all because of one common link, then maybe world peace and harmony is something that is achieveable.

    I miss Jamboree and would give anything to go back and see all the friends that I met while there. Someone said to me how can you call someone you met once and friend, and I simply replied I had more in common with those people than I do with some people I see and talk to everyday. Scouting and Guiding is a true community that is there for everyone.

    Hopefully i’ll see you all again at the next Jamboree :)


  13. ivana says:

    nothing can replace this experience! i ll never forget 22nd WSJ “WE are changing the world today…SIMPLY SCOUTING!!

  14. Sandra says:

    I miss everyone…
    Jamboree was a very good experience
    Thanks :)

  15. Kai says:

    I’ll Miss everyone….if you’re interested in sharing pics and memories…be my guest and add me :) Thank you! I really a lot of pics…PLEASE!!!!!

  16. Angga says:

    I am from indonesian Nice to meet you all

  17. trey says:

    I love cub scouts do you love it from trey

  18. Ayoub says:

    I wish become a leader to have the chance to go another time to Japan in 2015

  19. YUNUS AHMAD says:

    I na yiwa duk wanda ya halarci wnnwn jamboree fatan alkhairi

  20. Ismail Mrini says:

    I wish to all that all the jamboree the best time of all ! A lot of new friends and the best experience of all !

  21. clelia manno says:

    i wish i can spend again my summer holiday for another jambo..but i know that the my next jambo, in the future, won’t be like this in sweden :D

  22. Marwa says:

    I really wanna go back badly :(
    I miss all those who were on the Jamboree <3
    It was the best experience I've ever had in my whole entire life :)
    Glad to meet such an amazing people like you guys :)

  23. GL Harter says:

    Thanks Sweden!!

  24. Lea says:

    It was the best camp ever! Thanks to all the people there, I’ll never forget it ((:

  25. The Jamboree site are the most beautiful place in the world and I love all the people which was on the Jamboree.

  26. Omar Walid says:

    Wish u all the best in you life, wish to meet you again in any jamboree.. and I’m really proud to be a scout :)

  27. Sam says:

    Still sad it is over but still making friends! The Jamboree will live on forever through the friendships and bonds we made with each other :) I wish you all the best and hope to see you in Japan in 2015 XD

  28. Fumei says:

    How powerful the Jamboree is that really changes my life. I won’t forget what I learned in solidality, nature, and meetings during these days. So much thanks to the people I met , Swedish host of home hospitality, and host from Norwegian Spidergroup of camp in camp. You are awesome. Hope see you again.

  29. I am NIZAR ALI from PAKISTAN

    please send me photos of cultural festival day

  30. Paula Ruiz Castro says:

    Thanks for give to me this unic and special experience that changed my life!!!
    Greetings from Spain, Canary Islands ( Tenerife) ;)
    ~ Changing the world, Today, with a small step foward!♥

  31. “I’m changing the world today!”

    Fika, flags and faces! I miss you all!

  32. Aldrin Munzonga says:

    Goodbye guys.Definately we had the best time of our lives in Sweden.Be a massanger of peace and l would like to live you these words;

    I,m changing the world today
    With a small step forward
    And its the simplest way we can start today
    Crossing lines and boarders
    And the change in you
    Means the world is changing too!!!!

    So keep on changing the world


  33. matthew says:

    The best part of the jamboree for me must be culture day.
    I miss it all and i wish i could go back.
    Matthew (United Kingdom Contingent)

  34. Ashwin Kanan says:

    The Most Remarkable Page of My Life – Sweden JAMBOREE :-) cannot say anything more….

  35. emily says:

    I had the most amazing time in sweden and i wish that everyone treasures the memories forever and keeps in touch with everyone they met x

  36. Shayne says:

    Jambo was awesome! large off to d Stockholm Subcamp in Summer. I met tons of new friends and it was an awesome experience! It was great guys, thanks.

  37. ASAD ALI says:

    No words..
    It was just awesome.
    Can’t Forget the moments that i spend in the jamboree..
    Jamboree Rocks <3
    Sweden Rocks <3
    Congrats for making this event Huge and Marvelous :D

  38. Rudi Kraševec says:

    i wish you all will remember this for whole life, i’m sure i will. and keep on scouting! see you all in japan 2015 :)
    if you are scout that means you love
    miss you all <3
    simply scouting :)

  39. Gabriela says:

    Oh Jamboree, how I miss thee!

  40. Gabriela says:

    I was asked to describe the Jamboree infront of our troop during our campout, and I “simply” could not put into words. It would take millions and millions of sounds, photos, smells, tastes, and feelings to get them to feel just a bit of what I felt during those days. I truly miss the Jambo with all my heart. MESSENGERS OF PEACE!

  41. Conor says:

    I’m having trouble telling people how amazing this was when ever i’m sad i just think of the jamboree and i come engulf with warm happy memories from the jamboree. Thank you sooo much :)

  42. AndrewP says:

    Thanks for a life changing experience! I love Scouting!

  43. Balla says:

    Such a great Jamboree, thank you everyone!!!

  44. Alejandro Bueso says:

    Gracias a Dios, a las Autoridades de Suecia, a todos los organizadores, a todos los jovenes y adultos que participaron en tan magnifico Jamboree, SALUDOS DESDE EL SALVADOR!

  45. Madestra Scout says:

    absolutely beautiful place of Sweden!!!
    Salam Pramuka!!
    From : Indonesia Scouting Movement.

  46. hello every one
    i am nizar ali from pakistan
    it was my 6th world jambooree and i never forget in my life which moments i was spent in jambooree and after that it was excellent jambooree and i was ever seen in my life congratulations WOSM and SWEDISH SCIUTS AND GUIDES



  47. saad says:

    I wish the best for everyone around the world. who came to Sweden for JAMBOREE 2011. I wish all the people who have been at the jamboree are lucky while explaining this amazing experience to everybody who have not experienced this.
    It was fantastic.
    Thanks for this amazing experience!!!!

  48. Carmen says:

    Would go back in time to return to this beautiful place:) It was a unique experience! El Salvador!

  49. Sam says:

    P.S. I am came all the way from Australia and it was worth it. Thank you again

  50. Sam says:

    Experiencing massive Jamboree withdrawl symptoms :( Thank you for the memories and the best time EVER!!!
    Japan, you have BIG shoes to fill

  51. Alexander from Iceland says:

    ohh my good miss the jamboree so much it was the experience of a lifetime :)

  52. Elisa Portugal says:

    Thank you all for these wonderful days. I will never forget you! Think about going to the MOOT in Canada, in 2013. Why don’t we meet there?

  53. I wish the best for everyone around the world. who came to Sweden for JAMBOREE 2011. I wish all the people who have been at the jamboree are lucky while explaining this amazing experience to everybody who have not experienced this.
    It was fantastic.
    I would love to see the ceremonies , held can someone give site or email me . Plz guide to find those web sites??
    Thanks for this amazing experience!!!!

  54. Rama A.W.N says:

    i’m rama, from Indonesia…

  55. Rama A.W.N says:

    i wish, i can meet my friends from all over the world once again… miss you all.. :’)

  56. sushma chowdary says:

    it’s a gr8 experience i ever had.thanku jamboree for a chance 2 participate in such a wonderful event

  57. hayden kowal says:

    hi everyone i lost a roots watch at the camp i think it was in quest if anyone found it please let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Thomas says:

    Jamboree = Fantastic!!
    But where is the left-handshake going? My wish is that our simple and harmless traditions do not slip away.

  59. Omar Awad says:

    Thank you so much for the amazing Jamboree 2011, we
    from the Austrian Contingent had so much fun.
    And we hope to see a lot again at 2015 in Japan

    Thank you really much!

  60. Tiago Pedro says:

    Thank you so much for those 2 weeks.
    Greets from Portugal

  61. Scott Suvanto says:

    Just ordered my Memory Package today!
    The Jamboree may be over however the friendships will last a lifetime!

  62. Luka says:

    My wish for everyone that was there is, that you will remember this Jamboree, things that you experienced and the people you’ve met. And to keep friendships alive in the coming years. So that our big scout family can be even more closely linked together with bonds of friendship and solidarity.

  63. Eli C. says:

    Jamboree was amazing! It was an indescribably awesome experience.

  64. Laurence Marshall says:

    That was awesome, why does it have to be over?! :(

  65. Cecy Montoya says:

    Gracias Suecia!!! Gracias a scouts, scouters, voluntarios, ha sido la más maravillosa de las experiencias para mi hijo y mi sobrina,felicidades, fué un grandioso
    y excelente evento… Bendiciones y saludos desde México!!
    Siempre listos para servir!

  66. Claire Bennett says:

    My wish for all participants is that we can all take forward the messages and lessons from the Jamboree to make our worlds better.

    Thank you everyone for an amazing Jamboree, see you all in Japan!

    If anyone wants to swap some for UK contingent badges, please email me at

  67. Julian says:

    Hello to everybody,
    we had a great day at the Jamboree. Unfortunately I lost my silver Sony photo camera somewhere. Has anyone found it? Please contact me:

  68. Hello friends of the world! We are from Patagonia, Argentina, and we are amazed by this Jamboree. It’s wonderfull to watch how many people were there! Congrats to all of you! Please wrote to mflorencia11@gmail to be friends! Mirta and Flor (Allen, Río Negro – Patagonia Argentina)

  69. Jokull says:

    Here is a panorama picture I made of 12 pictures taken from the tower at Jamboree..
    Will upload more pictures on flickr later !

  70. aman sunesara says:

    the most memorable event of my life…. love all the people i met and i see…. lots and lots of fun…..and hope that one day world will also become like the 22nd world scout jamboree.

  71. Ami Matthews says:

    i had an amazing time! made some friends i will definitely be staying in contact with!

  72. Ryan Glymond says:

    will miss jamboree, met great friends, will not forget!

  73. Muhammad Raza says:

    I found a great friends there… Cant forget Jamboree 2011 Moments.. <3

    M.Raza Master
    Pakistan contingent

  74. Yaqoob says:


    I Am Yaqoob. Em From Pakistan, I Made A Friend During Jamboree Days Which Is In Arla Service, Can U Give Me Her Correct Spelling Nd Email Address. Her Name Was Mollie. I Have A Photo Of Her But I Forgot The Spelling

    Will Thankfull For You,

    Bye Nd Tc.

  75. Richard says:

    This jamboree experience will always be forever in my heart because of the fact that new friendships are formed, people from all the world can live together in solidarity. It is truly, SIMPLY SCOUTING. All the best to everyone and see you in 2015

  76. Frank Fabor says:

    Back from Sweden and Missing everything – sun, the people, the parties, the friends and the crew. I had a great time.

  77. Sakib says:

    It was a great jamboree ever. i cant describe it in word. i can just feel it in my hart.

  78. matt bell says:

    Words cannot describe the jamboree, it was a life changing experience for me, i was immensly proud to be a member of the world of Scouting, To everyone that was there Thank you.

  79. Sarah Paiton says:

    Thank you, i had a seriously immense time.
    I still wish i was away.

  80. Rachaneewan Sirinawin says:

    All scouts.. Be prepared..Be Healthy….Be Happiness..all your life.

  81. Karen Jones says:

    Lovely to hear all the news first hand from the Jamboree participants now they are home.
    Hope everyone keeps in contact with the new friends they have made. Perhaps they will be lucky enough to meet up again at another Jamboree in years to come.

  82. limassol cyprus says:

    Thank you for a FANTASTIC jamboree. in 60 years time ill have something to tell my grandchildren all the crazy things we’ve done at the jamboree. love from cyprus :)

  83. Juan Obreque says:

    LLeven el Jamboree a Latino America!!!

    Sonrisas, Abrazos y Mucho Exito
    …construyendo un mundo mejor!!!


  84. yousif osmn says:

    thank u sweden king to stop us from jamboree ( Sudanese boy scoutes )

  85. Tahmid says:

    love u all

  86. An incredible memory. I really loved how you met new people. It was awesome. My best wishes to you all :D

  87. Christopher says:

    This was really great, meeting all these new ppl from different countries and seeing their diff cultures was just awesome. Can’t wait for japan!

  88. I would just like to say that I hope that everyone who came home following this amazing experience can look back and appreciate the friendships that they have made and the cultures they have experienced. I’m happy to say that as a Unit, Unit 80 has grown in more ways than one, we’ve been through so much together and can truly say that we’ve loved every moment. I wish everyone on the Jamboree the best for the future. Scouting has brought the world together!

  89. Anna says:

    Thanks to this wonderful time , i met so much people from all over the world . Thanks soooo much !!

  90. Bruno & Tati says:

    No way we can express a simply Thank You, for all who put together this amazing Jambo.
    The best way I think to thank you is to multiply what we brought and learned from those great moments, that are eternalized in our memories and harts.
    See you all around!

  91. Debbie Still says:

    I hope everyones dreams came true, thank you for looking after Lucy part of the UK Somerset Apples. We are very proud of her. xx

  92. Jack White says:

    Thanks for the adventure of a lifetime! :)

  93. Laurin says:

    Simply wonderful jamboree!

    Thanks to all from Austria :)

  94. Aravinth says:

    It was 1 great experience….. each and every activity at the camp was fantabulous it was a marvelous organizing and maintenance…. WELL DONE SWEDEN,, THE WORLD…
    wishes from Srilankan Contingent!

  95. Jeffery Donahoe says:

    I know it has been said many many times on this post, but thank you to the Swedish Scouts and Scouters and to Sweden for being such gracious hosts for the WSJ. I will cherish all the memories I have of my IST patrol members and all the IST’s I worked with at Water in the Earth Module. A special shout-out to Bjorne whose hard work and commitment to the success of the Jamboree were an inspiration to me. Best wishes for wonderful lives to all Scouts around the World. Jeff

  96. Peter Grasso Troop 70004 USA says:

    To our Swedish hosts, Thank you for your hospitality and hard work. It was Simply a great World Scout Jamboree! Thank you to all the IST for making this event possible especially those in Autumn/Sarek. Dave,Lina, Shane, your dedication is appreciated. And finally to all the Scouts, thank you for your friendship.

  97. Thank you for hosting an amazing event. We are looking forward to our daughter Lauryns return so we can hear all about it. We have been watching it and have been so jealous of Lauryn and her friends! Thanks again to everyone you did Sweden proud.
    Save trip home to everyone.
    Lindesey & Mark Baxter.

  98. Thank you to everyone in Sweden for making the Jamboree a truly wonderful experience for our daughter Lauryn and her friends to have been involved with. We are looking forward to her return to hear all about it. Thanks again to everyone it looked amazing.
    Lindesey & Mark Baxter.

  99. Blue for scouting says:

    I wish you had the time of your life when staying in Sweden! I couldn’t participate this year, but my family was lucky enough to host HH-guests from UK, and this has been so exciting for the guests, and us too! Thank you so much for this opportunity, and I wish to see you in Japan! :)

  100. Kyra says:

    I wish the best for everyone around the world. And I wish all the people who have been at the jamboree luck whit explaining this amazing experience to everybody who haven’t experienced this. It was fantastic.
    P.S. I would love to see the ceremonies back, can I find those on the side??
    Thanks for this amazing experience!!!!

  101. MOUNIR HASHAD says:

    Best wishes to all i only have a small request from you but very important i left my camera with all the photos i took in the camp in the bus that was taking us to the airport . i am from the Scout gr

  102. Hello everybody I’m Carlos from Perú, 7 scouts participants from Perú were at the WSJ11; they had a great experience. It was a dream came true.
    Thanks to all the people that made possible the WSJ11. Now we have to do our project as Messenger of Peace. Lets create a better world

  103. Clare Green says:

    Hi ,We had our first contact from our Son Max( UK unit 42) last night via email from his Hoho in finland.He said that the Jamboree was a fantastic experience.Really looking forward to him coming home on the 11th and hearing first hand all about what we’ve been following back home on the wonderful website.
    Thankyou to the thousands of organisers who made this trip a positive,happy and safe one for our Son x

  104. Megan Peterson says:

    Thanks to everyone who worked on the Jamboree, and to Sweden for being such lovely hosts. It was the best Jamboree ever!

  105. Dave Pearcy says:

    I’m Dave from the UK i had a truelly fantastic time i will deffinatly do another jamborree

  106. Irene Pertíñez says:

    I’m from Spain. I went to the Jamboree like visiting only two days. It was fantastic.

    I met at boy from USA, I believe that her group is Troop 70107. I don’t know his name, we swap a t-shirt and he gives me a scarf. I would like to speak to her again.

  107. I met a girl, at Safety, she go’s by the name Emma, don’t know her last name, but I know she’s from Sweden, was a Strolling steward, and apparently she lives about an hour from the jamboree site in Sweden, I would like to speak to her again, and that is my wish.

  108. O noso primeiro Jamboree!!! Inolvidable experiencia para todos y todas las participantes. Una gozada compartir estos días con scouts y guías de todo el mundo. Felicidades a la organización y hasta pronto desde Galicia, Spain.
    Our first Jamboree!!! Unforgettable experience for all participants. A joy to share these days with scouts and guides worldwide. Congratulations to the organization and see you soon from Galicia, Spain.

  109. Pankaj says:

    best of luck for all the participants round the world for their future….

  110. Tammy & Michael Borden says:

    Thank you Sweden for hosting a wonderful Jamboree. I was very impressed with the King’s involvement in the Scouting program. The amount of time he spent at the Jamboree made all the participants feel very welcome and important.

  111. Juan Obreque says:

    Eso se llama “efecto post campamento” desde un simple campamento de unidad hasta un jamboree, el campamento marca la vida de una persona para toda su vida, por eso es bello ser scout, somos privilegiados.

  112. Barb says:

    Thank you so much for hosting the 22nd WSJ. My son came home with a huge smile on his face. He stated continuously how beautiful the country was. He enjoyed himself and was sad to see it go. He’s already trying to figure out how to get to the 23rd WSJ. You kept him safe and brought him home safe. i can’t thank you enough. You granted my wish.

  113. carole says:

    just want to thank all and everybody. My son had such a good time ,and a good experience, he is already talking of finding a summer job to be able to go to japan, in whatever capacity he can manage, in 2015.

  114. nini Lusser says:

    Thank you so much for letting the people be so in touch with the jamboree throu this website!!! :)

  115. sara says:

    Grazie per tutto ciò che siete riusciti a far vivere ai nostri figli! Mio figlio Federico – Contingente Italiano “Altopiano Invalicabile” camp Winter – ha vissuto dei giorni indimenticabili! E’ stato un fiume di parole per due giorni dal suo ritorno! Si è sentito cittadino di un Mondo che non conosce ancora bene, ma che lo attrae! Mi auguro si prepari per partire come IST per il 23°Jamboree! Ancora grazie, una mamma italiana!

  116. Sharon says:

    Following this Jamboree has been amazing thank you for letting us share it with you. Our children will come home changed and inspired. Thanks to all in Essex who have made this experience possible for my daughter Katherine. Wisshing you many more great scouting experiences in your lifetime. Sharon.

  117. Maliha says:

    i’ll never forget those days. thanks to Sweden.
    please contact with me

  118. Juan Obreque says:

    Sonrisas, Abrazos y Mucho Éxito
    …construyendo un mundo mejor!!!
    Saludos del Grupo Guia Scout Jesus Obrero
    Temuco Chile
    Buena Caza!!!

  119. Thank you for everything, it was amazing, great, memorable, wonderful, inspiring Jamboree.
    I will never forget ♥
    !! Scouts create a better world !!

  120. Silja Happy says:

    Hej då!!! I had so much fun, it was the greatest experience i have ever made and I am so proud that I had the chance to be a part of the Jamboree in Sweden! It was simply scouting! I hope everyone out there will have the luck to make these impressions which i have made! Please never forget what you´ve seen, what you felt and what beeing a scout really means! May we´ll see someday again! Lots of love from Germany!

  121. Nicolai. F.Agius says:

    Nicolai Agius Mosta Malta.
    I would like to THANK ALL those involved in the World Scout Jamboree Swedeenm 2011 for making this unique experience su
    ch an awesome one!!! A Dream came true.

  122. Luisa Cavaliere says:

    What an amazing experience! You should all be so proud to be members of the scouting family!! You are all marvellous!

  123. Emily Chui says:

    Love the 22nd WSJ so much! It will be the most unforgettable memory in my life! I’ve met so much scout friends all over the world and understanding their unique cultures! Wishing all the best to all participants of the WSJ and many thanks to all IST!! Hope to meet you guys in the future scout activities!

  124. Helen says:

    Hello all scouts! It has been so much fun to see so many scouts in Kristianstad and on camp in Rinkaby. Here has been a huge variaty of uniforms and languages. It has also been interesting to follow this page and your blogs (especially from France, UK and USA). Hope you had a nice stay here (despite the rain) and welcome back to Sweden.

  125. Pietro rosatti says:

    simply fantastic… yes, we ca change the world… it’s ture that the scouts make the world better…

    Pietro, trentino-alto adige-veneto/cascata senza confini/ italy

  126. Francesca De Benetti says:

    Francesca, Veneto 3 – Bosco Cangiante – Italy

  127. Thomas Jennerwein says:

    Hey !

    I need a call from my cousin Isabel Bischofberger.
    She is from the Austrian Scouts.
    Nobody has died or is sick bit I have to give her some important information.
    I cant reach her via phone or mail ?
    Maybe someone could tell the austrian scouts that sie should call me back.

    Wishing everybody a wonderful Jamboree

    Gut Pad !

  128. Enrico says:

    Be proud to be scout.
    All the best to all of you.

  129. luis says:

    I haven’t been there, but I feel so sad.
    I haven’t been there, but I’ve been so next to them.
    I haven’t been there, but all of you have been in my heart.
    Thank you and congratulations.

  130. Liana says:

    Thank you all for giving my son and daughter this great opportunity. Waiting to have them back home.
    Hope to meet again. CYPRUS CONTINGENT

  131. Karen Jones says:

    Thank You for letting us share the Jamboree online with you. I hear my daughter Emily (Unit 42) had an “Awesome” time. I hope everyone continues to remember new friends and the great times they had at the Jamboree.
    have a great HoHo in Finland Emily. See you Thursday. (No doubt tired but happy and full of memories)

  132. Staite Family Stafford UK says:

    Thank you so very much for all the hard work and effort everyone has gone too to make the 22nd Worl;d Jamboree such a success for all the young people but especially for Chloe Staite from Stafford. We are sure it will have changed her life forever. We are looking forward to getting her home and hearing all about it.

  133. Patrik Jonsson says:

    Thank you all for a wonderful Jamboree! It was a great experience to meet so many of you. It will be a memory for life. let´s change the world togehter!

  134. John (UK) says:

    Thank you hosts for giving my son the experience of a lifetime.
    I wish for all the participatnts to lead long, healthy, happy lives with great memories of this event.

  135. N. Mitchell says:

    Best Wishes to the Venture Scouts from Twin Rivers Council, Albany, NY from the scouts of Venture Crew 162 in Latham, NY

  136. Carlos Hernández says:

    Hasta pronto Jamboree, allá y en nuestro país hemos sido felices con todos ustedes, ahora en Colombia dentro de cuatro años en el Japón…see you,love you!

  137. Thank-you Sweden for a simply awesome Jamboree. Simply grateful for the magazine issues, Jam N, photos,streaming and webcams that let us, in Australia, feel like we were joining in the jamboree from the other side of the world !! A life changing experience. I hope all Scouts can help bring peace to our planet. Simply wonderful.

  138. Martha Torres Bertao says:

    Buen viaje y feliz retorno…esperamos lo hayan disfrutado…bienvenidos scouts del Paraguay

  139. Debbie says:

    Thank you Sweden for hosting a wonderful jamboree.

  140. Victoria says:

    Que cada uno de los chicos que disfrutaron de este evento
    sea un verdadero Mensajero de la Paz allí donde le toque seguir creciendo.Gracias por permitirnos a los papás seguir esa hermosa fiesta por este medio. Saludos a todos!

  141. Milka Palik says:

    Thanks to all involved in this Jamboree. I am sure my daughter will never forget this experience! Fantastic! Congrats for all the organization and kindness!

  142. Susan, Helsinki says:

    Tack tack Sverige – ni gjorde det så fint! Vi är många tacksamma föräldrar.
    Thank you Sweden and thank you all who made this great event possible.
    For some of us and you scouts this adventure continues with Ho Ho – we’re expecting two British boy scouts to us and of course, our own son, as well.
    All the best to the scouting world from a rainy Helsinki – the rain from yesterday in the southern part of Sweden is here now… :-)

  143. Erik Moreno 70305 says:

    Wishing you and your Troop 70305 USA a safe return,I hope you share all the memories for a lifetime.Thank you Sweden for the friendships that formed and the Peace that unites scouting.

  144. Silvia Molina says:

    ¡Muchas gracias Suecia! A todas las personas que organizaron el Jamboree les agradecemos desde Guatemala. Los felicitamos porque todo fue perfecto. Mi hija, mis sobrinas y la delegación guatemalteca vivieron una experiencia inolvidable. Saludos cariñosos y los esperamos con los brazos abiertos cuando deseen visitarnos.

  145. Katherine says:

    Very well done to Sweden and all concerned for putting together such a wonderful once in a life time fantastic experience for scouts from all corners of the globe. We are looking forward to hearing of the adventures from Ryan when he gets back and also Ashley who was an IST. Our thanks to all the leaders for giving our youngsters such an opportunity. Have a wonderful time in Sofia and safe journey back on Friday. x x x

  146. Jamboree was simply enjoyable, simply was friendly, simply was great, simply was beautiful, simply was nice, simply was powerful, simply was brotherhood,
    simply was… whatever you want, and finally SIMPLY SCOUTING.
    P.D. I read many letters during this Jam. Let me share my e-mail if you wnat to send me a mail:

  147. Aart says:

    I ‘ve followed the jamboree at the site, and i went to the jamboree just for one day. And I do know it now for sure, I will go to the jamboree in Japan 2015. This is such a wonderful experience!
    Thank you for the beautiful show yesterday.

  148. Nicky Davis says:

    I can’t believe that after 18 months of planning and fundraising the Jamboree is now over. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that this experience will be life changing for all those who attended – but actually I’ve learned so much too! Not only will my daughter have made friends in Sweden, but I’ve made friends too… fellow parents who have been supporting each other and sharing news which has been fantastic!
    I hope all of the UK contingent enjoy HoHo, wherever they have gone! I can’t wait to see my daughter again and I’m looking forward to hearing all about it on Friday when she returns home!

  149. Amanda Holloway says:

    Thank you, for giving all these young people such a fantastic life changing experience. It is something that will stay with them all for the rest of their lives. It was great to meet some of them for a day as a visitor. The website, webcam, news feeds and pictures (Especially the one of my son having a bucket of water thrown over him) are fantastic. Well done everyone, you have kept us all informed of the many activities provided for the young people. Such a shame about the rain last night, but the closing ceremony was superb, didn’t deter the atmosphere at all! Good luck unit 39, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Allsorts, as you head to Finland. Stay safe and enjoy the last few days!

  150. Hilary Smith says:

    Watched the closing ceremony, even the rain couldn’t dampen the atmosphere. Thank you to all the Jamboree organisers, the members of the IST and particularly the leaders of Unit 36 Greater Manchester North for making it possible for the young people to attend and experience this unbelievable event. Can’t wait to see you all at the airport on Thursday and to hear about Adam’s time away, along with the stories of the events, etc.
    Once again a BIG THANK YOU to everyone involved in the Jamboree and for making it possible.
    Best wishes for the future.
    Hilary & Lee Smith. x

  151. Thanks to Sweden for their hospitality and all the International Service Team and Jamboree Staff for their countless hours of service to make this a truly memorable and life changing experience for our youth.

  152. John says:

    Congrats on another wonderful Jamboree. I hope everyone takes home what they’ve learned and experienced and will finbd ways to incorporate them into thier daily lives and communities!

  153. Joe and Johanna Santi says:

    Our Lady of the Way guide all the scouts safely home. Thank you Sweden for providing a life changing experience for our scouts.

  154. Jemmzzzz says:


  155. Gemma McKnelly says:

    We’ll miss watching all the festivities through the JamN media. Everyday we’d look at the webcams, the live video blasts and of course the JamN TV. We loved living vicariously through your media productions. The ending ceremony brought tears to my eyes because of the beautiful emotions expressed. Tanti Auguri to all!!!

  156. Aysegul Cerci says:

    I would like to thank you to all participants, ISTs and organizing committee, especailly the media team for making us, parents feel a part of this wonderful jamboree.:) I think besides being fun, the jamboree was full of insprations for everyone involved..all the best..:))

  157. Thank you for the wonderful time at the jamboree. A big thank you to all the organizing committee, especially the Media Center/International Press Team. I enjoyed every moment, sunny day or rainy day at the jamboree. (From the accredited journalist No.136-Indonesia)

  158. Martin Bendtsen says:

    What a great experiens. And thanks to every body who have visit us in Camp in Camp Brännebo we have had so much fun. Then my thought goes special to the Indian boyscout who I saved from drowning. If i haven´t saved his life, then haven´t it been a so good camp.

  159. Anne Jones says:

    Watching the videos, looking at the pictures, and last nights closing event online, I am sure all the participants, organisers, IST and all involved will remember this event forever. Have a safe journey home especially my son Alistair of the Oxfordshire IST, and any scouts who may be cycling home!
    Hope you keep in touch with all the freinds you have made. -)

  160. Allie Kornacki says:

    Kiersten, I hope you’re having a great time at Jamboree! Take lots of pictures, I can’t wait to hear all your stories!

  161. Helen Young says:

    Will Young, enjoy Ho Ho. Missing you lots but at the same time so very proud of you. xx

  162. Edoardo Di Lauro says:

    I had a wonderful , unforgettable occasion to discover the universality of the scout spirit! I would stay in contact with you… Thanks a lot to eveybody!

  163. Kenneth says:

    Umm.. My wish is that to continue the works that started on that jamboree till today.. I wish also that we could talk or meet each other by the next JOTA or JOTI :D

  164. Jonas Lindblom says:

    I wish everybody from the World Scout Jamboree 2011 in Sweden best of luck in the future and welcome back at any time you want!

  165. mandy says:

    a big thank you to everyone involved in the organisation and running of such a massive event-and especially to the leaders of GMECumbria14. an email received from our son this morning whilst at copenhagen airport said
    “camp was awesome”. can’t wait to see him and hear all about it-. it looked fantastic from all the info we have seen via the different media. wishing everyone a safe trip home wherever in the world you are travelling to.

  166. Allen family, UK says:

    Makes you very proud to be associated with the Scouting movement, well done to Bedfordshire Pilgrims and Sam, have fun at HoHo, xxx

  167. Monique says:

    Thank you Sweden for this amazing Jamboree.
    Thank you to all the staff/builders/IST/helpers for their work.
    Thank you for the internet-site with webcams and info.
    You did an excellent job ! :-) )
    Wishes to everybody to have a safe trip home.
    Bye Bye Sweden =) Welcome home =)

  168. Gill Gane says:

    What a fantastic life affirming event – go scouts – go out and make a difference! And to those who organised, led, supported, and to the media team who told us all about it – a big thank you. I am sure you have reached scouts and their communities all over the world. Here’s to the Messengers of Peace. Can’t wait to hear Team Trawden’s stories.

  169. Richie Hogg's Mom says:

    To all – many thanks for making this such a fantastic event.

    Most of the organizer, builder and IST efforts were not seen, but we sincerely appreciate all you did to make this a once-in-a-llifetime event.

  170. Emile et M-Claire says:

    Toutes nos félicitations et voeux de bonne continuation à tous et à toutes pour cette belle réussite. Que l’amitié se poursuive aux delà des mers et des océans.

  171. Emile et M-Claire says:

    Un TRES GRAND MERCI à la SUEDE pour ce merveilleux cadeau que vous venez d’offrir à près de
    40 000 jeunes scouts et guides du monde entier. Que de souvenirs inoubliables partagés aux travers des quatre coins du monde et qui resteront gravés à vie dans les mémoires.
    BRAVO aussi à toute l’équipe de staff des médias de ce fabuleux jamboree mondial.
    Tout simplement du scoutisme.
    A tous et à toutes, bon retour vers vos familles et que la grâce et la bénédiction de Dieu vous accompagne jusque dans vos foyers et protège vos chemins et parcours.
    Soyez un messager de la paix et rendez-vous au Japon en 2015 from TAHITI FRENCH POLYNESIA

  172. sandra says:

    hi i would like to say a big THANK YOU to every one how made this a good and a time which my 2 sons will never forget ,i feel that i was part of this with all and i hope to be at the next one 2015, my goal is IS I WILL BE THERE .cant wait to hear all the news have a safe trip back each and every one . xx

  173. Carole Haigh-Neal says:

    I hope you have all had the time of your life! Greetings to all the UK Contigent,especially the Gloucestershire Unit. have a safe journey to Ho Ho in Germany and IST have a safe journey home, however you are travelling! Looking forward to hearing about and sharing your many experiences.

  174. Mags Garel says:

    Longing to see you Daniel and to hear of your amazing experiences in Sweden.So proud that you were one of those selected to attend this life-enhancing event.

  175. From Slovenia with gratitude says:

    Saying thank you to Sweden and WOSM is not enough.
    Jamboree was simply amazing. Great program, perfect implementation.

  176. helle wictor says:

    safe trip home all scouts.

  177. stef dubois says:

    Must have been a great experience which all participants will never forget. We can’t wait to hear all about it during the next few days !!!

  178. Robbie says:

    Best wishes from Crew 347 in Southern Maryland, USA! Have a wonderful time!

  179. Jay Bemis says:

    Have a great Scouting experience. Best wishes

  180. Larry Patrick says:

    Scouts and Leader participants of Troop 70206: You Rock and I am praying for safe travel home now for all of you!
    Larry Patrick

  181. Connie Cockrell says:

    Have a great time meeting new friends from around the world. Be sure to get email and tweet addresses so you can keep in touch! Get home safely.

  182. Deb says:

    Cherish the opportunity you have had and use it to change your world. You all show that people from around the world can live in peace. Blessings to everyone.

  183. Matt says:

    Hope the experience has been as good for you as 2007 was for me. Stay in touch with all your new friends worldwide. Have safe travels home.

  184. Gwen Powell says:

    My prayer is that every one involved has met friends from many different countries, keep in touch , and each person desires to make a difference with one good deed. Safe travels to all…God bless you all.

  185. hannah says:

    i wish thay have fun

  186. Georgia Hamlin says:

    Wishing Jennifer and Crew 70007 a wonderful closing ceremony. I’m sure the 22nd Jamboree will enrich your lives in years to come with the terrific experiences you’ve shared and the new friendships you’ve made. Have a safe trip home!

  187. From Virginia USA says:

    I wish that each of you remember the great feelings of the WSJ, take them back to your home countries and share with your friends and families to work towards a better world for us all. It can start with each of us!

  188. Shelly Pierce says:

    My wish for the 40,000+ Jamboree participants: Each heart would forever be changed by the spirit of solidarity it experienced in Rinkaby, Sweden, Summer 2011. Peace and Love Scouts!

  189. Noelle Walsh-Wallis says:

    Treasure this event forever, let it help shape your future! Have fun in everything you do!

  190. Jan Moore says:

    enjoy and remember-

  191. Betty Gould says:

    Hi to Jennifer and Crew 70007. I hope you’ve enjoyed this marvelous experience. Can’t wait to hear the stories. Have fun at the Closing Ceremony. Wishing everyone a safe trip home and the chance to meet your new friends again.

  192. Pete Pederson says:

    JJ have good trip home. Miss You. Hope you had a great time. You will always remember this time. Love Dad

  193. Sharon says:

    Big Thanks to Mike Nostrand, Fonnie Galmiche, Craig Alford, & Jonathon Zuegel for taking our children to Sweden for the experience of a lifetime. You are great influences on our youth.

  194. Debbie Pederson says:

    Hi Jennifer and Crew 70007. I’m watching the Closing ceremony live feed, hope I’ll see you. Thanks for representing the U.S. at the Jamboree. Can’t wait to hear all the stories and see the photos. Have a good trip home.

  195. David Phillips says:

    Best wishes to all scouts! To thouse in Troop 70005, be safe, make friends and have fun!

  196. Amy Warren says:

    I wish that each scout in attendance remembers his/her experiences at the Jamboree and the new friends s/he’s made from all over the world fondly and uses those memories to spur greater growth and understanding of the world in them.

  197. Karen Isberg says:

    Best wishes to all the Scouts as they attend the closing ceremony. What a wonderful Jamboree! Save travels home everyone, especially Troop 70206 from USA!

  198. EricM says:

    I hope that you all have had a great time at the Jamboree in meeting all your new friends from across the world.

  199. Sharon says:

    Ok, I posted on all my scout Facebook groups and my facebook page. Hopefully, we can get some more wishes for you today.
    And here’s my Shoutout to Crew 70007 from the USA. Love you all and miss you much. Can’t wait to hear about all the great experiences you have had and the new friends you have made.

  200. Barbara Paton says:

    Hi to all Connect 4 and Hampshire Scouts! Enjoy the rest of your day and your HoHo experiences. Love to Ellen (and Steph).

  201. Clemens Bartlome says:

    Hi Sharon, not yet but soon :) we have already 1,157

  202. Sharon says:

    Have you reached 2011 yet?
    I’m thankful that my daughter was able to attend the World Jamboree in Sweden. I’m also glad that she will be coming home tomorrow, We miss her.
    Thank you to the staff of the World Jamboree for providing such an extraordinary event for our scouts. Also, for all the coverage you have provided on the web, so those of us at home can keep up w/what are children are doing. I can’t wait to get even more information when my daughter gets home.
    Hope you have wonderful weather for your closing ceremonies.
    Can’t wait til 2019 when the World Jamboree will be in the United States.

  203. Sharon Fancy-Fabor says:

    Frank,Lauren, Leah and Crew 70007, – Two more days. Make happy memories and international friends. See you all in Charleston SC. Can’t wait.

  204. Dee Schartiger says:

    Kiersten/Chase – USA – Have a great time, meet lots of new friends and store up memories for a lifetime!

  205. Mando un gran saludo a las Tropas de la Delegaciòn Interamericana. Especialmente para Jacobo, Raùl y Alejandro, aquì desde Mèxico. Ojalà se les vea en Jam N.
    Sìganla pasando de maravilla en el JAMBOREE, conociendo muchos Scouts del orbe.

  206. Gerri says:

    Hello to Crew 736/Troop 736- Hi Kiersten/Dave and Theo. After all the planning I can’t believe you guys are really there. Enjoy!

  207. Sam McCoig says:

    Kiersten/the US/the world – can’t wait to hear all about the WJ – is it really light out for 18 hours?

  208. Heather McCoig says:

    Kiersten/the US/the world – Not sure I will see you until winter break – take lots of pictures!

  209. Molly McCoig says:

    Kiersten/the US/the world – can’t wait to see you and hear all the stories.

  210. Jim McCoig Crew 736 Glen Allen VA says:

    Hi Kiersten – I don’t see you on the webcam are you really there? Hope you are having a blast!

  211. Austin McCoig says:

    Can’t wait to hear all the stuff you all are doing!

  212. The Hogg Family says:

    Best wishes for a wonder closing at Jambo!

    This has been a great experience for all – both there and those following on the website and through e-mails.

    Many thanks to IST, Camp in Camp hosts, Sweden and especially Scoutmasters Hill, Bicket, Norton and Tucker to guiding Troop 70205.

  213. Elizabeth Edelman says:

    Hey Kiersten! Hope you are having a great time! <3 Get some Facebook contacts! :)

  214. Mary Jane Walker says:

    Hi to Michael & Patrick May of Troop 70205. I know you are having a great time. Grandmother has been on the website night and day looking for photos of you and she has been very successful. Love the green beret Michael, and Patrick you looked fantastic in the bubble ball. I love you , Mom

  215. Chip Hendricks says:

    Hi Kiersten Parkinson – Thanks for representing our Crew and Scouting in the USA! I hope you are having a great time and can not wait to hear your stories when you get back.

  216. Sara Gray says:

    Brent and Crew 70007. I’ve enjoyed being your committee chairman. It has almost felt like I was there as I would search for pictures to share with the parents and friends. What an amaizing experience for so many countries in one spot and everyone to set aside their differences and make scout friendships. Have fun as the remainder of the days are upon you and have a safe trip to home. God Bless the USA

  217. Sangmin Lee says:

    Well, I guess you and your troop 70205 are doing alright, Jaehyeong? I hope you truly enjoy your time out there. Cheers….

  218. Sharon F says:

    Frank, Leah, Lauren and Crew 70007 – Saw your pictures online. What a wonderful adventure/experience.
    Have a great closing ceremony on Saturday. See you all at the airport in Charleston SC on Sunday.

  219. Sharon F says:

    Frank can’t wait to see you on Sunday and hear all the stories about your experiences. Brandon is missing you (believe it or not). North Charleston SC.

  220. Heather says:

    Hello Kiersten and BSA Crew 70007. Having (almost) as much fun as you are – watching the pictures and videos stream in from across the ocean. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Counting down the days now until you’re home (I know, you don’t want to hear that!). Love you!

  221. Sharon F says:

    Crew 70007, Troop 70205 and the US Contingent – Thank you for being good embassadors for your country. I saw some great pictures of you all having fun and making new friends. Hope you all have a safe trip home.

  222. Paul Judge says:

    I hope everyone is having a great time at the Jamboree. Best wishes to my nephew Sean Judge and the other Scouts from Troop 70006 with SM George Boothby.

  223. Eleanor Walters says:

    Keep spreading the love! Have a fantastic time, make new friends and enjoy! enjoy! ENJOY!!!!

  224. Kae says:

    I have enjoyed all the blogs and pics. Can’t wait to see my scout when she gets home. All of you enjoy your trip of a life time.

  225. Bobbie says:

    Have a great time it is a wonderful experience.

  226. Kimberly Pavish says:

    Greetings Scouts from around the world!! I hope you have had a wonderful time getting to know each other and learning about each others countries!

    Your families and friends are looking forward to seeing you soon. Special greetings to Nathan Ekren, US Troop 70205! Love you lots and enjoy the rest of your time! Mom

  227. Alan Parkinson says:

    Kiersten Parkinson, Crew 70007, USA, we check daily and know you and your crew mates are having the time of your life. Love, xoxoxopop

  228. Janice Moore says:

    Enjoy your time, make friends and cherish the moments! What a wonderful opportunity…

  229. Richie Hogg's Mom says:

    Best wishes to all scouts for a trerrific second century in Scouting.

    Learn & grow!

  230. J.R. Davidson III says:

    Hello Kiersten, how’s your Swedish coming? :-) Your Mom’s posting lots of pictures and I’ve been visiting the cam site too. Hope everyone in Troop 70007 BSA is having a great time. See you at the fall Wild Ponies Hike.

  231. Germaine Craig says:

    I hope everyone is having a great time, special wishes goes out to Jen and Crew 7007 from Crew 2007. Cannot wait to hear all about your experiences and keep those photos coming. See you soon, we miss you.

    Crew 2007
    San Antonio, TX

  232. Carl Schwaner says:

    oooops – Kiersten Parkinson – hope you’re having a blast!

  233. Carl Schwaner says:

    Huge shout out to Scouts from around the world…and special regards to Heather Parkinson – part of Crew 70007. An event to remember forever….rock it!

  234. Karin Sewell says:

    Hello Kiersten Parkinson (BSA Crew 70007)!! Hope you are having lots of fun….the pictures look fabulous! How wonderful that you have this great opportunity. I pray that you will have a safe, fabulous time and be filled with many great memories when you return!! :)

  235. Mary Jane Walker says:

    Hello to Troop 70205. I know all of you are having the time of your life. Enjoy every minute.

  236. Tommy Potter says:

    Hey, Taylor Potter and the rest of Troop 70205! I hope y’all are having a great time! Make a lot of new friends, take a lot of photos, and come home and relate your friends and families!

  237. Deb Keyes says:

    Hearing great things about the Venturers & advisors from the Central Region at the World Jamboree! Can’t wait to hear all the stories & see the pictures!

  238. Susan Madden says:

    Andrew Madden : Hi Honey, I hope you are having a great time. Make lots of wonderful memories you can keep forever !!! Have tons of fun. I miss you Mom. :0)

  239. Debbie Pederson says:

    To my son Peter with the IST. Hope you’re enjoying yourself and making lots of new friends from around the world. Don’t forget to take lots of photos. I can’t wait to hear all about it, and how being IST compares to being a scouter at the 20th WSJ in Thailand. Best wishes to all your fellow IST members. Have fun!

  240. Debbie Pederson says:

    To my daughter Jennifer with U.S. Crew 70007. Hope you’re having an unforgettable experience and making tons of new friends. I’m so happy for you and all your crew members. Can’t wait to hear all about it and see the photos. Keep making those special memories. ENJOY!!!

  241. Paul Johnston says:

    Hello to everyone at Jamboree especially Paul Johnston, Jr from Crew 7007 USA and Carrie Johnston on IST from USA. Hope you are having a great time. Missing you a lot.

  242. Jessica says:

    Ciao cara diciottenne =) Spero ke tu possa godere al massimo di questo splendido compleanno in compagnia di tutto il mondo ! Cara alice mi manchi …a presto un bacioneeeee <3 divertiti

  243. Family Mandelli says:

    Alla nostra carissima,bellissima, simpaticissima ecc ecc nipote e cugina i nostri più cari auguri di buon compleanno. Vedi di non pensare che una volta maggiorenni tutto sia lecito. Ci auguriamo che tu ti stia divertendo e che questa sia per te una splendida esperienza.
    Baci e ancora BUON COMPLEANNO ..
    Gio, Gio, Marty, Milla e Macchia :)
    ps: un bacio anche a Cla

  244. zia Gaby says:

    A ALICE BONZANIGO, Swiss Contingent, Winter/Kiruna, tanti tanti AUGURI di buon compleanno dai goliardici compagni di riunioni eno-gastronomiche! Fantastici 18 al Jam! Con affetto Gaby, Franco, Ingrid e Fernando

  245. Dympna Hosey says:

    Gelukkige Verjaardag,Happy 17th Birthday to HanneSlangen from 4de St Joris Guides in Merksem Belgian contingent Unit K in Klaralven.Enjoy the sun in Sweden.Great to hear its all going so well.A birthday never to forget :) xxxxx Mama and Papa

  246. Fabienne says:

    Per ALICE BONZANIGO: AUGURONI, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BON ANNIVERSAIRE, SCHONE GEBURSTAG,….alla neo maggiorenne! Fai mega festa con i tuoi 39mila invitati! baci Fabi

  247. Deseando que los Scouts de Mèxico que estàn allà,
    disfruten su estancia. Mis mejores deseos para los que estàn como I.S.T. Un saludo a todos los Scouts
    de los diferentes paises, que gocen el JAMBOREE.

  248. Hazen Family says:

    Happy 17th Birthday, Alex Hazen! Enjoy your time at the Jamboree with USA Troop 70101 and the rest of the World. Love Dad, Mom, Jenny, and Sarah

  249. Antonella & Rocco says:

    A ALICE BONZANIGO, ScouTI, Winter / Kiruna. 3.8.1993//3.8.2011 Nn tutti hanno la fortuna di festeggiare i 18 anni con amici scout di 150 Paesi. Buon compleanno circondata dal mondo! Goditi questa fantastica esperienza con animo leggero.
    Love, mamma e papà ;) .

  250. Jane Everett says:

    Hope your having an amazing time uk 44 spitfire Hertfordshire especially Hayley from Mum and everyone at the 4th Harpenden at the Haarlem Jamborette Holland x

  251. The Clarks says:

    Peter & Michael Cameron (Edinburgh)
    Hope you are enjoying the Jamboree. It looks great fun.
    Looking forward to hearing all about it. Hilary, Brian, David & Gordon

  252. Ông Bà Nội says:

    Ông bà nội chúc con (Hoàng Quốc Bình) – thuộc đơn vị Troop 70305 đang tham dự WSJ 2011 tại Rinkaby – vương quốc Thụy Điển – một trại hướng đạo quốc tế thật vui vẻ, có thêm nhiều bạn mới từ khắp nơi trên thế giới và học hỏi được bao điều bổ ích…

  253. Anish says:

    Scouting is my life.
    If you’ll go forward you’ll die,
    if you’ll go backward you’ll die
    so it’s better to go forward and die”

    ”Today is your future
    twomarro is your dream”

    I wish all to enjoy the camp,meet with lots of new friends
    love the scouting

  254. sally says:

    Hope all there have a great time especially those from Belper :)

  255. NADIA DEAN says:

    So great to hear you are having a fab time, Look out for your Mum and Dad ( shouldn’t be hard amongst 38,000 scouts !!!)
    Enjoy, make hundreds of friends, soak up the experience, can’t wait to hear about it all, Stay away from the ditches – love you xxx The Deans xxx

  256. Eduardo Dancuart says:

    Un saludo fraternal desde Peru para todos los scouts presentes en Suecia.Especiales para el Grupo San Borja 209 de Lima.

  257. Karin Leon says:

    Mis mejores deseos para todos los chicos y chicas que estan en el jamboree 2011 diviertanse un monton y compartan experiencias con los scouts de todo el mundo Saludos especiales para los scouts de Peru Grupo Scout San Borja 209 :D


    Disfruten de esta oportunidad al máximo , diviértanse y hagan muchas amistades!

  259. Carlos Bozzo says:

    Saludos desde Peru!
    Espero todos la pasen de lo mejor y traigan lindas memorias para compartir, y hagan amigos que duren una eternidad! Un abrazo a todos!

  260. Estefanía Ku says:

    Saludos desde Perú a todos los Scouts del Jamboree Suecia 2011, especialmente a aquellos de la delegación peruana. Aprovechen esta experiencia y sean buenas personas y Scouts. Buenas vibras ja ja.

  261. Judite Lucas (Portugal) says:

    ‘Bora lá, pessoal! Não deixem o 109 ficar mal.
    E as bichas-cadelas… que se l****-se!

    Bjs, abraços, e canhotas.

  262. Kevin Phillips says:

    Wishing you a great Jamboree – from all the Scouts and Guides on Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour, UK. The Birthplace of Scouting.

  263. medo & srfa says:

    May Jamboree be lasting forever for all off you there! Special regards to Veki the LongHair, Filip the HeavyThinker and Matej the Wizzard from Croatia!

  264. Aunty Angela says:

    Hope that Ellie H and all of her friends have a fantastic time at 22nd World Jamboree Sweden. All our love from Sunderland England. X x X

  265. Bernd Rellinghaus says:

    Liebe Pfadis aus Dresden, dear scouts from all over the world! The spirit of friendship and peace among people from all over the world unified in a simple but strong idea is leaking from Rinkaby into a world that is so much longing for it. I thank you all for your exceptional example to all of us. I wish I could be part of your wonderful event! Keep on giong, and have a fantastic Jaboree!
    And a thousand kisses to Anna from her family!!!

  266. Ulrika Hellström says:

    Hi, we wish that this Jamboree will give the participants a better understanding for other cultures and a happy memory for each and every one. Joy to all of you och en speciell hälsning till scouterna från SMU Toarp och min Johan

  267. De Meulemeester Peter says:

    Let this jambouree lead to a better and more united world , and hope that scouting gives the example to realize this dream.
    And to my daughter Ann from Belgium : maak er een mooi en blijvende herinnering van! An ex master!

  268. felix says:

    i wish u all a memorable jamboree however since sweden did not allow us to come from nigeria,i will love to tell u that we are also replicating what u are doing over there in nigeria

  269. Shaikh Ahmad says:

    Jambo!!! Scouts!

    How are you all? Hope everyone is having an awesome and memorable Jamboree. This is your time so enjoy it as it is the best.
    Best Wishes From Bangladesh to all who stepped in the Jamboree ground!

  270. LA BOSTIAN says:

    Hey Andy – IST @ winter food shop slash supermarket
    and Erik – IST – protector of all…all around you are your future connections to a brighter world. Learn from all you can and never forget you can make a difference. ps-Andy needs a place in Paris for the 10th.

  271. Debbie Martin says:

    Hoping Jeni Martin (and the rest of the Wiltshire contingent) is having a fantastic time. What an amazing and unique experience for you all! Make the most of every minute! Looking forward to seeing the photos.

    Lots of love
    Mum, Dad & Rebecca xxx

  272. Becca Ryan says:

    hi to 48th Dublin Scouts…especially Cianna! love you! :D “FIND!” xox

  273. Sheril Hall -Taylor says:

    Hi Kenneth and Carlton representing Jamaica to the world enjoy this once in a life time experiences.I need to see pictures of you guys,

  274. Livia Celi says:

    Mis mejores deseos a mi hijo Christian Fernando León, una experiencia muy grande en su vida. Te queremos y extrañamos.

  275. Fiona Gage says:

    Wishing everybody the best time of your life.. Also hello to the Devon Contigent from the UK hope you are having a ball.
    Make loads of friends and try lots of new things you never thought of trying.

  276. Hi to all the longford scouts hope your all having a really good time, we see the weather has picked up and we hope your all making the most of your experience. missing you lots Nathan love you.mam dad and robert.xxxx

  277. Helen Ryan says:

    Hi to the 48th Dublin scouts! Have a great time :)

  278. Keith Walker says:

    Hello the three Eastcombe UK Scouts, wish I was there.
    Both Canada 1955 & Chelmsford 2007 Jamborees have massive memories and shaped my life.
    Make sure you do the same.
    Best wishes to all 40,000 Scouts. Leaders & IST

  279. Grandma Oglesby says:

    To Peter and Michael Cameron . Keeping up with you on the web. Looks fun. Have a good time and hope you are making lots of new friends! Grandma and Grandad

  280. Vicky Harris says:

    G’day from Melbourne, Australia to all the members of the Scouting movement jambooree-ing in Sweden. Treasure the good times making new friends, and the memories of a wonderful time together. A SPECIAL G’DAY TO TRAVIS CROFT FROM NARRE WARREN STH. VIC. AUSTRALIA. Hope you’re havin’ a ball!! Take care ~ be safe ~ and most of all – HAVE FUN! ……..Auntie Vicky xxoo

  281. Nadine says:

    Groetjes aan heel de Belgische ploeg en vooral Julie in 70003; hoop dat jullie een fantastische tijd beleven8

  282. Laura Hostetter says:

    Hope everyone is having the time of their lives. To our son Klayton in troop 70207, we miss and can’t wait for you to tell us all about your travels. We love ya!! Mom, Dad and Conlin

  283. John H. Smith says:

    Greetings from Wooster, Ohio, United States of America to my son Isaac and all my brothers and sisters in scouting. Experience all that the World Scout Jamboree has to offer. Meet new friends.Learn from each other and have fun.

  284. Stacey Carson says:

    Great. Fantastic concept. Fantastic websites. Hope all those in the scouting movement have an incredible jamboree

  285. Graham O'Sheea says:

    Hi all. Best wishes to all, enjoy

  286. Have just returned from Summer Camp, Stithians and Mylor. It was brilliant. Have lots of fun meeting new friends for life.

  287. Vermaak Family says:

    Hi Marius, Looks like the Jamboree is absolutely amazing. Hope you are having a wonderful time in Sweden!! Wish we were there!! Love Mom, Dad & Charné

  288. Felix Werder says:

    Sending ‘Happy Birthday’ to my son André.
    Hope you and all your friends from Sitzerland and all over the world have fun up there in Sweden.

  289. Jackie Hulse says:

    Looks fantastic! Good luck to Jenn and all the Hertfordshire Comets in Karlstad Summer Camp!
    Love from Mum,Zach and Toby.

  290. Ledda Torres says:

    This is a one in a lifetime awesome experience to you all, having the opportunity to share with friends from all over the world and to show everybody that peace and friendship and harmony can be reached. This experience will remain in your hearts forever! So enjoy.
    Special hugs for the Peruvian Scouts over there! VIVA EL PERU!

  291. Alicia says:

    Hope you all have a wonderful time!

  292. Brandon Fancy & Headley Fancy says:

    Hi Frank Fabor – Hope you are having a nice time in Sweden. Take lots of pictures. Have fun. Can’t wait to hear about Sweden and your experience. Hope Crew 70007 USA is having fun also.

  293. Marisol Diaz says:

    Para la Delegacion Venezolana ,Un fuerte apreton de mano izquierda!!! que disfruten su evento y hagan muchos amigos. Cuidense mucho …se les quiere.

  294. Marisol Diaz says:

    Para la Delegacion Venezola ,Un fuerte apreton de mano izquierda!!! que disfruten su evento y hagan muchos amigos. Cuidense mucho …se les quiere.

  295. KT Ockels says:

    My wish for you is that you meet friends from all over the world and return home realizing that the world is a wonderful place to explore– each culture has its own gifts to contribute to the totality of humankind.

  296. Becky says:

    To all scouts all over the world, especially my daughter Louise fitzer from hereford UK, have the time of your lives, missing you Louise x

  297. Anki Hellberg-Sågfors says:

    Hej alla scouter från Finland, speciellt Albin! Hoppas ni hållits någorlunda torra. Öppningen ser ut att ha varit fantastisk. Ha det skönt!

  298. Tina McGarey says:

    Hello to USA Troop 70209 and both Terry McGarey’s. We hope you all are having a great time and making lots of new friends. Be safe and have fun. Enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity and come back with lots of stories to tell everyone.

  299. Tatjana says:

    Pozdrav svim izviđačima iz Hrvatske i cijelog
    svijeta .Roditelji iz Rijeke.

  300. Tatjana says:

    Pozdrav cijelom svim izviđačima iz Hrvatske i cijelog
    svijeta .Roditelji iz Rijeke.

  301. Mary Wittich says:

    Greetings to all at Camp South Africa enjoy meeting the World. God Bless you all

  302. Familie Dornbierer aus St.Gallen says:

    Hej! Ganz liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz an alle Pfader und Pfaderinner nach Schweden! Spezielle Grüsse aus der Heimat an die Schweizer Delegation, insbesonders am Trupp 25 /”Fadägrad”! Wir wünschen Euch weiterhin ein super- lässäs Jamboree und hoffen Ihr kommt mit vielen tollen Erlebnissen und Freundschaften heim!

  303. Dympna Hosey says:

    Hello to Hanne,Jerlin and Emma 4deSt Joris Guides from Merksem (Antwerp) Hanne,have a fantastic 17th birthday on wed 3rd aug !! Enjoy these days in Rinkaby:) love Mama and Papa xxx

  304. Valérie Mariotti says:

    Best wishes from Agen (France) for all young scouts joinnig the jamboree. Enjoy every minute, share time with new scouting friends and don’t forget to thank all the people who organised the 22nd jamboree. Have a wonderful jam!!!
    Faites que ces moments soient inoubliables!

  305. Destrebecq Jean-Pierre says:

    Salut fraternel aux scouts du monde entier ! Ensemble pour un monde meilleur !

  306. Paulo Fonseca says:

    I wish to all the Scouts, but particularly to the Portuguese troops a very sunny day and the end of the rain…the rest of the week!!!!

  307. Ines says:

    to all scouts of the world, those who are in Sweden, enjoy the World Scout Jamboree!
    I hope be there, but I really couldn’t..
    To my friends from Portugal, and specially group of Maceira, Leiria, meet friends, have fun! :)

  308. Cindy says:

    Kevin K 70107-
    have fun. take pictures.miss u.

  309. Johanna "Räkan" Nilsson says:

    I hope you all will have a great time and make lots of new friends! I hope the weather will be great and the spirit high. A special greeting to my old friends at Huddinge scoutkår and Segeltorps scoutkår. Have an awesome time everybody!

  310. Kate Knight says:

    Best wishes to all and enjoy every minute! A special hello to HARTFORD EXPLORERS (Cheshire UK). Have an amazing time and we can’t wait to hear all about it!!
    All our love Kate, Adam and Bethany xx

  311. sisa lombardo says:

    vi auguro a tutti di vivere intensamente questi giorni al jamboree, e che possiate portare sempre nel vostro cuore questa esperienza. SIETE GRANDI. buona strada al reparto ASTRO DEL SUD.

  312. Shirley says:

    Hi to everyone in the Staffordshire contingent. Hope you are having the times of your lives. Take lots of photos and make lots of new friends

  313. Yvonne Letulé says:

    Wir wünschen allen viel Spaß, gutes Wetter, neue Freunde, enjoy, genießt die Zeit!!! Liebe Grüße aus Bad Dürkheim
    Yvonne, Katarina, Ansgar, Emi, Gwen.

  314. Sarah Haworth says:

    To all in South Scotland and Pacific Branches Unit – especially Finn Haworth. Hope you are all having an amazing time and managing to keep dry!…Keep safe, Keep smiling, Make lots of new friends…Looking forward to some great photos and amazing stories xx

  315. Marlene Lodder says:

    This is a once in a lifetime experience. I hope you all enjoy all the activities. I follow all the news on the website. It is very exciting and interesting to see all those nationalities together. Make a lot of new friends and……ENJOY IT!!

  316. Emma says:

    Enjoy the Jamboree it´s truly once in a life time!

  317. Ann, Chris & Jake says:

    Hi to everyone at the WSJ, especially the British Bearways contingent from Warwickshire and Skippy!! Hope you are all having the time of your life and we are looking forward to hearing all about it. :) x

  318. Danielle, Luxembourg says:

    E schéine Bonjour fir d’Anouk, de Luc, d’Steffi, di Stengeforter an all Lëtzebuerger Scouten.
    Best wishes to all scouts from everywhere,. May this unique experience be a source of inspiration in your further life and may it be a step towards more tolerance and peace all over the world.

  319. kascha says:

    it makes me happy to see you from all over the world.
    WAX: “building a bridge to your heart” , special wishes for the velo-scouts of Uganda!!!

  320. Delelienne says:

    Nous vous souhaitons du soleil pour profiter pleinement de votre Jamboree 2011! Faites beaucoup de rencontre. Un bisou particulièrement à Madeline, une belge perdue dans le groupe UK.
    Bravo aux organisateurs!

  321. Brian Threlkeld says:

    I am happy for all the participants, including my son, a participant with BSA Troop 70106, and I hope that all of you are having great fun, and making good friends.

  322. Tereza Tomaštíková says:

    Best wishes to scouts from all over the world, beautiful experiences and keep the ideals of Scouting. I send greetings to scouts from Czech republic, especially from Koprivnice and Stramberk. Your sister Tereza (Nitka)

  323. Dolf+Monique says:

    we salute all scouts of the world have a nice time, to all scouts from Luxembourg especially St. Martin group Duelem

  324. Vicky&lyndon says:

    Hi guys and girls from the 20th walsall, enjoy this opportunity of a lifetime, hope the sun continues to shine and you do some fab stuff.

  325. familia miranda marrero,tambor y cleo says:

    Los mejores deseos a todos los participantes del Jamboree; en especial, a los canarios ( Arancha y compañía) Muchos besos. ¡ A divertirse!.

  326. Anne-Sophie Verslype says:

    Make it an unforgettable experience with new friendships and splashing events!

  327. Claire Duffy says:

    May you all remember this time with a big smile and the happiest memories. You are so lucky to be part of a miracle of life like this. Love to you all and keep smiling. Love to you Aidan from Australia, Victoria from Mum who is missing you.

  328. FROM HUddersfi eld great britain hve ma great time love gran dma


  330. Gina Strohm says:

    WOW!!! Beautiful people with amazing hearts. World Jamboree Scouts of 2011 – you have been given an incredible opportunity and gift. Take the friendships, understanding, growth and learning and share it. As an old Coca Cola commercial said – Teach the world to live in perfect harmony by valuing your similarities and your differences. Many spices makes for great tasting meals.

  331. Sophie en Jan Lammens says:

    aan 102 FOS Albatros Belgium: we wensen jullie een supertijd in Zweden, geniet van deze unieke ervaring, geef het een speciale plaats in jullie hart en trek vele foto’s zodat jullie het op ieder moment kunnen herbeleven. Dit is een bagage voor de rest van jullie leven.Wij krijgen kippevel bij het bekijken van de openingsceremonie! vele groetjes Sophie en Jan Lammens

  332. Andrea and Marten says:

    We wish all Scouts a lovely and enjoyable time. Make the most of it! Special greetings to the UK Shropshire Scouts und auch an den deutsch/englischen Stoke Fan!

  333. Heather and Nick says:

    Hope that the friendships you make last a lifetime!

  334. Siegi Hinger says:

    Hi to all scouts and guides in Rinkaby, have a good time, stay healthy and live scouting.
    Greetings and best whishes from Vienna.
    Und für Hanna, Mario, Flo und Philipp noch mal extragute Wünsche.

  335. Henrik Holst says:

    Hälsningar till Långedrag Sjö och inte minst Helena Holst som har namnsdag idag! Du får gärna höra av dig åtminstone en gång under WSJ…
    Ha det toppen allesammans!

  336. Antonis & Nedi Joakim says:

    Wishing all the Cypriot Contingent ( Unit 91) specially to Panayiotis Ioakim the most fun excitement and learning

  337. David & Maureen Slater says:

    Wishing All Scouts a wonderful time in Sweden Our best wishes to Cambridgeshire Scouts and especially Whittlesey and our grandson Sam Smith.
    From the proud grandparents

  338. Åsa says:

    All the best ´for the scouts from Nacka Sjöscoutkår and all other scouts in the camp. I hope you will get an excellent time.

  339. Linda Zwinselman says:

    Hallo alle lollies!!!
    en dan is het al weer zondag!! Wat gaat de tijd toch verschrikkelijk snel! We hopen dat jullie er alles uithalen wat er inzit! Beleef het tot in je grote, dikke teen! Via de site en Twitter proberen we op de hoogte te blijven, maar jullie staan erg weinig op de foto’s. Heel veel plezier nog de laatste week en Ingmar, van harte met je verjaardag!! Wat bijzonder om daar jarig te zijn. Hebben de lollies al voor je gezongen? Op Twitter stond al dat je wakker bent geworden in een tent vol ballonnen. Nice XD. Groetjes van de familie Zwinselman uit Lemelerveld.

  340. Mads Vej-Hansen says:

    Best wishes to all scouts at WSJ 2011. Especially to Cecilie (Hunnaberg) and Ulrik (Stockholm) from Denmark.

  341. Marijke Van Dommelen says:

    Genieten, genieten en genieten maar! (Ben stiekem toch jaloers dat ik er niet bij kan zijn.)

  342. Clare Green says:

    Best wishes to all at the jamboree ,especially unit 42,UK,Hereford and Worcester(love to Max)
    Oh and by the way……

  343. LETULE FAMILY says:

    Hallo Lucas und alle Derkemer!
    Viel Spaß beim Jamboree wünschen Euch die “Zurückgeblebenen”

  344. michael paul says:

    Wishes from Germany to ALL Scouts in the World

  345. Annemarie Van De Woestyne says:

    To ALL the scouts, the Belgian scouts, the FOS De Havik and especially Laura and Anna VDW : have a WONDERFUL, SIMPLY SCOUTING experience !!! What an adventure !! ; enjoy & make lots of friends .

  346. anne says:

    Have a great time at the jamboree! Specially for the Belgian guides and scouts.
    B. Hamster

  347. Anna says:

    Greetings for the Hungarian Contingent from a Transilvanian scout!

  348. Ruth Curzon ( Rytz) says:

    Love watching all the goings on at WSJ, to think my son is part of that! What an adventure! The thing that hits you the most on every picture or clip we can see is the SMILE that every scout is wearing, it just reaches from ear to ear. love following it. Best wishes to you all and I can’t thank the organizers enough for all your hard work. Enjoy the experience!

  349. Birgit Ali Karin Wögerer says:

    Hi scouts!
    We wish you a great time at the jamboree, includes many new friendships an have a lot of fun.
    Many greetings from Upper Austria.
    Grüße an die Pfadfinder aus FREISTADT

  350. Thorleif Johannesén says:

    And now! Here comes tha sun.
    Have a nice week. Wish I was with you

  351. Simply Scouting. This is the wish I do to all the participants of the 2011 Jam: we need to be just what we are, nothing more, nothing less. We are scouts, we are all brothers and sisters, we try to leave the world better than we found it. Simply Scouting. Enjoy Brothers & Sisters.
    From India.

  352. Geria Lepping says:

    Hi all from the Solomon ISlands, I hope that you all including the pacific continget, are having the great time of your lives, enjoy it to your fullest may you all come back to your countries and help your scout assications from your experience. maen bilo me hem nogud tu masi na lo oloketa photos bilo you fala. hahahah!

  353. Karen Isberg says:

    Best wishes to all the Scouts at the 22nd Jambo! Sending a special hello to US Troop 70206 – hope you are having the time of your life! Can’t wait to hear the stories when you return! Thanks to all who made this adventure possible!

  354. Lucía González VEga says:

    Hola Néstor García Glez, Sara, David y a todos los canarios. Disfruten mucho, den señales de vida de vez en cuando y hagan fotos. Les queremos, cuídense y besos para todos los scouts del mundo.
    Mamá, Tata para otros y Lucía para el resto.

  355. Erik Moreno 70305 says:

    Hope your not letting that rain get in the way!!!
    Everyone in L.A. sends a big hello…Lots of photos please. Charge ur batteries. Wishing Troop 70305 a awesome time! Lots of fun and memories.
    Love, CM (mom)

  356. Curro Morilla says:

    My best wishes for the Jamboree participants,the 21st Jamboree was the best scout experience of my life. Good camping and do your best!

  357. Holly Geier says:


  358. The Hoods says:

    A big hello to Daniel Hood and all SouthYorkshire “Yorkshire Puddings”.
    Hope you are having a fab time soaking in all the incredible experiences. Make sure you “do us proud” on Yorkshire Day – 1st August. Better start mixing the Yorkshire Pudding batter now!!
    Thinking of you all.

  359. Janet Tattersall says:

    Looks like everyone at World Jam is enjoying themselves experiencing new friendships and adventures. Have a great week and if you run into Tim from the Canadian IST, wish him a very Happy Birthday today, the 31st. We’ll send some sun from Canada!
    Janet & family

  360. familia Miranda Marrero, Tambor y Cleo says:

    Nuestros mejores deseos para todos los scouts del mundo, en especial, para los de CANARIAS ( Arancha y 105). Muchos besos y rayitos de sol. ¡ A divertirse!

  361. Laurence Fung says:

    Special greetings to Patrick Fung of the Guyana Contingent from his two sisters and mother. All the best kiddo!! We will send some sunshine and warmth in the mail!!Lol!

  362. Angela Hadaway says:

    Nick R. from Colorado, USA – I know you are having a blast – and meeting everyone there with a great big smile and a handshake – take lots of pictures – we can’t wait to hear about it!!

    Dan O, from Texas, USA – Keep grinning – all of your work is finally paying off!!!

  363. Laurence Fung says:

    Hello World Scouts,

    Greetings from St. Stanislaus College Scout Group! The members in Guyana would like to wish all those participating in the 22nd World Scout Jamboree the best of scouting, especially their own six scouts. We hope that scouting will climb to another level of greatness and help unite the World. Bravo!!

    Laurence Fung
    Assistant Group Commissioner
    St. Stanislaus College Scout Group

  364. Karen, Mark and William Debenham says:

    Wishing everyone a wonderful experience at the 22nd Jamboree, enjoy and treasure every minute. Special love to Thomas, Alan and Oliver from Framlingham, Suffolk, UK. Hope the sun shines soon to dry you out.
    With Love
    Karen, Mark and William Debenham

  365. Beverley Ashley says:

    Hope everyone at Jambo is enjoying the amazing experience! Hi to all the Shires Unit especially Mash, Ellie, Ange and Will from Kidsgrove xx

  366. Mike Overton says:

    Have a great time to all, but especially Josh and crew of 052 Norfolk (deep).

  367. Laurel Chalk and Chris Smith says:

    Hello to everyone at the World Scout Jamboree! We both send our love and best wishes to the Welsh Contingent led by Helen, Mark and Jo! Have fun guys! x

  368. Kurt Edlund says:

    Lyckönskningar till Vallentuna Scoutkår med sina små scouter, hoppas regnet avtar och det blir sol, varmt och torrt. En speciell kram till min lilla Gilda!

  369. Bonnie says:

    Wishing , all the Canadian Contingent the most fun , excitement and learning ,, they have ever had. Hope you make , great friends and lasting memories. We all here are thinking of you, and Know you are making Canada Proud~!

  370. Tilly Wijnen-Firet says:

    Hallo “Toffees”Hallo Kees Werson,Van harte een geweldige tijd met alle scouts in Zweden,jammer dat je in het gips zit met je arm,dit zag ik op een van de foto’s.Maar gelukkig kun je ondanks dat, vele internationale vrienden maken! geniet,geniet! groeten en houdoe hè!!! Oma Tilly en natuurlijk ook van Opa Martien

  371. Nikky says:

    убав провоод :D

  372. altaf says:

    plzz convey my message to my son aly altaf Pakistan scouts to contect his family via net or cell phone.
    We wish all the souts “ALL THE BEST”.

  373. Edwin de Zwart says:

    Vanuit Nederland een fijne Jamboree toegewenst en dat het een top tijd mag worden in Zweden

    From the Netherlands, the best wishes and that you all have a great time in Sweden

  374. Katja ja Ella says:

    Moi kaikki suomalaiset ja erityisesti Noora Winter alaleirissä. Kuvista päätellen, teillä on ollut mahtava leiri, sateesta huolimatta. Meillä on jo ikävä mutta nauttikaan te Jamboreesta täysillä joka hetki. Tämä teille sellainen once a life time-tapahtuma, vain kerran elämässä ja se vaikuttaa teihin tästä eteenpäin. Pitäkää hauskaa !! Rakkaudella K ja E

  375. Birgitt Wodon says:

    Für Laura und Crissi von den 8ern und den ganzen Trupp! Wir wünschen Euch trockeneres Wetter und ganz viel Spass am Jamboree! Ich hoffe ihr lernt viele nette Leute kennen und genießt diese tollen Angebote – und ihr kommt gut durch Quest! ;-)

  376. Francoise Puig says:

    Meilleurs voeux de réussite pour ce Jamboree 2011, paix, joie, amitiés, amour…..

  377. Deirdre says:

    Hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC time ! Make the most of every minute that goes by. My wish is that you come away with memories to last a life time . Enjoy xx

  378. Karina Fredén says:

    Jag önskar er alla en minnesvärda och utvecklande upplevelser!
    To all visitors to Sweden I wish good and positive experience of our country.

  379. Felix Guglielmi says:

    Best wish to all. Enjoy, be happy, share, have fun. Thank God for such a nice a wonderfull experience. greetings from San Cristóbal Venezuela
    Mis mejores deseos para todos, difruten, sean felices, compartan delen gracias a dios por tan hermoza experiencia. Saludos a la delegación venezolana, especialmente para valentina guglielmi

  380. Lunga Nqini says:

    I am trying to trying to download the newletter but I cannot it always fail any suggestions.
    U rae right Denise can we see more picture or a gallery of activities.

  381. Lunga Nqini says:

    Greetings from South Africa from Bhisho bundus anda rural town. But watching this will be nice live.

  382. Clare Green says:


  383. Denise says:

    Hello everybody.
    We wish more photos of the jamboree here on the website!

  384. Gabi Korn says:

    Liebe Grüße aus Österreich! Wir wünschen dem Österreichkontingent alles Gute viele neue Freundschaften und den Betreuern vielen Dank für ihr Engagement!
    Spezielle Grüße an meinen Sohn Florian Fuchs, der gestern seinen 17,Geburtstag feierte als auch seinen Freunden Marion, Flo und Matthias in der Town Winter, im Supcamp Polcirkeln!!!
    lg aus Wien Gabi Korn

  385. romeo liaci says:

    I wish to everyone “ALL THE BEST” from Malta by a partecipant`s father of the ITALIAN contingent. Have a wonderfull adventure and enjoy the fantastic experience.

  386. Gaby says:

    My wish for all the young people joining the jamboree – enjoy the time and help making the world a little bit better. Find friends all over the world.

  387. Heshani says:

    Hello my dear brothers in Sri Lankan contingent….
    Hope you are having a great time.
    I’m sure this would be an unforgettable experience to you and hope there would be lot of new ideas and experiences to share with us, when you come back.
    Take care and have fun,
    Love from SRI LANKA….

  388. Clare Green says:

    Opened up by Grylls (the bear)
    Opportunities for all to share
    Scouts from all around the world
    Meeting,greating…Jamboree unfurl
    Sharing views
    Making news
    Coming together with one aim
    Enthusiasm will never wain
    Despite the weather

  389. martina says:

    / /
    ( . . )
    best wishes from austria to everyone having a great time at this jamboree … was trying to draw a moose if not showen correctly ;-)

  390. Nita Wiklund says:

    Kaj och Kim från Gränichen i Schweiz

    Vi önskar er och era kamrater en härlig upplevelse i Sverige
    Farmor och farfar i Jämtland

  391. Larry Patrick says:

    2011 World Scout Jamboree Participants & Attendees: The LORD bless you and keep you; The LORD make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you: “The LORD lift up HIS countenance upon you and give you PEACE” Deut. 6:24-26
    Nashville Larry
    Father of Eagle Scout-Joshua Patrick: Troop 70206

  392. michael preston says:

    Just a short message for the scouts from Northern Ireland and my son Paddy, you must be having a great experience, make the most of it and enjoy everthing that comes your way.

  393. Andy Charles says:

    Best wishes to all at the World Scout Jamboree.Especially the Solihull Contingent.Can’t wait to see and hear all about your experiences! Have agreat time and spread harmony across the globe :) in in the best style there is…DRAKE ESU – style!! Enjoy, =:-)

  394. Ian Hill says:

    Scouting is a very special organisation and you are lucky to be at a very special event. Enjoy every minute, make new friends and remember that YOU can make a difference to the world.

  395. Steph Ray says:

    Enjoy this fantastic experience, it will live with you forever. xx

  396. A PACE says:

    Daniel Pace Warrington and Maltese scout contingent: well done to all of you, for you represent your country well. A unique opportunity to share your lives with new friends. As you come together from across the world you create an event that will stay with you for ever. Special wishes to you from home.

  397. nick zacharopoulos... says:

    hiiiii scouts from all the world…!!!!i’am from trikala (greece)….enjoy all the time and feel the swedish weather…there in jamborre participate many friends of trikala,and my brother george zacharopoulos ….touristas.. too…in the next jabmorre in japan i will go ……greetings to first and thirth system of trikala.!!!!!!!

  398. Arthur jones says:

    Goog Luck to all, especially to PHIL REED and Great Glen contingent. hope the weather improves. Such a momentus gathering which is an inspiration to the youth of the world.

  399. Carol Peck says:

    Message to Benjamin Ford…Hope you are having the time of your life! Safe Jouneys…Love, Nana

  400. Julie Malone says:

    Greetings to all from Ireland especially Silin Troop, hope you’re all having the time of your lives. Still wish I was there too
    Looking forward to seeing all the photos and hearing all the exciting stories

  401. Cecy Montoya says:

    Un graz saludo de mano izquierda a todos los afortunados participantes! Q tengan la mejor de las experiencias y estas les sirvan para enriqucer su vida y al final, hacer de este mundo un lugar mejor…Un abrazo y muchos besos a mi hijo Néstor y mi nena Mónica, slaudos desde MEXICO!
    Siempre listos para servir!

  402. Pete & Kathy says:

    The Jamboree has to be the most incredible experience!! Thank you to the organisers & all involved in giving the Scouts of the world the time of their lives!! Special good wishes to the SAfrican contigent & loads of love to Ross (Sable) xxx

  403. Gabriele Grasso says:

    ciao a tutti gli scout al jamboree specialmente ad Andrea e Mariachiara che ognuno di voi passi una felice esperienza…semplicemente SCOUT .Ciao a tutti e ancora BOUN JAMBOREE!! :)

  404. Johnna Downing says:

    Wow, Troop 70307 Western Region USA! You made it! Wishing you all a spectacular time and memories to carry with you always. Take lots of pictures to share. :) Jeffery, have the time of your life!
    Love to all, Mom & Dad

  405. Marian Hacker says:

    Hello to Dylan Beckerich, Have a wonderful time Dylan
    We love you , grandma and papa

  406. Familjen Johannesson i Munka says:

    Hej Lina & Ellen i Östra Ljungby scoutkår.
    Hoppas ni får en toppenjamboree!
    Kramar från Tina, Dennis & Judith

  407. Hanka Mitoetra says:

    Salama e!
    Mirary Jamboree feno fahombiazana ho an’ny tsirairay. Hifandray amin’ny ireo rahalahy sy anabavy maro be maneran-tany. Soa ihany isika fa skoto!!!
    Tànana havia
    (misy gasy ve ao? ;-)

  408. Ray Mundin says:

    Scouting greetings to all at the Jamboree. I attended the 1957 Jamboree here in England as a boy of 16 and the 14th World Jamboree, Norway in 1975 at Lillehammer as Leader.
    Be Prepared.

  409. Niklas Dick says:

    Hallo an alle Teilnehmer des Jamborees!
    Ich wünsche euch ein unvergessliches Lager mit viel Spaß und Erfolg beim Batch-Tauschen.
    Vielleicht findet ihr ja Freunde, mit denen ihr zusammen tolle Sachen machen könnt!

    Besonders liebe Grüße an den Trupp Schwobähaufä und an meinen Bruder Jan Frederik!


  410. Sue Slade says:

    What a fantastic experience it is for you all – make every moment count. I hope your memories will stay with you forever and make you realise you can make a difference to the world. Go Berkshire 003!

  411. Jan says:

    Hope everyone is having the most fantastic time. My wish for you all is that you come away with memories to last a life time . Enjoy :)

  412. Eva Frölich says:

    Ha fantastiska dagar! Skaffa nya vänner! Och en speciell hälsning till svenska kontingenten avd 67

  413. Rachel Brown says:

    Hello to Millie and all the Scouts and leaders from Devon! Hope you’re having a fantastic time!! Enjoy EVERYTHING, even the rain!
    Love you, from mum & Vincent xxx

  414. David Bailey says:

    Fa waka Padvinders van Suriname. I hope you are having a wonderful time at the World Jamboree.

  415. Liette,Mira&Nicolas says:

    Mir wenschen dem Marie-Jo Kahn aus Letzebuerg (Grupp Ermesinde) ganz,ganz,ganz vill
    Léiwes,Guddes,Schéines,Opreegendes,Froues fir sein Gebuertsdag. Hat kritt haut 18 Joer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mira, Liette & Nicolas :)

  416. Benedict says:

    To the world’s greatest sister, Ruth!! :-)

    (VCP Hessentrupp Hoppetosse)

    XO Benni

  417. Jessica says:

    Om det är något jag ångrar i mitt liv är att jag inte blev scout. Ni scouter på Jamboreen se till att skaffa er nya vänner och nya minnen för livet.

  418. 107th Scout Troop cyprus says:

    Hello to the Cyprus contigent, esspecially to the scouts of 107th Scout Troop Lycavitos CYPRUS. Have fun, enjoy !!! Πολλά χαιρετίσματα !!!!!!

  419. Faran Ali says:

    Hello, Scouts of The World. Have a happy Jamboree..Hoped i was there but!!!!!!!!

  420. Susan McGuinness says:

    Hope all IRISH scouts are having a fantastic time…hello to Jack C, Jack S, Dan, Richie, Fiona, Eileen, Dan D, Eoghan, Lorna and Jodie from RUSH 38th..wishing Jodie a very memorable 18th Birthday Tomorrow xoxoxoxoxo

  421. Pamela Mack says:

    To all the greeters at the cafeteria..Especially the International Eagle Scout Leader Pat Madden from the midwest.. Have a peaceful and wonderful ( simply scouting) experience.

  422. Robert Lewis says:

    I would like to send best wishes to everyone at the Jamboree and would like to thank my wife for taking over my Patrol. I hope that everything is ok and the Sunny Borough patrol from Canada are having a great time despite the weather which I understand is cold and wet.
    Scouter Bob

  423. Mr Duane - Scoutmaster says:

    Lord Baden Powell had many friends!
    I am one of them
    And so are you
    There with you in spirit
    - A Scout is Friendly :)

  424. Petteri Tiitinen says:

    Best wishes to all and especially to Finnish/Masku/Matilda Tiitinen. I miss You!!

  425. Martin Riesner says:

    I’m starting a SUNDANCE for Rinkaby right now.
    The sun is shining in a few hours:-)
    Liebe Grüße from Germany to all the scouts at the Jamboree

  426. Leticia Marrero says:

    Deseo que cada uno de los Scouts se lleve en el corazón toda la energía, el buen rollo y la colaboración que trasmiten a través de esta web, tiene que ser vibrante estar allí. Para que cuando cada uno de ellos vuelva a su país comparta lo que vivió, lo expanda y el resto del mundo empiece a vivir desde la esperanza y no desde el desaliento tan extendido hoy en día. Un abrazo y miles de besos para tod@s y en especial para el Acaicate, Ángel hijo disfruta. Desde Gran Canaria un montón de rayos de sol.

  427. monica paolo marco says:

    oggi Federico Veneto 3 Bosco cangiante compie 15 anni!
    tanti tanti auguri e buon divertimento
    monica paolo marco

  428. Debbie Martin-Jones says:

    Much, much love to Harriet and all of the Guides, Scouts and Leaders of the Deheubarth Contingent from Wales (and Edd!). Hope you are all having the best time – ever! Take care of yourselves and each other and just enjoy. Can’t wait to hear the stories and see the photo’s. Miss you and love you loads, Mum, Dad and Nanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  429. Jo Jones says:

    What a wonderful experience. Open your eyes, ears and hearts to all that is going on around you. Take many photos.
    A big HELLO to the West Sussex contingent from the UK :-) :-) :-)

  430. Ann-Charlotte Lindström says:

    Dear scoutfriends!
    Wish I could have joined you all on the camp. I was there 10 years ago and will never forget it.I am with you in my thoughts and heart.Have a good time together

  431. Bronwyn Maley says:

    To all the Aussie’s at the jambouree, especially my beautiful niece Micayla H, have an amazing time, meet amazing people, create amazing memories. Safe travels

  432. Marguy says:

    make friends from all over the world, have fun, enjoy the Jamboree

  433. Xavier i Fabiola de Banyoles says:

    Records per la Mònica i a tota la resta de l’agrupament escolta de Fontcoberta. Que ho passeu molt be, feu amics i disfruteu. El nostre cor és amb vosaltres. Una abraçada per tots.

    Fabiola i Xavier

  434. Aline Janssens says:

    Make friends, enjoy and have fun. You are the future, the world is all yours, you can make it a brighter place!

  435. Sheena says:

    Form friendships that will last a life time, and enjoy every moment.

  436. Totternhoe Scout Group says:

    Wishing Bedfordshire Contingent (and everyone at WSJ) a fabulous fun experience in Sweden :) happy days.

  437. Marina says:

    I wish You all a great jamboree. And special greetings to Elin Naeslund from Sweden.



  439. Heshani says:

    Greetings to all the scouts & specially to Rajans scouts (Sri Lanka)
    Hope you are having fun.
    Enjoy and take care….

  440. Mike Anderson says:

    Hello to the Venturers of the Western USA, I hope you are having a great time and wish you the best. I look forward to meeting some of you at the next national jamboree. Meet many new peope, get them on facebook, and have a great time. You will this expe ence and many of us are watching via the internet and would love to be there too.

  441. Dianne Hofner Saphiere says:

    Scouts de México y de todos lados del mundo:

    Pasense un Jamboree super!!!!! Have a GREAT Jamboree!!!! Make lots of new friends! Hi Danny, tropa 5 Picachos!!!! Te extrañamos!!!

  442. Schnee says:

    @Tchibo und Swiss Contingent
    Wir wünschen allen ein superschönes erlebnisreiches und spannendes Jamb.
    Liebe Pfadigrüsse Iglu & Dao

  443. Werner says:

    The best wishes for a peaceful and happy jamboree for all the participants and the ISTs . May All have fun and make a lot new friends from all over the world. And perhaps a little bit more sunshine and less rain.

  444. Tuansacto says:

    To Frank from Troop 70305 (OC, USA). Best wishes to you and all. Enjoy every moment of your once-in-a-lifetime experience and meeting great friends around the world. I wish I had this when I was young.

    Your Uncle from Elk Grove, CA

  445. josef hellinckx says:

    Liebe Grüße ans Wiener Kaffeehaus


  446. tracey hughes says:

    Happy 18th Birthday to my daughter Heather-Louise with the muddy dragons. have a fun filled day and enjoy it, it will be a day that you will not forget xx love you loads mam & dai xxx

  447. Une expérience inoubliable! J’ose espérer que chacun des participants trouvera au moins 1 chose qu’il ne savait pas du scoutisme international au jamb, tout comme je l’ai fait moi-même en 2007. Best wishes for the best jamboree ever to all participants from our 2 national scout organizations of Canada. Discover and share the passion of making new scouting friends from around the world! You won’t ever regret it! Bon Jamb à tous et toutes!

  448. Wanda & Harold Cover says:

    To all participants and especially Troop 70103 from the US …. have a wonderful time … enjoy every minute … can’t wait to hear about the whole experience when you return.

  449. Dave Green says:

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will not only shape your life, but can change the future. Enjoy!

  450. cecilia leal says:

    Desde MÉXICO, saludo a todos los Scouts del mundo,
    en especial a Karla Véjar la Comisionada Internacional,
    mi niña querida,y también a José Luis Cárdenas, que
    disfruten y vivan ésta experiencia, muchos besos,
    Dios los bendiga.

  451. Adriana says:

    Los mejores deseos para todos los que integran este gran evento, tambien quisiera que en sus videos entrevistaran a gente de México casi no los vemos, por favor queremos ver a nuestra gente en especial la de Saltillo Coahuila México. Gracias, y que se diviertan

  452. Adriana C.P. says:

    Un saludo a todos los participantes de este gran evento sin lugar a dudas una gran experiencia, saludos y todo mi amor en especial para mi hijo Luis Angel Sánchez Cortés y mi sobrino Alejandro De la Rosa Cortés, hijos les deseo que se diviertan mucho y aprendan cosas de tantas personas que sin duda tienen mucho que aportar, los amo con todo mi corazón y estoy orgullosa de ustedes. Hasta pronto.

  453. Beefy says:

    To all the wonderful people at the Jamboree! Go meet Michael Thomas > The first guy in the video! He is an amazing guy with an amazing beard. You will not regret it!

  454. maria luisa de la rosa says:

    Saludos a la Delegación Mexicana. Especialmente a Eliud de la Rosa Mitre. difruta al máximo esta convivencia y esta etapa de tu vida. estamos orgullosos de ti y te extrañamos. deja huella de tu paso en el jamborre

  455. Erica Montie says:

    Troop 70002 Hope you all are having the time of your life. Meet plenty of new friends from around the world.

  456. Sandra Salgado says:

    Saludos a la DELEGACIÓN ECUATORIANA, deseo que la experiencia que están viviendo la aprovechen y la disfruten al máximo. Que hagan muchos amigos con los cuales contribuyan a mejorar nuestro mundo. Besos y abrazos a Dimitry y Christian, estamos muy orgullosos. ADELANTE ECUADOR!!!!!!!

  457. Caron P-P says:

    i wish for peace and equality , and i hope yhat everyone but exspecially the UK team have an amazing time out there and keep hold of theses memories for years to come , halsoween and romsley scouts rule! have an amazing time emma xxx

  458. Edit Tarcsa says:

    Bostoni cserkeszek: Dani es Marci, erezzetek jol magatokat. Hajra Magyarok!

  459. Andersons from long island,NY says:

    Eric, we will miss
    u @ block parry

  460. Arthur and Sheila says:

    Southend Estuary Scouts, Essex Scouts, UK Scouts and Worldwide Family of Scouting — Simply… enjoy the Jamboree experience and remember it for your lifetime.

  461. Lia Anderson says:

    To our boys from Utah, we hope you’re having an amazing time, meeting new people, making life long friends and enjoying the mingling of so many beautiful cultures and people! Nikora we love you, hope you’re having a blast!

  462. Pam Waddell says:

    Greetings to Birmingham Guides and especially Christine Turner – I know there are only 9 of you (and Laura of course) but I’m sure you’ll make your mark and make us proud! xoxox

  463. Matthew Smith says:

    To Isaac and all your friends with the 151st Bristol, Have a great time – all your hard work was for this! From, Mum, Dad and Tilly

  464. Sylvia Burton says:

    HI, Drew Burton! Have the time of your life!
    Buddy says Hi! Burt misses you !

  465. Maritja Bergner says:

    Hoppas Ni har skit kul, skulle gärna vilja vara med själv.
    Hare bra alla scouter :) hoppas ni träffar många nya vänner

  466. Pat, Joanne, Ruth Lovett says:

    To Kipper and all the UK Suffolk contingent – unit 72. Your hard work has borne much fruit. Make friends and make it last.

  467. Beverley Jane Duncan. says:

    Hi Tom from Sudbury Suffolk UK
    Hope you are having a time of your life.Making new friends,sharing your scouting experiences with others and learning new skills from other scouts.Iam sure the memories from this Jamboree will last forever.Take every oppurtunity that comes your way. Keep safe and ENJOY,and as a scout always BE PREPARED. All our love Mum and Dad xxxx

  468. Nohemi Ortiz says:

    Disfruten al maximo y traigan con ustedes un recuerdo de esa aventura inolvidable, que Dios los bendiga y los regrese con bien a sus casas. abrazos desde Los Angeles, California EUA.

  469. Ingrid de San Pedro says:

    A la Delegación de Guatemala,Vivan, disfruten y aprendan, que el tiempo pasa muy pronto, los extrañamos mucho, sobre todo a mi “roncha”.
    Pongan el nombre de su patria muy en alto.

  470. Dirk, Muriel, Eva De Rycke says:

    Enjoy every single moment of this wondeful time of your young lifes!! Share the good things to make a better world all together and HAVE FUN!
    Special hello to Karel De Rycke from Troop 3 Summer Visby and to the Belgian FOS-ers. Make friends for a lifetile and ENJOY. xxxx :-)

  471. eastwood says:

    hey joe and all west yorkshire scouts. have a fab time. we miss you.

  472. jaime echeverri gonzalez says:

    Para todos los SCOUTS del mundo, pero especialmente para los colombianos,: un saludo efusivo y los mejores deseos de bienestar, felicidad y salud. Que sesten felices, que conozcan muchas gentes y que el espiritu Scout los acompañe en todo momento. Con amor fraternal Jaime echeverri

  473. David Pedro says:

    Greetings to all of you brothers in Sweden!! Be Prepared for the ride of your lives!!! Um abraço para todos os escuteiros portugueses principalmente para o Agrupamento 342 Vialonga e para o meu irmão Tiago Pedro. I wish i was there with you all!

  474. Denise & Bob McLeod Kingston Ontaro Canada says:

    Wishing you wonderful lifetime memories! To all of you and our cousin Kelly Paschelaki with the Greek Scout troupe….have an amazing time.

  475. Hilary Wilson says:

    Hope all the Yorkshire “Tykes” are having a wonderful time. Enjoy it all, you will make some wonderful friends and have great memories. Make the most of every moment. Take lots of photos Rebecca.
    To all the IST in the English Castle – thinking of you!! xxx

  476. Kristi Kronstad says:

    Greetings from Minnesota USA. Hi, Troop 70101. Have the experience of your life and meet new friends from all over the world.Hi, Larsen have a fantastic time.
    Love MOM

  477. The Hirsty's says:

    Clark, 3rd Dover, Kent contingent 046 ! Hope that you are enjoying the Jamboree adventure and behaving yourself. Remember to change your pants. Mum, Dad, Harrison and Bronte.

  478. Lisa Walker says:

    Congratulations to all of the young men and women from all over the world who made the choice to participate in World Jamboree. You are our future. I am so proud of all of you and especially my son, Dalton Walker, U.S.A. Troop 70105. Autumn Village, subcamp Klaralven.

  479. Elaine Pluckrose says:

    To all our Cornwall Scouts especially nephew Benjamin Smith. Missing you but know you will be having the time of your life. What a life long memory you will have.

  480. Tomas and Maria says:

    Greetings to all the scouts from all over the world!
    We hope you’re having a wonderful time at the jamboree, making lots of new friends and having tons of fun.
    Special greetings to Tobias Ek and all the other Boden scouts!
    (Town: Summer
    Subcamp: Smögen
    Avdelning: 44)

    And remember – if it’s not fun, it’s not scouting ;)

  481. Ontario, Canada says:

    to all the Scouts, have a memorable time, this is an opportunity of a life time. To all the leaders, especally Brian Handrigan , ENJOY

  482. Margaret MacLean says:

    Wishing all 40,000 + of you a very happy memorable time there in Sweden. Take a notebook in your pocket and be sure to write down names and e-mails of your friends you`ve made. Enjoy every minute of it you lucky Scouts from Aberdeenshire in Scotland–you`ll treasure those moments forever!

  483. Heinz Wiedmer says:

    Herzliche Grüsse aus der Schweiz. Geniesst die Zeit in Schweden! Judith & Heinz, Eltern von Thomy

  484. Jamie Paulson, mom of Caleb says:

    Wishing the Utah LDS Contingent (USA) the very best as you learn, play, and socialize with peers from around the globe. Make the most of this amazing opportunity and represent yourselves, your church, and your country well. We are thinking of you at home.

  485. Hallo Maayke en Ron,

    Hopenlijk hebben jullie een fantastische tijd in Zweden voor fantastische herrineringen. Maak er een mooie herinnering van !!

  486. Jamie Paulson, mom of Caleb says:

    Sending our best wishes to our wonderful scouts and leaders from Utah (United States). We hope you are having the time of your lives and making the most of this wonderful opportunity. Be safe and have fun!

  487. Meg Povroznik says:

    Hello Stephen III and Stephen IV, I love you and miss you. Can’t wait to hear about your wonderful time!!

    Love, Me-me/mom

  488. Claire and James says:

    Have a wonderful time the Hampshire Gang!

  489. Rhonda says:

    SEND MY LOVE TO MY BeautifulGOOBER NUGGET – Jaclyn Robison from Texas Troop 70210.

    Love you Momma D

  490. Gitte Høegh says:

    Very best wishes for a great international scout experience to all participants.
    Special greetings to Trop 4, Denmark, especially Liselotte and Simon.

  491. To all Greater London Middlesex West contingents and everyone else have a great time and enjoy the experiance wishing you all the best and we hope the weather holds out for you all. From all the staff and visitors at Paccar Scout Campsite

  492. Rhonda says:

    My wish to each of you is to make this the best of event of your life. Treasure every moment – meet as many individuals from as many countries as possible. Most of all ENJOY YOURSELVES…..

  493. Debbie Wooldridgd says:

    Have a great time Troop 70106!!!!!! We love you James and John. Oh and you too Andrew.

  494. Nalle says:

    god luck for all on the camp

  495. Harald Å. says:

    Wish all of the scouts, from all around the world joining the Jamoree in Sweden, a great time. Have a lot of fun and get lot of friends. A special greeting to Troop 1, Svartisen, Norway and especially to Sara and Kristian. Enjoy the experience!!

  496. Dianne Smith says:

    Hi to the CORNISH contingent,”WEZ,S ARMY” unit 12. Have not been able to spot a Kilt or a Pasty as yet!! Have lots of fun, and take lots of pictures. Bring back loads of memories Benjamin and clean laundry !!! xx Fondest wishes to you all.

  497. ali long says:

    Hi To the Cornish Troop
    Hope you are all having fun and loving the experience
    Be kind to your leaders especially Shaunee. Happy birthday katy. Keep the Cornish Kilts on show, Oggy Oggy Oggy. Love Ali x

  498. Katrina & Colin Knight says:

    To Chris & Ros, all from West Yorkshire and all scouts have the time of your life

  499. clare slator says:

    Best wishes to all in the north Yorkshire group and that you are all having a wonderful time. Everyone in Boroughbridge is asking after you Jamie
    Love Mum

  500. Remi S.Mohamatsaid says:

    De beste wensen aan de scouts uit Suriname. Geniet met volle teugen van de jamboree

    Tan bun.

    Groeten uit switi Sranan

  501. william rush says:

    GodSpeed to all the Scouts-enjoy this special time in your Lives and meet many new Friends:
    For Life, for opportunity
    For Friendship & Fellowship
    We Thank the Lord
    Bill-Eagle Class of 1966
    Sequoyah Council-VA/TN USA

  502. Tom Vaughan says:

    Hope all the scouts from the north london group are having a great time especially Becca Morris :)

  503. Orhan Taymaz says:

    Greatings from Turkiye… I wish all of you a great experience and lots of fun… Always do your best… =))

  504. Pam Smith says:

    Hope Kevin, Devin and Shawn from Austin, TX and all the scouts from around the world are having a great time.

  505. Aysegul Cerci says:

    Best wishes to all of you for a once in a lifetime experience ..!! I believe you will make this world a better place, so make the most of this wonderfull jamboree to know, understand and love brothers and sisters from all over the world..Stay safe&healty and have a lot of fun..:)) we will be thinking of you.. greetings from Ankara, Turkey ..en iyi dileklerimiz, gönlümüz sizinle Ankara izcileri..:))

  506. ali kacem kerkacha says:

    algerie ghardaia m’zab

  507. ali kacem kerkacha says:

    assalamou alaikoum
    mes fréres mr:
    – Nourddine benbrahem
    – Aissa.yahya hammou abdellah
    – Ali.brahim nedjar
    je souhaite que vous étes en bonne santé. mon santiment scoutisme ma obligé de vous connecter pour avoir de vos formations. svp appelez moi au: a plutard.

  508. julie wright says:

    Have a great time to all those from West Yorkshire, enjoy yourselves and make some great new friends, enjoy it and make the most out of this wonderful experience xx Be safe

  509. Axel Giller says:

    To Sarah and Thali, from the Brazilian 04PR GEArBE (Brigadeiro Eppinghaus Air Scouts Group), Curitiba, I wish you the best an hope u are having an amazing jamboree there!
    Have fun!
    Sempre Alerta!

  510. Debbie Tame says:

    Best wishes to Dove & Derwent Derbyshire Scouts & Guides. We have been catching up on all the activities on the Scout website. It looks amazing.

  511. IMMA says:

    Quina enveja no poder-hi ser! Que us vagi molt i molt bé aquesta trobada mundial, sobretot per demostrar que no hi ha fronteres allà a on hi ha bona voluntat. Molts de records als escoltes catalans, en especial a l’Agrupament del Pla de l’Estany.

  512. 3rd Poynton Guides and RAngers says:

    3rd Poynton Guides and RAngers sending big hugs to our guides Rosie, Millie and Becca who are with the UK Cheshire contingent. we hope you are having a great time. love you xx

  513. Paula ja Antti Rainio says:

    Live true to your good ideal of friendship across all borders, and enjoy!

    Erityisterveiset Suomen joukkueelle ja Apille Poijuun! Aurinkoisia leiripäiviä!

  514. Gemma McKnelly says:

    Wishing you all an incredible time at the Jamboree! Wish I could be there.

  515. Mary Susan says:

    Ønsker dere alle en fantastisk uka. Spesielle hilsninger til 1.Heistad Speider, Norge!

  516. Hevealin Medina says:

    Hi from Venezuela, a strong handshake of the left hand for all my brothers and sisters scouts, i hope all of you are having a great time, This jamboree is a beatiful experience that will be unforgettable … i hope see all of u in the 23 world scout jamboree uin japan:D … Always ready:)

    Hola desde Venezuela!! Un fuertisimo apreton de mano izquierda para todos mis hermanos y hermanas scouts!! Espero que la esten pasando bien, este jamboree es una hermosa experiencia que será inolvidable!! espero verlos a todos en el jamboree mundial en japon, siempre lista!!

  517. Cindy Knoll says:

    To scouts from all over the world – You were born to be a scout!! Have an awesome time. The scouts in the USA are praying for you all! A special hello to the BSA Western Region Venturing Crew and a happy birthday to Robyn, their advisor.

  518. Daag Boterwafel-Ilse en collega’s. Heeeeeeeeeel veeeeeeeeel plezier in Sweden. Maak er een geweldig event van. Groeten uit Weert

  519. Eva Hveem says:

    To Erik Grönsund, The Mountaineers xx NR 9. hope yuo have the time of your life. Aunt Eva

  520. First Trinidad Sea Scouts & Sixth Sea Scouts……..Good luck, have a wonderful experience and bring home lots of photos. This is a lifetime adventure meeting people from different parts of the world and learning their cultures. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!

  521. Jo Tyler says:

    To Zak Tyler and the rest of the unit 05 Birmingham and BSWE who are in Winter Town – hope you have the experience of a lifetime and make many new lifelong friends

  522. Hilda says:

    To Werner and Darian from 1st Worcester in South Africa. Enjoy Sweden

  523. Birgitta says:

    Wish all of you the very best you can get from this camp. Have fun and enjoy this special days. A big hug to Niklas Lidström IST Smögen/ Visby

  524. Heshani says:

    Can you add some photos of the activities to the site?
    Love to see what are the activities they are doing.
    Have a great time.
    Love from SRI LANKA.

  525. Katrina & Graham says:

    Wishing all, a truly fantastic , happy , healthy, fun filled time. Enjoy this experience of a lifetime.
    Thanks to all the leaders , volunteers , who give SO much, to allow our children to experience the marvels of Scouting.
    Special HI to the Scottish contingent, esp the Scottish Scallywags, and Andrew C.
    We visited yesterday, and were completely blown away by the whole experience.
    Everyone is so friendly, and obviously there to have fun.

  526. Sofia Rinaldi says:

    deseo que VIVAN esta experiencia unica, que la disfruten, que la aprovechen, que la sientan!!!
    un jamboree es algo increible, el evento que mas marcara tu vida y tu scoutismo!
    espero que pasen genial!!!!
    especialmente un apreton de mano izquierda a PIA SANDOVAL de URUGUAY!!!!!
    les deseo lo mejor a todos por alli!!!
    saludos desde Uruguay!

  527. Astrid Jemming-Hengels says:

    I wish the Jamboree to become a great experience for all the participants !

  528. Hasmah says:

    Congratulations to SKTTDI(1), ambassadors of Malaysia

  529. Edi Clarkson says:

    Changing the world – starting with our young people. Best wishes to all the Hampshire UK participants. Make us proud!

  530. Denise Chapman says:

    What a wonderful experience! There will be a ring of Friendship around the World when you all go home

  531. Krisztina Bukur-doczy says:

    Best wishes and have a great time, make good friends and stay dry. Thinking of you from Boston.

  532. Isabelle Mejia says:

    A tous un très joyeux Jamboree, plein de joie, d’énergie positive et de belles rencontres ! Un clin d’oeil à Lucie, Manon et Julia, fières représentantes du groupe Charcot. On pense à vous !

  533. Clara Lotta says:

    I wish my unicorns an unforgetable time on the jamboree because I will never forget my time with them in Sweden. Be prepared! Be happy! Don´t panic!

  534. Andrea & Katelyn Bright says:

    Kyle – US Socal: We love & miss you so so much! But we know it is an awesome experience & hope all of the scouts have the trip of their lives!

  535. Angela Palágyi says:

    Hajrá MAGYAR cserkészek!!!
    A magyar zászló legyen a legmagasabb! Jó munkát nektek a svéd nap alatt! (és ne essen az eső! :) Palágyi Szofinak és Jolinak óriási puszi! Angela Palágyi

  536. Tuomo Uusitalo says:

    Wish you luck and many great experiences!

  537. Tina McGarey says:

    Enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. Meet as many people from as many different places as you can and share your light with them. I hope my son and husband have the time of their lives as this will be something they can share with our grandchildren. Stay safe, Have fun. What an amazing opportunity to come together with so many different cultures and share one common thread SCOUTING!

  538. God’s richest blessings on each Scout and leader in Sweden. May you remember this forever.

  539. Kavitha Ramkumar says:

    Dear Sumi,

    Hope you and the rest of the India team are having fun!! Make the most of this wonderful experience and stay safe…Lots of love…Kavi

  540. Kira Pejtersen says:

    Hope that you all enjoy your time at the jamboree!
    I wish I was there too :(
    A special hey to Drew Robertson from Scotland;D
    Miss you!

  541. Hiram says:

    Hi Mexican scouts take out their ” FUUUUUAAAAAA” to meet friends from all world!!

  542. Wayne & Linda Lockey says:

    To Tyler Shea, IST/Canadian Contingent- What an awesome experience for you. We are so proud of you. Have a great jamboree scouts from around the world. This is something you will remember for the rest of your lives. Yes, the rain will stop!!

  543. Tracy Bishop says:

    Hi Cambridgeshire Contingent – Especially Calvin Bishop
    Hope you are all having a fantastic time, living each day to the full, meeting loads of new people and making the most of this fantastic scouting experience
    love to you all, Tracy Andrew, Yasmin and Lyam BIshop

  544. trish brine says:

    Hope you all have a fantastic time. Best wishes to IOW & Hamshire scouts from the UK. If anyone speaks to Sophie Brine please tell her to switch her phone on

  545. Ridello Srilanka contignent,sh says:


  546. Bea Justin says:

    Hello to the UK contingent. Especially to Amber Charles with GLMW – Unity. Have a great time and don’t forget to take lots of pics!
    Love Mum and Aunty Chris.

  547. Sarah Dolby says:

    To All IST Members and The Leicestershire Contingent
    Hope your all having an amazing time!! and will take away lots of memories from the Jamboree.
    Keep having fun!!
    Best Wishes
    Sarah :)

  548. onkar singh says:


  549. Sarah MacPherson says:

    To Rihannah Beattie, UK Contingent, unit 13 (Coventry). Have a great time! Good luck out there! From Sarah and everyone else at rangers- although they don’t know I wrote this! Love ya loads!!! Xxxxxx

  550. Matthew and Lynette Lavis says:

    Best wishes to all the Wiltshire Contingent 86. Hope you are all having an amazing experience, meeting new friends and trying new things. Take care Jason we are thinking of you – ENJOY!!!

  551. onkar singh says:

    i am happy on here ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  552. Paula Ilola says:

    Hei Ronja, Limingan niittykärpät ja koko Suomen joukkue. oikein paljon terkkuja täältä Limingasta. Täällä ollut hellettä tähän asti mutta sää muuttumassa…. Toivottavasti sielläkin olisi vähän lämpimämpää. Pitäkäähän hauskaa ja käykää tervehtimässä meidän Hong Gong vieraita

  553. Andersons from long island,NY says:

    Hope the sun is shining! Have fun. Be safe

  554. Mong Lien Tran says:

    To Frank Hoang, Troop 70305 and all WSJ 2011 scouts. Please cherish every moment you have and let the world know that is possible living in peace and harmony.

    Mom and Dad from Disneyland -USA

  555. Michael says:

    Hallo Scout´s !
    Viel Spass beim Jamboree wünscht Euch die Daheim gebliebenen.
    Have fun at the Jamboree you want the folks back home.
    Ha kul på Jamboree du vill att folk där hemma.
    Amusez-vous au Jamboree vous voulez que le retour des gens.
    Pitää hauskaa Jamboree haluat ihmiset takaisin kotiin.
    Ha det gøy på Jamboree du vil at folk hjem.
    Hav det sjovt på Jamboree du ønsker, at folk derhjemme
    Linz8 of Austria

  556. Ghazal family says:

    We wish the Lebanese troop a great experience and lots of fun. Enjoy your time and this unique experience ;) )))))

  557. Branka says:

    Svim sudionicima želim pregršt lijepih uspomena i prijateljstava koja će nastaviti!

  558. fam Crona says:

    We wish you all at the Jamboree a very good time and that you meet a lots of new friends. We also hope that you in camp Jukkasjärvi 70003 have a greet time.

  559. Verena says:

    Best wishes to all participants and especially to the scouts from Griesstätt, Bavaria, Germany :)

  560. Carol & Ken Walters says:

    Hello to All at the Swedish World Jamboree,

    Hope you are all enjoying yourselfs, I’m sure it’s amazing and wonderfull experience.

  561. Annamae Scheuerman says:

    Wishing all 39,000 Scouts a fantastic experience filled with new friendships and adventure. May the sun shine on you all and a special Hello to the Folks in BSA Troop 70002.

  562. Brian and Shirley Owen says:

    Hello David Owen,
    We hope that the IST members, including yourself, are having a great time.
    Take Care

  563. Ria says:

    Ik wens aan alle Jamboree-deelnemers een fantastische tijd in Zweden maar natuurlijk speciaal voor Saar omdat ze mijn dochter is.
    Heel veel groeten uit Lebbeke.

  564. perlman family says:

    To all jamboree participants we wish you all the time of your life! This is an experience of a lifetime and a great way to learn about other people and cultures an really experience globality (not the virtual kind.) To ou beloved daughter golan and the entire israeli contingency. Shalom, ta’asu haim!!

  565. Trabucchi Gabriella says:

    My wish for you guys is to enjoy as much as you can, make new friends and cherish this experience for ever. You will be a different person and this will make you understand the world better making it a much better place for you and me…Lots of love from a mohter, my son is there with you :)

  566. om mayar says:

    My wish for evry one there

  567. tourista's family says:

    καντε το ονειρο πραγματικοτητα γεμιστε το μυαλο και την ψυχη …και μην ξεχνατε δεν κανει κρυο στην ελλαδα!!!

  568. Quinn Rollins says:

    Hey Michael, Josh, Erik, Zack and Garrett — Hope you’re having a great time in Sweden. This is really a great opportunity, and I’m glad y’all get to go. Insanely jealous, but glad for you. I really am glad that you’re around–my boys look up to you all a lot. Be good, have fun!


  569. Monique Zweers says:

    I wish al the people at the WJ a great time, and in special the dutch people and the group Toffees :)

  570. Mark Dean says:

    It all looks amazing, cant wait to visit on Wednesday.
    enjoy your scouting, especially UK Essex supertroopers unit 24. Nadia have a great time and take loads of photos xxx

  571. Crystal says:

    Best wishes to Tom, IST in Winter Town Center, and Chris, part of Troop 70001. Have a wonderful experience.

  572. familie michiels says:

    dans ,zing, ontmoet, omarm en vergeet nooit meer deze 22e WORLDJAMBOREE in ZWEDEN !!
    lieve groeten uit Eindhoven

  573. Sian and John Turner says:

    Greetings from Wales. All of you build on this amazing opportunity you have been given. Thank you to all who make it happen. Best wishes to the Mad Fluffy Dragons from North Wales – have fun!

  574. Jan Snoeck says:

    Aan 28e Fos De sperwer uit Waarschoot en aan iedere jamboree-deelnemer: vele groeten, geniet ervan!!!

  575. Anne-Marie Cooke says:

    Best wishes to all the Norfolk (UK) Contingent, Irish contingent and IST! Have a great time!

  576. Els Joos says:

    Hope everybody is having a great time. Best wishes to the Belgian scouts, especially unit G. Have fun Olivia!

  577. les ZOLAK says:

    Pour tous nos PIOS FRANCAIS et tous les autres nous vous souhaitons un très bon Jamborée, que le temps soit avec vous et marchez sur le chemin de la bonne humeur et du partage. profitez de ces moments magiques. On pense à vous très fort. LES ZOLAK

  578. Cambre Tilly says:

    I hope you all have a great time over there !!!! greetings from here in Belgium

  579. jutta mattern says:

    To Dion and all Scouts, we wish you good weather, more fun, a good many of new friendships and a wonderfull time at the Jamboree. All our thoughts are with you. Thanks to Sweden.

  580. Kaiser Josiane says:

    enjoy,have fun best wishes to all scouts from Luxembourg an big kisses to the AIGLES

    Claude & Josiane

  581. On behalf of all scouts here in Boy Scouts of the Philippines–CabanatuanCity Council. We

    wish all the participants of the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in sweden a happy and safe

    jamboree. Specially the Philippine contigent. May Our lord and the great spirits of our

    forefathers in scouting guide you all as you join this big gathering of scouts,today.

    we also would like invite you all to visit and “LIKE” our OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE for Boy Scout of the Philippines-Cabanatuan City Council, where you can check out the latest Local and International activities, news and updates, photos,videos as well as listening to our

    collection both local and international SCOUTING MUSIC.


  582. Pam Donahoe says:

    Greetings from Virginia to Troop 70005. Stay safe and have FUN!

  583. lise grasmeder says:

    Can’t believe 18 months of preparation is finally over and you are all there. Enjoy every minute, make some great new friends, have some fantastic adventures and come home and share the experience with us all. Love to all the Guides from Cheshire, UK.

  584. Gabi Diez says:

    Liebe Grüsse an den Trupp Würtemmberg 2 Germany,
    viel Spass euch allen und gutes Wetter
    Gabi Diez

  585. Meaghan says:

    Greetings from Ireland to Austin from Meaghan, Jess, Holly & Kristin! Hope you’re having a good time in Sweden.

  586. Υianna Mavroleftherou says:

    Goodafternoon Jamboree!!!!! This is Hello from Sunny (and desperately HOT)CYPRUS.. Hope everybody is having a wonderfull time. We have been watching videos eveyday trying to see out team but nothing yet. Could you please look for the 23rd TEAM OF SEA SCOUTS from CYPRUS and take a video. We would love to see them.

  587. Debby Saporetti says:

    Groete uit Suid Afrika. Wishing everyone, the South African Contingent and especially 2nd Bergvliet Sea Scouts a fantastic, memory filled jamboree.Have a ‘lekker’ time.
    love from cold Cape Town

  588. Helen says:

    Bore da to all and especially to the Muddy Dragons. Great to see your photos – have an amazing time and bring back memories to last a life time!

  589. KAROLINA CYCH says:


    Szczególnie pozdrawiam zastęp z LUBINA

    Powodzenia w poznawaniu nowych znajomości ;)

  590. Susan, Helsinki says:

    Best wishes to Nila, Finland and especially to Sara M-L. Toivottavasti tapaatte vielä pikkuserkun kanssa siellä leirillä. Hyvää jatkoa kaikille leiriläisille!

  591. Heshani says:

    Big hello to all scouts in the Jamboree from Sri Lanka…
    Hope our Sri Lankan contingent are keeping fine. My Brother Rajitha is there at the jamboree. Have loads of fun and make loads of new friends Rajitha.

  592. Ciaran Newman says:

    The Jamboree looks spectacular! Best wishes to the Irish Contingent, especially my son Chris whose birthday is today! Have fun.

  593. Bob & Aileen Macfarlane says:

    To Katie & all South of Scotland Group. Hope the Jamboree is all you have been anticipating and you can make the most of a truly memorable once in a lifetime experience.

  594. Hilde Cortebeeck says:

    Maud Van Bever (Troep 9), heel veel plezier ginder! Je hebt een ervaring voor het leven, geniet er van en kom met heel veel verhalen naar huis! (en ook een beetje goed weer voor ons als het kan hahaha). Groetjes van een virtuele vriendin van mama, Hilde en de kindertjes

  595. Amy says:

    My wish for all of you “Enjoy the amazing Jamboree!” from Hong Kong.

  596. Christine MacLean says:

    Hope everyone is having a fantastic time, are making many new friendships and will use the experience positively when they return home, a really memorable time.

  597. Sarah Williamson says:

    Wish the weather would get better for you all! Hope you have an amazing time! Wish I was there!

  598. sylvie NUSSBAUM says:

    Pour ce jamboree je vous souhaite comme le chante YANNICK NOAH
    “Du bonheur comme s’il en pleuvait le coeur en été”

    mais pas de pluie

  599. Reginald en Dominique says:

    Aan 28e Fos De sperwer uit Waarschoot en aan iedere jamboree-deelnemer WARME groeten. ENJOY !! Aan Maud Van Bever (Troep 9) DIKKE ZOEN van ons.

  600. Reynolds Family says:

    Go n-éirí an t-adh go gach duine as an grúpa Úll Éireanach, baint taitneamh as an Jamboree. Feiceann Irish peach go h’allainn inné ar on taifead.John agus Éanna baint taitneamh as gach rud :)

  601. detlev arndt says:

    I think they all remember it for the rest of life! ;-)
    That is so great.
    I wish you all thr wether get better!
    Have a lot of fun :-)

  602. Nadya Grech says:

    Wishing all the Maltese Contingent a wonderful experience, especially my son Ryan Grech!! Enjoy it and fly our Maltese flag up high!!!

  603. Hilary McPhail says:

    To Danielle Horton and all her friends from Rugby, England. Hope you are having a fabulous time at the 22nd World Jamboree and that you make many new and special friends. Enjoy. Hilary.

  604. Paula Rooney says:

    To both my sons who are at the jamboree. Have an amazing time, Liam Rooney and Aidan Rooney and all of the Cornish contingent. As Shaun said, you can sleep when you get home. Have loads of fun :)

  605. nathalie en mario says:

    Vele groeten uit België !
    Geniet van deze unieke positieve ervaring met volle teugen !!
    Kus aan iedereen !
    Mario en Nathalie

  606. Wolfgang Dick says:

    Best wishes to the whole scout community – especially for better weather! Have a lot of fun, share your impressions and emotions and lead this event to a great and unforgettable expression of international friendship.
    Special greetings to the VCP Schwobahaufa and Jan Frederik!

  607. Sussie says:

    GRATTIS på 15-årsdagen, Pontus !! Önskar vi alla på Gräsö. Hoppas du har det toppen och att det inte regnar för mycket på er.

  608. PETERS André says:

    Wishes to all scout’s brothers and sisters a wonderful time on the scout Jamboree Sweden in 2011
    I would like to send a special greeting to the Luxemburg Kontigent with about 450 boy scouts and girl scouts in Sweden stayed.

    You owe sir Baden Powell we you it also even today always ready people from the whole world bring together spend around Together in peace and without having to prejudices to celebrations and fun

  609. suzanne and les says:

    hi to everyone at Jamboree 2011 especially merseyside contingent. have a fantastic time- Riona hope you find your cousin Jack over on the USA contingent, Keep having fun! xxxx

  610. Margaret Broderick says:

    Greater London North
    Looks fabbo-tastic, would like to be there with you. Best wishes to all but escpecially the 6FB bunch Abef, Lara, Helen, Sam, Andy and Debi

  611. Julie & Alan says:

    Good Luck and Best Wishes to everyone at the camp. Enjoy this special time, make lots of friends, take lots of photos, laugh a lot and make good memories. x x

  612. Rhiannon Bryant 12 Truro (Aysha) says:

    Hi Everyone!!

    I hope Jamboree is going well!
    I’d like to say HIII to Aysha Bryant and rest of the group!! (Cornish Contingent)!! How are you all?? :) Have lots of fun!! Don’t miss me too much!! HAHA xXXxXXxXXx

  613. Brian says:

    Greetings from Canada! My brothers have been telling me nothing but good things about the WSJ! I’m seriously regretting my decision to not come as part of the IST. I wish all the participants a fantastic Jamboree and to meet new friends in different countries!!

  614. rllmhs says:

    mabuhay Philippines

  615. Els Cornelis says:

    Also I especially want to sent my best wishes to the Belgian contingent. Belgium maybe divided in politics but our scouts prove otherwise! Grtz from LIER, Belgium

  616. Paul Victor says:

    You will all remember this Jamboree for the rest of your lives!!! It will shape your future!! I was at the 75th Scouting Annivesary Camp in Brownsea Island and always think of it. May you all have a brilliant time, especially the GIbraltar Contingent! XX

  617. Els Cornelis says:

    I heard the opening show was FANTASTIC!!! My son is having the time of his life in Sweden and I wish for everyone the same: a unique experience and the chance to show the world how powerful the bond and solidarity is among SCOUTS from all over the world.

  618. Signe Stølan Høgberg says:

    Til tropp 6, Seiland fra Norge og spesielt til RASMUS. Nyt leiren, lær masse, lev livet og tenk på at nå er dagene her.

  619. Dawn, Graham & Zoe Franklin says:

    Saying a big hello to the Oxfordshire Mad Hatters.
    The opening ceremony looked amazing!!! We hope you go on to have the most fantastic experience and come back with lots of friendships and memories that last a lifetime!!! :)

  620. Bernhard says:

    Ich wünsche allen Teilnehmern ein unvergessliches Fest mit Freunden!
    Viele Grüße an die deutschen Pfadfinder – besonders an St. Georg Tirschenreuth, Bayern!!!

  621. Alison Adamson says:

    Hope everyone at the Jamboree is having a great time. Best wishes to the UK Bucks Contingent and hope to see you on Tuesday when we visit for the day.

  622. Sabine says:

    To Trupp 7/ Germany
    Have a great time!! We are thinking of you (Esp. Silja and Svenja)
    Sending you kisses from Dortmund

  623. Laura (lulu) says:

    Un abrazo muy grande a todos los scouts que habeis conseguido llegar a Suecia y muy especialmente al grupo 125 de Malaga, (España), que derrocha alegria y salero por donde va y gracias a la organizacion por pensar en los que no hemos podido ir, yo lo estoy viviendo como si estuviese alli. Besos para todos.

  624. Michelle Steyn says:

    I hope everyone at the Jamboree is having an absolute fantastic time! Roshan, Andrew and Rob from 2nd Somerset West in South Africa;I hope you are enjoying every moment, making the best memories, and having the time of your lives!
    I love you Roshan!

  625. Michelle Steyn says:

    I hope everyone attending the Jamboree is having an absolute fantastic time! Rob, Andrew and Roshan from 2nd Somerset West in South Africa; I hope you’re enjoying every moment and having the time of your life!
    I love you Roshan!
    -Michelle Steyn

  626. The Pooles, Folkestone says:

    Wishing all from 1st Cheriton and the Kent unit a fabulous time, have fun Alex ! Much love

  627. Axel Annaert says:

    Vele groeten voor het Belgische contingent en natuurlijk in het bijzonder voor mijn zoon Erik.
    Veel genot en plezier daar ginder in Zweden.

  628. Joseph William Leonard says:

    Im wishing my big cousin SAM ENGLAND from ESSEX UK a wonderful time. Have a great time !
    Love Joe Joe xxx

  629. Joe says:

    Scouting rules lets enjoy and bring the world together. UK IST team lets enjoy the experience where else can you meet soo many people.

  630. Del King says:

    Good Morning Jigsaw Unit & especially Evie – hope you are all having a great time

  631. Chandra Bogdan says:

    Big hugs sent out to 25th Red Deer Patrol in the Autumn subcamp! Our wish is that you ALL have a fun time and make lots of new friends. Sending out lots of hugs from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada!! Can’t wait to hear all the stories when you come home Byron! *Love you bud*

  632. Service team delegation La Plata and especially the representatives of the GS SAN JOSE 301,Sofia company, pass it nice and have fun sharing this experience in addition to unique and unforgettable GREETINGS GUYS !!!!!

  633. Anton Gregory says:

    To Unit 78 Mad Fluffy Dragons have fun Enjoy make new friends and bring back memories

  634. Beltsy Niño says:

    Saludos a todos los scout de habla hispana desde Bogotá-Colombia, que disfruten ese regalo que el Espiritu Divino les dió de conocer nuevos amigos y nuevas culturas. Los quiero mucho.

  635. Hilary Smith says:

    Hi Adam (Greater Manchester North, UK). We couldn’t watch the Opening Ceremony live but listened to it via the radio – it sounded brilliant. We’re sure you’ll all have a great time. Wish we could be there. Spending lots of time watching Jamboree webcams.
    Enjoy your time there and make the most of this experience of a life time.
    Love Mum & Dad

  636. Annika Jansson says:

    Linnea, Herkules och Johannes!!!
    Hoppas ni får ett fanrtastiskt läger
    Wä scoutkår

  637. Bette Johnson says:

    Ben Johnson Troop 70103 – Hope you are having the time of your life. Making new friends, learning about different cultures and taking away memories and experiences that will last a life time. You CAN change the world!! Love, Mom

  638. Anal Merchant says:

    Message for Mr. Muhammad Ali Abdul Malik Merchant from Karachi – Pakistan! – Hope you are having a great time there. Am sure you must have made lots of friends yet. Have fun! Enjoy and stay safe. take care.

  639. Que todo sea un éxito y una fabulosa experiencia de vida, Buena Caza a la delegación chilena que participa en este Jamboree Mundial y a todos aquellos que participarán (como yo) de un Jamboree Para Todos!

  640. Janice Lichtensteiger says:

    Have an awesome time, take loads of pictures, and make lots of new friends from around the world. Embrace this experience –
    Dad and Mom

  641. Amy Lemley says:

    My heart is so full when I think of all of you together there, meeting friends and making memories. Pause a few times a day to simply take it all in, to notice the moment. Say yes to it, to this life–and all that Scouting allows you to be. Feel lucky. Because you are.

  642. Thurman and Aunt Patty Spriggs says:

    Hi William T. Spriggs July 28 11:33pm
    Enjoy this moment. It is somthing your will be telling your grandchildren about. Your Dad did alot of work collecting this info on your trip so that I could write to and keep up with you. It is great to have a family that cares.learn everything you can keep a log of your activities if you can.
    Papa and Aunt Patty

  643. Sharin Fancy-Fabor says:

    Frank Fabor, Dr. Alford, Leah Alford, Lauren Alford and Crew 70007 USA, cherish the moment. This is a lifetime experience. Have fun. Make friends.

  644. Alvaro García says:

    To all my friends of the 07 WSJ: Cheers to you all !
    and to all the chileans there as well!

  645. Al equipo de Servicio delegacion La Plata y especialmente a los representantes del G.S. SAN JOSE 301 nro. 153 Sofia y compania, pasenla lindo y diviertanse ademas de compartir esta vivencia unica e inolvidable, SALUDOS CHICOS!!!!!

  646. José Pérez says:

    Desde Quito Ecuador, para el grupo 9 que todo sea felicidad y que el jamboree lo disfruten a lo máximo

  647. Hevealin Medina says:

    Hola a todos desde venezuela, estado anzoategui!! un fuerte apreton de mano izquierdaa hermanos, siempre lista para servir! nos vemos en el jamboree del 2015:D

    Hi everione from Venezuela, Estate Anzoategui!! a strong pressure of the left hand brothers!! always ready, I hope to see all my brothers and sisters scouts!! see u in 23 world jamboree in japan:D

  648. Tammy & Michael Borden says:

    Hello, Sean Borden and Troop 70103, USA
    Have a great time. This is the experience of a lifetime.
    Great flagpole!!

  649. Bradley Ward says:

    Here’s a shout-out to both Troop 70002 from Central New York, USA & the Scotland Contingent: Way 2 go guys!! Wish I could be with you all. See ya in Scotland next summer!! BLAIR 2012

  650. Fam.Kwidama says:

    All the best to the scouts from Netherlands Antilles, Scouting Antiano, enjoy this great experience and have fun. We love you all.

  651. Actually – a little update to my earlier post. Wishing everyone at the WORLD Jamboree an outstanding Scouting experience!!

  652. Wishing everyone at the National Jamboree an outstanding Scouting experience!! Lifetime memories to be enjoyed!! Greetings from the Southern Sierra Council – Bakersfield, California – USA

  653. Ginger Bakes says:

    RELISH every single moment and TREASURE your new friends! Aloha to all world scouts from Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, USA

  654. LaVar, Margaret, and Amy says:

    Shout out to crew 70313, Committee A from Utah!! Can’t wait to hear about all the people you are meeting and wishing you all a great time and safety. Soak it all in!!! (including the rain!) :)

  655. Joann Moralez says:

    Hello from Hudsonville, Michigan USA
    To Josiah Moralez, have a great time and enjoy yourself, This experience you will never forget. I wish we could be a few years younger and would have had to opportunity like this when we were younger..

  656. Joann Moralez says:

    Hello from Hudsonville, Michigan
    To Josiah Moralez, have a great time and enjoy yourself.

  657. Nancy Moore says:

    Best wishes for all the Scouts of the World! Have fun and learn. Make the world a better place!


  659. Victoria Waterfield & Brian Manning says:

    Greetings from Lakefield, Ontario, Canada to our son, Austin Manning, in Sunnyborough Patrol, Unit 70008, Subcamp Visby; and to the Kawartha Waterways Patrol, Unit 70001, Subcamp Smögen. Have a fantastic time!

  660. Chathuranga says:

    Greetings from Sri Lanka to all the scouts at world jamboree

  661. Chathuranga says:

    Greetings from Alaska to all the scouts at world jamboree

  662. Kari Ogawa says:

    Hi Anders. Greetings from Alaska to all the scouts at world jamboree. Have a great time meeting new friends from around the world.

  663. Kelly Crowe says:

    Hi to my son Matthew and all those attending the jamboree. Hope you all have a great time. What a wonderful opportunity to meet people from all over the world! Make memories!

  664. Šárka Nováková says:

    Lot’s of Sun, lot’s of fun, lot’s of new friends and endless much experience never to be forgoten to everyone in Rinkaby, especialy to all czech scouts!
    Pozdravení české výpravě !
    Šárka z Prahy

  665. J and S says:

    Hi to our 3 kids Mike, Chris and Steffi – hope you’re making tons of friends and having plenty of fun… it sure looks and sounds like it! SCOUTING RULES! We love all 39,000 of you!

  666. Paula Wood says:

    Just wanted to let you know we heard about the… there is no way you can communicate with your family so dont worry about trying to let us know how you are doing!!!! Just kidding bet you are having way too much fun see you soon and we want to know everything Love Mom

  667. Bryndis Gunnlaugsdottir says:

    Goda skemmtun skatar um allan heim. Kvedja fra Islandi :)

  668. Gerda says:

    Ik wens alle scouts op de wereld jamboree een onvergeetelijke tijd en dat er maar vele levens lange vriendschappen uit mogen voortkomen.

  669. Fiona Chestnutt says:

    Wishing the Stroud and Tetbury IST contingent a happy and enriching time at Jamboree, keep the blogs going we feel we are almost there with you when we read them. Love and best wishes from the Chestnutt family x x x

  670. Mark and Cath Wightman says:

    Hi to all the East Lancs Contingent, especially Andy, Dom and Will. This is the result of all that bagpacking – now wasn’t it all worth it? Have a fantastic time with the rest of the world and make some friendships and memories to last a lifetime. We are extremely proud of you all and so grateful to your leaders, Fil, Stuart, Rachel and Sam.

  671. have a fun filled safe camp of a lifetime make new friends and enjoy your experience. to the IST Team don t work to hard wishing you all a wonderful camp. see you soon x

  672. Rhonda Pitts says:

    Hope you all have a wonderful time at the Jambo cant wait to hear all the great stories.

    Theresa NY USA

  673. Barbara James says:

    Wishing you all the best of times. Live it, feel it, love it!! Special Happy Camping wishes to all from Carlow/Kilkenny Scout County, Ireland :)

  674. Kim Persson says:

    Hejdo from New Jersey to Troop 70006 and all global youth and scouters. This is your moment in the land of the midnight sun to start driving the future. Be optimistic and proud of your ability to create a new peace for everyone. Come back changed….

  675. Paul Lilley says:

    Have a great time garrett (east lancs group) we are all really proud and jealous. Hope all 40,000 enjoy.

  676. Jack Robertson says:

    Hello Pollie from Leeds! Hope you are making lots of new friends from all over the world. Enjoy the massive jamboree. It looks wicked on the website pictures.
    From Grandad Jack

  677. Esther Morison says:

    To Eric and all the Surrey Red Lions, one of the UK units, hope you are having a great time and are collecting memories that you will one day tell your grand children and maybe great grand children about :)

  678. Tracy Walsh says:

    Wishing the KAOS crew from Coventry and Warwickshire a fantastic time, hope the Opening Ceremony was everything you wished for and more, memories, experiences and dreams are made of this. I wish peace and goodwill to ALL at the Jamboree. From Dan Walsh’s Mum (Tracy) and the Cov Fur Babies :) ) xx

  679. Jacqueline Johnston says:

    To Marcus a Muddy Dragon S. Walse UK
    Have a wonderful time Marcus.
    I look forward to seeing lots of pictures.
    Great Aunt Jacqueline

  680. Anne Jones says:

    Hi to my son Alistair (Assistant Cub Leader at 3rd Abingdon Scout Group) hope you have a really good time and make many friends from all round the world. :-) x

  681. Fam. de Frankrijker says:

    To all the scouts participating: make friends, have fun and experience all the World Jamboree has to offer. Special greetings to the Honingdropjes of the Dutch Contingent and Rianne and Simone :-)

  682. Congratulations and KUDO’s to the 10 Scouts and 2 Leaders who biked from Kampala Uganda to Nairobi Kenya, flew to Southern Italy and then biked to all the way through Europe. 2500 Km in 40 Days! WOW! WAY TO GO UGANDA SCOUTS! ENOY THE 2011 WORLD JAMBOREE! You earned it…! Scouter Judi – Richmond, BC Canada!

  683. Fam. de Frankrijker says:

    To all the scouts participating: make friends, have fun and experience all the World Jamboree has to offer. Special greetings to the Honingdropjes of the Dutch Contignent and Rianne and Irene :-)

  684. Sarah, Paul, Etta, Sophia, Rachel says:

    May you all learn more about your similarities than your differences!

  685. Linda McIntosh says:

    For Martin McIntosh from 70th Greenock and District working on the International Service Team, hope you are having great time, I know you will be enjoying the experience, no matter what job you are doing!! I’m very proud of you for deciding to volunteer, and give something back to Scouting.
    Lots of love
    Mum, Dad and Rachel xxx

  686. Allen family, UK says:

    To Sam, Bedfordshire Pilgrims, UK Contingent, photos and videos look fantastic, we’re keeping a look out for you :) have a wonderful time xxx

  687. Sue Dyson says:

    Hi to all in UK 010 – Cheshire – and especially to Becky. Wow – what a fantastic group and what a journey over the last 21 months. You guys certainly have the ability to “Change the World”

  688. Carol, Chris and Elizabeth Knatt says:

    Our very best wishes go out to James, all in the Unit 89 Connect 4 combined unit and the rest of the world scouting community gathered in Rinkaby. We’re looking in on the website and it looks like you’re having a great experience. Enjoy every moment!

  689. Sarah says:

    Hi 1st Shrewsbury,
    Hope you’re having a fab time and getting enough sleep.
    Have the time of your lives. Love from Nikki, Ali and Sarah in Abersoch.

  690. Eva-Karin says:

    Jag önskar er alla en fantastisk tid och hälsar särskilt till scouterna från Umeå mm i Unit 44. Ja, Sanna, jag önskar att jag hade fått vara med!

  691. Dave and Alanna Armsby says:

    Have a brilliant time Charlotte and all the Greater London North Unit. You are all brilliant and we are looking forward to hearing all about it on your return

  692. Clare & Andrew Arnold says:

    Wishing Fraser from Waterloo, Essex, Unit 25 and all other Scouts a fantastic Jamboree, we’re following and listening online – Have fun!! x

  693. Birgitt says:

    Hello from Germany/Hamm to all participants of Jamboree 2011. I wish you all a lot of fun, meeting new friends from all over the world and having a good time. You never will forget this great event.

  694. hi every body from all parts of the world.i am bilal from PAKISTAN last time i was part of this beautiful occasion.this year i am not.but i wish all the participants from all over the world .enjoy every body this beautiful event .love you all .ALLAH HAFIZ.BEST OF LUCK

  695. Kirsch-Mills says:

    Hi William – hope you and rest of Connect 4 are having the time of your lives. We are following as much as we can online, it looks and sounds fantastic! Make the most of every minute and enjoy. XX

  696. Geoff Morris says:

    A big hello to Hatty Morris and the BUGS unit from UK. Make lots of new friends and have fun!

  697. Lloyd Fowler says:

    Sending wishes from Louisville, KY, USA! Hope you all have a GREAT experience like I did at the 21st World Scout Jamboree in Chelmsford, England! I still stay in touch via facebook and email with all the friends I made from all around the world from my Jamboree experience! You will all have the times of your life and walk away with a new outlook on the world and appreciate the vision that Lord Baden-Powell had in 1907. Happy Scouting!

  698. Enjoy the experience Scouter Henry, Venturers Ethan & Gabriel. 12th Richmond Scout Group, Richmond BC Canada!

    Wish I was there, the website and cams are excellent and helping me feel a part of the experience.

    Wishing you all and all at World Jamboree 2011 memories for a lifetime and campfire stories to bring back home to share over mug up. Make new and lifelong friends, learn how to say hello in as many languages as possible and learn how others Scout. One World One Promise! It Starts with Scouts!

    You are … Livin’ the Dream!
    Scouter Judi

  699. paola says:

    Il nostro augurio è che ognuno dei 39.000 che sono oggi al jamboree porti sempre nel cuore questa meravigliosa esperienza per poter davvero cambiare il mondo.
    un bacione alla nostra Livia.
    Mamma, Papà e Valerio

  700. Kim says:

    Hi there World Scouts Jamboreers,
    I wish that the whole world would understand the feelings that come with supportive human relationships and experiences. What you are experiencing now is how the world needs to be to thrive and evolve. I wish that all the positive energy combined at this Jamboree would spread to reach the people of the world so that others will know what it feels to flourish. Luckily my son will have this knowledge to pass on to to others.
    HI there Josh, love you from mum and Tiana xxx

  701. Katherine says:

    Hey Ashley & Ryan George (IST & GLS Cutty Sharks – London UK)
    Hope you are having an amazing time. Hope your not having to work too hard Ash!
    Enjoy every moment of your time there – looking forward to hearing of the adventure.
    Very proud of you both – Love Mum & Dad x x

  702. detlev arndt says:

    hallo aus deutschland :-)
    hallo from germany

  703. Jim 'Skip' Green says:

    What an experiencc, adventure and opportunity. Wow. I hope all the participants have the time of their life as well as the IST and all the leaders. We are with you in spirit.

  704. Andy, Christel & Sydney says:

    Hey… Josh we hope you are having a good time…

    Lots of love from us all in the UK xx

  705. Dessie says:

    Best wishes to all scouts from Ireland and especially our Grandaughter Shauna Halpin who is with Ull in winter town
    Skerries Troop.

  706. Leslie Robertson says:

    Best wishes to UK 44 Spitfire Group…….enjoy the jamboree of a lifetime folks :-)

    Lots of love to all especially Kirsty from Dad, Mum, Euan and Jamie xxx

  707. Greetings and best wishes to all on the radio team. 73 de David GI4FUM/EI4DJ/3DA0DJ/C91DJ

  708. Bo Bergner says:

    Vi hoppas att Ni alla från Krokek får en oförglömlig upplevelse på Jamboreen 2011. Michelle “Lelle” Bergner och alla andra! Ha kul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  709. mccann family says:

    Hello from sunny UK to all at Rinkaby, thinking of you having a great time especially Louise and the others from Romsey Hampshire , and everyone in EUREKA!, Connect4, and ALLSORTS. Keep smiling!

  710. Lisette Tobback says:

    Aan alle deelnemers aan de World Jamboree : Veel plezier in Zweden!

  711. Hans fransen says:

    What a great organised event!
    I become jealous, have good times.

  712. lilian says:

    I wish that the jamboree will be a great and wunderful time for everybody.. just like 4 years ago.
    Lot’s of hugs from Holland!! Lilian

  713. Max Gill says:

    Wishing USA NE Region Troop 70001 a safe and memorable experience! Enjoy the journey!

    Max and Vera Gill

  714. Emma och Anette says:

    Hej Sandra!! Hoppas att det inte regnar för mycket på er och att ni har det superkul!! Kramar från Emma & Anette

  715. Susan Murray says:

    I know that everyone there will be creating memories for themselves, their children and their grandchildren. Happy Scouting.

  716. Toni says:

    Hi to all Comet Unit from Herts!
    Hope you are all having a fantastic time and are making the most of this wonderful opportunity, a special hello and lots of love to Caitlin x

  717. chris wright says:

    UK contingents 43 and 44 Comet and Spitfire, Have a ball enjoy the experience

    Jeni and Charlottes Mum in Hertfordshire UK

  718. Vera Gill says:

    Wishing everyone a “Time of Your Life” experience!

  719. Susan Curtis says:

    Hello to Nick Curtis and everyone in Greater Manchester East unit 35. Enjoy yourselves and hope that you dry out soon.

  720. Lars Heller says:

    Enjoy the special period in sweden and make friends in all over the world to become an earth citizen.
    Schöne, friedliche Tage und kommt gesund zurück!!!
    To the youngest scout in the camp: Lukas Hahn called Schahlih!

  721. Cathy Tazzyman says:

    To our wonderful Scouts from the Ingleborough district in the UK. Tom Haigh and Matthew Moseley. We hope you are having a fantastic time, Kat will go mad when she knows you have seen the Kings of Leon. Take of each other and always cherish what you are experiencing now, it will stay with u for the rest of your lives. Big hugs.x Raksha Ingleborough Cub leader

  722. Lindsey, Ian and Calum Ross Golspie says:

    Hello all you Scottish Scallywags, and all the Jambos, Enjoy yourselves. Look forward to hearing all about the fun.
    Best wishes to all the leaders too!

  723. Chris Sturdy says:

    To all the Sussex contingent and Poochie in particular. I bet you’re having the times of your lives. Looking forward to hearing all about it – keep up the texts!


  724. Di Gough says:

    I would like to wish our Rangers from Cubbington Ranger Guides all the best for a very special time, and also to my friends I made on the Fire Team at WSJ2007! Stay safe, have fun and remember a smile is the same in any language!!

  725. Rachel & Darren boydell says:

    To Darwin and all the Shropshire scouts,have a great adventure,and loads of fun!!!!

  726. Rita Grimes says:

    Hi to all the UK Hereford & Worcester unit, especially the Black Pig Explorers from Pershore. Have a fantastic time, & make loads of new friends around the globe!! Looking at the website & seeing pix – listening to opening ceremony! Enjoy!!

  727. Lalantha and Delrine Felix Sri Lanka says:

    We wish all the 22WSJ participants for a great experience and simply scouting…
    Our warm wishes to Sri Lankan Contingent of 120 guys and especially 33rd Negombo team of 7 guys
    Aaubowan ! Wanakkam ! Assalam Aleiukum, Hello all round

  728. Domonique Van Sluytman says:

    Greetings to all for a Successful and Memorable Jamboree.. Shout to the Scouts from Guyana & Trinidad & Tobago… from Scout Association of Guyana!

  729. Burt family says:

    Enjoy enjoy enjoy, you will all have so much fun. Katie and Jamie go and show them how to party!!!!!

  730. Vivian Kristoffersson says:

    Have a fantastic Jamboree!!!.

  731. Ed van der Vaart says:

    TOGETHER you sure can make a better world! Enjoy your stay in Sweden!

  732. karen lindsay says:

    Hello to all the coventry scouts

  733. Claudine Scheeck says:

    Ech wënschen iech ee geniale Camp.
    Have a great time
    Greetings from Luxembourg

  734. karen lindsay says:

    sending a big hello to the coventry scouts, have a great time

  735. Kelly Bates says:

    From the granite state of New Hampshire, USA!!

  736. Damian Hoffmann says:

    To all the South African scouts, may you all have a wonderful time… Hope you make the best of this opportunity you have been given and have lots of fun. Also to my cousin Nathan Ievers have a great time, look forrward to hearing your stories once you are back

  737. Eleanor Lyall says:

    To all particpants have a wonderful Jasmboree and especially to all the Scottish Units have a great Scouting experience and look forward to seeing you all next week.

  738. Sarah Jessica Darley says:

    To ABBY WILLIAMS from KENT! Hope you enjoy the Jamboree I already know you will! And Pretty please pick a badge up or 2 for ,me, your PenPal! :)
    From Sarah Darley

  739. Olivia says:

    Scouts from all over the world, have a great time! Go Romanian Contingent! Pupici oitelor visatoare!

  740. alyson Smith says:

    Hello to all the Kentish Scouts and LaSER guides. Have fun, you all deserve it! The site and activites on offer look amazing.

  741. Andreas says:

    Alles Liebe und viel Spaß, besonders dem Trupp “Simply Harmony”!

  742. Noelle Walsh-Wallis says:

    I believe everyone all over the world should take notice of this fantastic coming together of enthusiastic young people … it makes the future look good! Have fun, attempt to do everything, make friends, come home exhausted with memories to last a lifetime ( or to Tokyo!! )

  743. Phil Dempsey says:

    Best wishes to all 5 Ranger Guides from Wexford, Ireland representing C.G.I. as part of the Irish Contingent in Sweden. Hope you all have a brilliant time. And don’t forget…. “SMILE, you’re beside a GIRL GUIDE!!!”

  744. kris en rik says:

    Hello everybody; here some support from Belgium!
    Specially for our Zoë and the belgiunscouts( koalas) over there!
    Have a great time! Be Happy!!
    kris and Rik

  745. m amegah says:

    keep the spirit going as we did at the time. we learned a lot from each other (‘the Spirit lives on’, Canada 1983 (?)) safe return home!

  746. Laura Hostetter says:

    A huge shot out to US troop 70207 and our son Klayton Richards!! Enjoy the Jambo guy!!!!

  747. daniel says:

    good luck to all Scouts from all over the world at this camp. i hope you have a fun time and meet lots of friends.

    best wish to all as will from Canada

  748. Karen & Tom says:

    We wish all scouts a fantastic Jamboree! Enjoy the adventure, the activities, meeting all different people, the atmosphere…
    and a (belated) happy birthday to Jonathan B. (Belgian Contingent)!!

  749. Wiklund says:

    We wish you all a great jambboree – mer wünsched Eu allne es tolls Jamboree – vi önskar er alla en trevlig jamboree – nous vous souhaitons une belle jamborée

  750. linda royle says:

    to unit 50 from Lincolnshire have agreat time

  751. May you all have a wonderful experience as one whole nation, accepting each other’s cultures, religion and beliefs. Enjoy while it lasts

  752. Joy says:

    Enjoy every moment – savour every memory – this is certainly adventure in action! Have fun and blow those vuvuzelas loud and clear!

  753. Doug Jenkins says:

    Meet new friends, learn new cultures, share your faith and love with the rest of the scouting world.
    God Bless and keep you ALL.

  754. Les deseo lo mejor a todos, en especial a los de colima México!! Saludos a mi Ranita Hermosa La amo!! :3
    Diviértanse en este magnífico campamento, y obviamente no se comparara con el del centenario pero sin duda sera memorable para todos ;) Éxito.

  755. Brenda Coleman says:

    Hello to my brother, Brian from Colorado and my nephew Corey from Indiana. I hope you both are having a great time!!! It looks fun!!!! Best wishes and better weather to all the scouts!!!!

  756. Rhona Robb says:

    Have a great time everyone in Sweden. Special hello to the Scottish units and to my big sister who is a leader with the Bucks Unit. You’ll will enjoy every minute I am sure – it’s an experience you’ll never forget and you will make friends for life from all over the world.

  757. Christine says:

    Very proud of you all for all the hard work you have put in in getting to Sweden. Everything looks so colourful, exciting, loud and fun. Hope the sun shines for the rest of your time there. Hi especially to Stephenson Unit, UK20. xx

  758. says:

    We wish everyone a good time at the world jamboree, a gorgeous experience never to be forgotten !
    Enjoy your time there in wordlwilde friendship !
    Hendrik, Ann, Katoo en Kobe

  759. Jorge Alberto Maillard Cruz says:

    Dios los bendiga.
    God bless you all.

  760. Helen Armstrong says:

    Hi Darren and the Waterloo Unit
    Well done for arriving safely and I hope you are all having a fab time. Special mention to Darren for the massive effort and contribution you have made to get the Essex Scouts and Bucks Guides together. There are very few people who are prepared to make the commitment and contribution you have given over the last 18 months. Hope you all have fun and have a great time.

  761. Ditmar Unger says:

    Many greetings to my son, Janek Lauer from Max Kolbe, Munich, Germany. Have a very nice time!

  762. Jorge Alberto Maillard Cruz says:

    Que Dios los bendiga, lo mejor en este memorable evento. Felicidades desde México a todos.
    God bless you, enjoy that memorable event.
    Congratulations from Mexico.

  763. Katja says:

    Enjoy your time, make new friends! Specially greetings to Finnish Contingent!

  764. Samantha says:

    Hope everyone has an AMAZING time, just like I did at the 2007 WSJ. The memories you keep are forever!

  765. Jan Willem says:

    Grote peren ga er voor!!!!!!

  766. Ievers family says:

    To Nathan from 1st Table View, Cape Town, South African Contingent. Witzenberg Troop. This is a once in a life time opportunity, make the most of it and make new friends from all over the world. Simply Scouting!!!!

  767. Val Ely says:

    Have a once in a lifetime experience one and all and be better for it all of your lifetime

  768. Gabriel Oldenburg says:

    Finally the great party of the Scout Movement: World Jamboree!! My best wishes for all participants and a special greetings and congratulations to Göran and all the fellows in the Organizing Committee and to the WSB-Team!!

  769. Mike says:

    Wishing you all a great time at the jamboree, enjoy whilst there, experiance all you can, learn from each other, have fun and remember these days for ever.

  770. Hello fellow scouts we would like invite you all to visit and “LIKE” our OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE for Boy Scout of the Philippines-Cabanatuan City Council FACEBOOK PAGE:​anatuancitycouncil

  771. Kaat says:

    Het allerbeste voor alle jamborianen!!!!

  772. John W. Faison says:

    To My Son Christopher Faison, US Contingent,

    Hope you’re having the time of your life!!!


  773. Desmond Whyms says:

    wishing you all the best for a fun jamboree – i hope the weather keeps nice and the midges don’t bite too hard… Hello to Cornwall Uk contingent!

  774. Lela Barnhart says:

    Make wonderful memories and new friends from around world! Best wishes to the Chico Contingent and everyone!

  775. Michael Orion ESU UK says:

    Guys have the best time of yours lifes I am sure you will, wish i could be with you sharing the experiences but instead im here in the UK looking after the Unit see you when you return from the event of a life time!!

  776. Concetta says:

    Mostrate al mondo quant’è bello stare insieme in allegria costruendo “ponti” con quanti solitamente pensiamo lontani e diversi! Un saluto particolare a Lago Tempestoso Italy.



  778. Annika Windahl Pontén says:

    Hope you have a wonderful jamboree! Special greetings to Sweden52 Yngve Frej!

  779. Barbara wyant says:

    Hello to STEPH WYANT of Eureka! Contingent from Hampshire, UK and ELLEN PATON from connect4, also Hampshire UK, and all your friends, sending love from steph’s mum dad and sister Ellie. Have fun, make lots of memories :-)

  780. Julia Payen says:

    Hope all the Berkshire Contingent have a great time, especially my lovely hubby Jim! Hope the sun shines for you all and that you make memories that will last a lifetime.

  781. Sharon Graham says:

    Wishing all the Irish contingent a great time, espically everyone in COLL.. Enjoy every minute. A big hi to Anna.

  782. Allen Yuricic says:

    May you have more days of sunshine than rain!

  783. Gail Fox says:

    wishing you all at the Jamboree a fantastic time, make new friends and live your dreams! a special hello to the Borders boys and the Haggis, Neeps ‘n’ Tartan unit form bonnie Scotland!

  784. Maria Marklund says:

    Glada hälsningar till alla från Södermalms scoutkår i Stockholm och särskilt till John Marklund. Hoppas ni har det bra, vi tänker på er.
    Resten av familjen Marklund

  785. Andrea Z. says:

    Have a great time and enjoy being a part of this huge event! Thanks for this great website!

  786. Ashley says:

    Here’s wishing you all a very successful event. With people like Anita Regucka – Kwasnik on your logististics team success is guaranteed!

  787. Pat McDyer says:

    Best wishes to all the Irish Contingent especially the rush 38th lads in the Ull troop Ull Ull

  788. Glen & Sara Taylor says:

    We hope that everybody has an adventure of a lifetime, especially East Lancs Scouts (Unit 21) & The Shires. After following the website we think that all the fundraising was worth the pain. Please pass on our thanks to all the unit leaders & IST who have taken the time to take our young people to this once in a lifetime experience. Enjoy xx

  789. Lennart says:

    Together Everyone Achieves Moore TEAM work no matter of colour, religion or rase.

  790. Mary Williamson says:

    Best wishes to everyone especially Hannah Williamson, the youngest member. What a way to spend your 14th birthday

  791. Liz Funk says:

    I wish my son Andrew, along with all the other scouts a wonderful Jamboree. Take in everything, these will be memories and experiences you will remember the rest of your life. Embrace new friends and cultures from all around the world. Love, Mom

  792. Christina Stoppel says:

    My wish for all scouts is that you remember this experience and the feeling of community in the comming years and use it to positively shape your futures! it is one of the big time in your lifetime! Herzliche Grüße aus Hamburg besonders an den Trupp Rickmer Rickmer´s. Ahoi!

  793. Ingeborg Vermeyen says:

    To all scouts in Sweden, greetings from Gent, Belgium. Enjoy yourselves! I wish I was there with you, have fun, this can only be a great experience !

  794. wallus ayala says:

    jambo!!!….hi every one ! and especially my sister..perla from México we love u and miss u this is the best camp in the universe… enjoy see u soon!! xoxo

  795. Brigitte says:

    live the BiPi`s spirit and feel it on the world scout Jamboree 2011

  796. Hamid Khalafallah says:

    Greetings from Sudan!
    We were supposed to attend the Jamboree, but due to visa issues we couldn’t…. We are really sad…. but we hope all the Jamboree, have ultimate fun and enjoy their time :)
    Love from Sudan <3

  797. Valerio says:

    Buon Jamboree a tutti!!! …E che questo Jamboree abbia la capacità di far vedere ai grandi che… Insieme è più bello!

  798. Grandma says:

    What an opportunity ! Enjoy every moment.

  799. Sónia Santos says:

    Greetings from PORTUGAL!
    Best wishes to all scouts at WSJ!
    Enjoy every single second and bring home a lot of memories that will last for a lifetime!
    Portuguese scouts especially 879PSA make BP proud!
    Hugs and kisses to you all

  800. Antonio e Manuela says:

    A tutti i partecipanti al Jamboree, ma soprattutto al contigente siciliano auguriamo di vivere questa avventura unica assaporando intensamente ogni attimo e vivendo al massimo i valori scout. Un saluto particolare a Clara, Martina e Fabio, del Reparto Pegaso di Milazzo.
    Have a great Jam everyboby!!!!

  801. Tatiana says:

    Enjoy Your Jamboree Guys It’s an opportunity of a lifetime Goooo Cedar 1 Lebanon

  802. Carol and Matthew Davies says:

    Best wishes to all UK Contingent, especially Ryan (Unit 10, Cheshire) and Jon (Unit 9 Leader, Cheshire/Isle of Man).
    Hope you are having a fantastic time, and look forward to hearing all your stories when you get home.

  803. Susan Warner says:

    I have 3 sons attending the Jamboree. I think this is the experience of a lifetime for them. I hope they will make great friends, see amazing things and learn wonderful things about themselves. I am hoping this is a postive experience that will be an influence for good throughout their lives.

  804. brendan, michael mcdonnell says:

    hi all , hope you are having fun and the weather is ok and not wet, have a ball and see you when you get back, and do all you can and take it all in and you will remember it . meet new friends from all over the world all the best

  805. Hortensia Jimenez Diaz says:

    My best wishes for all the scouts and guides in this Jamboree, especially for the only two Mexican Scouts from Veracruz, Vladimir and Ana Marcela. Meet as many people as you can, learn as much as possible and enjoy this wonderful opportunity.

  806. Helen Jones says:

    Wishing you all a wonderful time. I’m sure you will all make lots of new friends and great memories that will stay with you forever. Have a great one – enjoy!!!!
    Helen (1st Kidsgrove Scout Group, Stoke on Trent, UK)

  807. Katarina and Stefan says:

    Lots of hugs and kisses to our three sons, Emil, Elias and Jaro at the Jamboree! AND a big HIP HIP HURRAY to our oldest one, Emil Vikström, at his
    23 th birthday today!!!
    Love you all!

  808. Hortensia Jiménez says:

    My best wishes for all the scouts and guides in this Jamboree, and special greetings for Mexican scouts, especially for the only two kids from Veracruz, Vladimir and Ana Marcela. Meet as many people as possible, learn as much as you can and enjoy this wonderful opportunity.

  809. Anne Aspeslagh says:

    I hope you all experience the love and peace that feels so natural in the Scouting family. I wish you make friends for life and have the experience of a life time! Have fun and have a safe jamboree.

  810. Margareta says:

    Hej alla i avdelning 30 Tranan och Forshems Scoutkår, Hoppas ni får en underbar tid och hittar många nya vänner.

  811. Ken Fineran says:

    I wish all the participants at the WSJ my best wishes for a great time! Troop 70006 from the Northeast Region BSA is there and one of my Troop 17 Scouts, Sean Judge, is a participant along with his SM George Boothby..ENJOY! I was an IST at the 2007 WSJ in the UK and I wish I was in Sweden, BE PREPARED

  812. Nilanthi Gunathilaka says:

    Best wishes to the SRILANKAN contingent. Specially to Marist Scouts. Have fun! Make new friends, Enjoy, its a life time experience. its one world. Proud of u all, Bring home fantastic memories.

  813. Michael Cummins says:

    I hope all the scouts from around the world have a great time in Sweden, enjoy the experience. A special hello to the Irish contingent especially the members of Caithne troop.

  814. AlvaroSanDel says:

    Deseo de todo corazón que mis compañeros scouts disfruten de esta gran experiencia y que les sirva de lección en la vida para darse cuenta de que un mundo mejor es posible!
    Mucha suerte a todo el contingente ESPAÑOL y en particular a mis CANARIOS! 499TF ATAMAN!

  815. John says:

    Want to say hi! to all of the GoJammers ( from KentuckyEagle. Hope you’re all having fun. Also a big ‘hey y’all’ to any US Scouts from Kentucky. Stay safe everyone!

  816. Harkirat Singh says:

    best wishes to all……
    I was not able to make it to sweden…..
    have fun people and njoy your jamboree.

  817. Sheilla P.S. Uberti says:

    I hope everybody have the most wonderful time at this fantastic Jamboree. My wish is to send a great Hello to everyone and some hugs and kisses for the Brazilian Contigent, especially the scouts from 46o SP Grupo Escoteiro Almirante Tamandaré.

  818. Judy Burleski says:

    Best wishes to all Jamboree participants, especially to Joe Burleski Sr, son Joe and Lucas Shapland with Troop 70103. Make lots of memories and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

  819. neal eaves says:

    Best wishes to all of you over there hope you have a great time and live it to the max.

  820. Miguel Jerónimo says:

    Hello Jamboree. Grettings from Portugal. Wishes of a wonderfull Jambo to all, in special to Agr. 1287 Portela.
    And a kiss to my wife, scout leader in the IST team.
    Be Prepared – Sempre Alerta!

  821. Diane Jones says:

    I wish all participants to have the best time ever, the weather to be sunshine all the way and to come home with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Go Cheshire. (unit 10 especially)

  822. Sara Hugentobler says:

    Hoping the scouts from Utah are all ok and didn’t miss too much fun with all their extra stops for fuel! Sending best wishes to my brother, Drew Hugentobler, who I hope gets there soon safely.

  823. Geert Mareels says:

    thousands of kids from all over the world meeting and learning about eachother is bound to help build a more peacefull world. And the Belgian delegation can start with better contacts between the French and the Flemish ;-)

  824. JP says:

    Los mejores deseos desde Perú! disfruten al máximo de ésta gran experiencia junto a hermanos scouts de todo el mundo! diviértanse, conozcan, aprendan y hagan muchos nuevos amigos!

    Un saludo especial para la Delegación Peruana (Patrulla Cóndores): Felices Fiestas Patrias!

    Siempre Listos para Servir!

  825. Anna Phillips says:

    Best wishes to all of the Deheubarth group from West Wales hope you have a fab time.

  826. Anna, Gävle says:

    Hope you all have a wonderful time! Special wishes to all the scouts from Maria scoutkår in Gävle and most special wishes to my son <3 Have fun!

  827. Lita Godinho says:

    From Portugal… Greetings! Hope you all have a great time in Sweden… Enjoy!!!!
    Simply scounting!! Together we create a better world!
    To 879 – Povoa de Santo Adrião (Lisboa – Portugal)… great hugs and lots of kisses… Love you all

  828. I wish to everyone, especially the Brazilian Delegation, a great Jamboree! Many cherished friends are there and I hope they can enjoy a great time!

    I wish you all to meet people and overcome differences because it’s one world and one promise!

    And, of course, I wish I could be there sharing this great experience!

    Be prepared!

    82º GE/RJ Marechal Castello Branco
    União dos Escoteiros do Brasil

  829. Joseph Havers says:

    I think you are doing a great job out there and I cant wait until the 2019 Jamboree in the USA when I will be old enough and hope to go.

  830. Doreen says:

    To all the scouts and special wishes to Keith, Daniel and Jonathan from Malta. Have fun and be safe. Take care xx

  831. says:

    Good luck to all fellow scouts taking part in WSJ 2011, Special hello to Connect 4 (special Unit)Helen Coopers Unit in Summer camp from the UK, and a extra special hello , and I really hope your having fun fun fun to Kieran ! my son , make friends to everyone of you , and have a wonderful time xxx

  832. Francis says:

    Best wishes from Austria to all participants and staff, especially to the scouts from Wiener Neustadt.
    njuta av tiden! =)

  833. I hope you all fill international life in scouting. Friendship Happness of diversity of Cultures, solidarity to make this world better. And bring these feelings to your troop your leaders and all scouts around you here. Come a messenger of peace with your ultimate challange

  834. hello to all my brother scout the world I hope you are well and enjoy the jamboree

  835. Nancy says:

    Greetings from Burbank, California! Have a fun-filled Jam, make new friends, and discover how great Scouting is around the world.

  836. good wishes to all of you, especially essex 24 super troupers, have a fabulous time.

  837. On behalf of all scout here in Boy Scouts of the Philippines – CabanatuanCity Councill. We wish all the participants of the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in sweden a happy and safe jamboree. Specially the Philippine contigent. May Our lord and the great spirits of our forefathers in scouting guide you all as you join the big gathering of scouts,today.

  838. Sara Duarte says:

    I’m sorry I can’t be there with all of you, but my wish for you is that this jamboree will be all that you wanted it to. Have lots of fun, try not to worry about things that don’t matter for you to have a wonderful experience. Cheers from Portugal, guys! Have a great Jamboree!

  839. On behalf of all scout here in Boy Scout of the Philippines-CabanatuanCity Councill. We wish all the participant of the 22nd World Scout JAmboree in sweden a happy and safe jamboree. Specially the philippine contigent. May Our lord and the great spirits of our forefathers in scouting guide you all as you join the big gathering of scouts, in whole world.

  840. Chris L'Abbé says:

    To all the World Jamboree participants~enjoy your time together. The L’Abbe’ Family from Topsham, Maine send out good wishes to everyone especially their son, Mac L’Abbé troop 7001 from the Northeast Region, United States of America~Go Mac Go!
    Mom, Dad, Abby, and Grandmom, Sasha, Scout, and Murray

  841. Angela Egan says:

    Hope the central Yorkshire Pirates are all having a fantastic time, enjoy every moment see you all soon. The Egan’s xxx

  842. Carlos Hernández says:

    Hermanos Scouts: Desde Colombia la bella (Sur América) un gran saludo scout de mano izquierda,compartimos su felicidad y siempre somos y seremos scouts, simplemente scouts! Un maravilloso campamento!

  843. Tina brown says:

    Sending love and best wishes to my son Jack, with UK44 contingent in Autumn. Look out for their Spitfire flying in their gateway! I will be thinking of you while I am on brownie guide pack holiday. X

  844. Heshani says:

    Hi all and Hi my dear brothers in Sri Lankan contingent,
    We all are waiting to watch the opening ceremony live on the site.
    when it starts , it will be mid night in our country. But still we don’t want to miss the event.
    (Hope it would be live on this site.)
    All the best wishes to all lucky scouts who got the opportunity to participate the big event.
    Love from all Sri Lankans

  845. Carlos Hernández says:

    Hermanos Scouts de todo el mundo:
    Un saludo scout de mano izquierda para los participantes del WSJ desde Colombia la bella (Sur América), aquí y siempre somos también felices scouts.
    Feliz Campamento!

  846. Jon Stafford says:

    David IST, Helen, Bethany & Abby, all from 1st New Barn, Kent, UK. Have a wonderful time!

  847. Carlos Hernández says:

    Hermanos scouts de todo el mundo:
    Desde nuestra bella Colombia (Sur América) enviamos a los felices participantes del WSJ un gran saludo scout de mano izquierda y les decimos a todos que la FIESTA también es nuestra. ¡Siempre scouts es la consigna!

  848. Liz Gray says:

    Hello Troop 70204!
    Have a great time, don’t spend all your money at once. Stay dry and we look forward to hearing about your adventures when you get home.

  849. rosalba bonanno says:

    con un pizzico d’invidia,auguro a tutti gli scout presenti e soprattutto ai miei figli Taisia ed Alon, di vivere giorno x giorno un’indimenticabile esperienza ricca di intense emozioni ,da raccontare e ricordare nel tempo

  850. Tony & Liz Hart says:

    Nick Unit34 UK in Kivik, have a great time and enjoy everything that WSJ has to offer.

  851. Louise says:

    To Troop 70002 and all Jamboreer’s, have fun, explore, and share your culture with each other. Show the world we have a common bond. More importantly, bring back some of the best memories you will ever have. I do hope you will have some good weather too!

  852. Crew 135 Smyrna, Delaware USA says:

    Hello from Smyrna, Delaware, USA. WE hope you all have a great time at the WSJ and hope that you all bring back to your units many special memories.

  853. Mandy Smith-Wise says:

    To everyone taking part in WSJ2011 have a fantastic time, meet scouts from around the world and take back links to your groups for future friends.

  854. David Pullen says:

    To all the participants have a fantastic time. To Tommy and all in Unit 31 from the UK London South I wish I was their. The very best wishes to you all.

  855. Tom Coradeschi says:

    Troop 158, Hackettstown NJ, USA is camping at Forestburgh Scout Resevation this week. We send our greetings and wishes to all for a GREAT World Jamboree!

  856. Terri says:

    What an amazing experience for everyone! Enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. Special shout out to Troop 70304 from Walnut Creek and Marin County CALIFORNIA.

  857. phineaj says:

    All the very best Jessica Stewart and the rest of Derbyshire Contingent, were very proud of ya, hope your having a really great fun time, enjoy, ps hope fox & little skippy making friends, don’t let them get eaten by those mouse. Skippy

  858. Karen, Phil and Olivia Smith says:

    We wish all the Scouts the time of their lives. Enjoy every experience, and grab every opportunity. Make lots of friends and enjoy your opening ceremony tonight – it will be a night to remember. Special wishes to UK047 (Spitfires – Kent Contingent) especially Helen Smith and all her tent buddies, Annie, Maddie and Imogen.

  859. Tilly Gambles' Mum says:

    A big shout “what’s up bud!” to Tilly and all the Scouts from Ireland,especially those from Malahide and Caithne Troop – have a fantastic time and make memories that will last a lifetime. Much love Mum,Dad&Jimxx

  860. Sharon says:

    Have a great time! Enjoy. Love, Aunt She-She

  861. Sandra says:

    My wish for all of the Jamboree Participants is to have a fantastic time, enjoy it while it lasts and especially for my daughter Becky….bring me some badges please !

  862. Sandra Antjon says:

    I am proud that my son and daughter ( Belgian Contingent) can be part of this unique event. Hope they have a great time.
    I wish for all the participants that they are openminded so they can meet a lot of new people and make friends from all over the world. Enjoy these days!

  863. Melanie says:

    We are very proud of our participants!!!!
    11 people from our small village of 15.000 people, visit the Jamboree in Sweden!
    We wish all the people at the jamboree an unforgettable adventure!
    Let this be the beginning of exploring the world!

  864. John Bennett says:

    Best wishes to everyone attending the jamboree, enjoy the moment. Special mention to the UK Unit 10.

  865. Leonor says:

    Los mejores deseos a la delegación Mexicana, en especial a los Yucatecos. Que toda esta experiencia deje en sus corazones el espíritu de crear un mundo mejor, de que todos somos de la misma sangre y que sepan que el lenguaje, las costumbres y creencias no son barreras para encontrar la paz. Hagan muchos amigos y canten el cielito lindo. Saludos a la Tropa 3 de México en especial a mi hijo Gabriel. ¡Viva México!!!! :)

  866. Rhonda Smith says:

    My wish is a prayer for all the Christian Campers (especially Paul and Thomas) to share the love of Christ and honor Him!

  867. Karen and Paul Victor says:

    Greetings from GIBRALTAR !!!
    Best wishes to all scouts at the 22nd World Scouts Jamboree, especially our son James. Have loads of fun and take care !
    :O) xx

  868. Anita and Tony Battista says:

    Bradley Miller – We hope you are having a great time, making lots of new friends, and learning about the world’s cultures. Troop 70004 of the East Coast of the United States- Best Wishes- Enriching yours and other lives!

  869. David Bower says:

    You guys are all so lucky, savour every moment you can and you will remember these as your great days of youth forever

  870. Cláudia Espassandim says:

    Greetings from Portugal – Santa Maria da Feira. Go Agr 640! Collect the best memories! Make a difference! Have the time of your life!

  871. Paul Devlin says:

    Looks fantastic on the webcams (rain apart!!). Enjoy a life changing experience, make life-long friends and contribute to the community you are creating. Best wishes to Kent Uk contingent and particularly Lizzie :)

  872. Yrsa says:

    Have a good time, make friends and make the world a bit better! Special regards to Blåkulla!

  873. Insa says:

    Enjoy this exiting experience, all of you! Greetings from Normandy/France! : )

  874. Myrthe Vaes says:

    I wish me and my scoutinggroup could come to the jamboree too… :(

  875. I send all scouts my best regards from germany. Many fun days and a lot off new friends!

  876. luis taracena says:

    servir hermanos, mis mejores deseos para ustedes, que tengan un campamento lleno de escultismo!!! son mis deseos desde guatemala, el país de la eterna primavera. remember all scouts: “scouting is a best reason for life” siempre listo

  877. Mary McTaggart says:

    My heart felt wish to all the campers… Enjoy every moment. Make life-long best friends. Enjoy the adventure. Take risks. Revel in the quite times. Live the Scouting game with enthusiasm, passion, and zest. Have the time of your life making memories that will last you forever.

  878. westfamily says:

    we are all involved in scouting and guiding as a family and our daughter Anna is at the camp with Derbyshire scouts. We wish everyone a fantastic time and enjoy every moment. One of my best friends is a Guide that I met at a camp in Denmark 30 years ago!!! Memories will be made that last a lifetime!

  879. Ryosuke Atsumi says:

    I’m studying hard now in order to enter a medicine school and I can’t attend.. So please really enjoy this jamboree for me! Have a great time!!

  880. claudia carnielli pereira says:

    Para Caio Rieping e todos os Brasileiros desejamos um acampamento de Paz e muita fraternidade .ao grupo nossa senhora medianeira de Curitiba Paraná o nosso abraço
    claudia carnielli pereira

  881. Bartosz Wasilewski says:

    I wish You a great time there! Meet as many people as it is possibile and use this time in the best way You can! :)
    Greetings from Poland!

  882. Liškovi says:

    Big hello to the Czech republic contingent from East Bohemia, 70003, Autumn, Hunneberg, 2217, especially my son Vojtěch – Lečo! We wish you an unforgettable experience. We hope it will soon shine again Sun.
    Have fun – all of you! MTJ

  883. Lillo Rizzo says:

    The AGESCI Troop Messina 13 “Don Bosco” wishes a great jamboree to its two participating scouts: Marco Ferretti and Giuseppe Ramuglia, of the Italian Contingent (Troop “Astro del Sud”): we’re really proud of you chaps!

  884. Joanne Selley says:

    Here’s wishing the UK Contingent a fantastic Jamboree and in particular Unit 9, Cheshire and Isle of Man. May you return richer for all the experiences you will have and the new friends you will make. Embrace the experience and be safe!

  885. Lillo Rizzo says:

    Il Reparto AGESCI Messina 13 “Don Bosco” augura Buon Campo ai suoi due esploratori partecipanti, Marco Ferretti e Giuseppe Ramuglia: “in gamba ragazzi, siamo fieri di voi”

  886. Hope everyone has a great time specially the Irish contingent and all those who went from Balbriggan

  887. Kristinn A. Guðjónsson says:

    Sendi syni mínum Guðjóni í Hekluhópnum frá Íslandi góðar kveðjur. Spáin er góð fyrir næstu viku. Sending my son Gudjon in the Hekla group from Iceland best wishes. The forecast for next week looks good for you :)

  888. Aida says:

    Možda ni jedan psiholog neće umjeti da objasni zašto su izviđači dobri ljudi!
    Tu nema pravila,nema recepta ,tu postoji klima,nešto što se formira i svijest i savijest,neka posebna toplina,neka lijepa svjetlost u očima!!!
    Izviđači su ona bijela strana mladosti,čista strana života!!

  889. Enjoy an experiance that will bring lasting memories. Have a great time meeting new friends around the world. Thor Fristrom ( traveled from Nashville, Tennessee) and Troop 70206 South Region Thanks to all in supporting our Scouts in an adventure of a lifetime.

  890. Alison says:

    Go Bugs!! A big hello to the Buckinghamshire Unit in Summer Town. Enjoy every minute of your Jamboree adventure

  891. Maximilian + Monika Maier says:

    We wish you all a very good time and the best weather,
    Enjoy your stay and return home well!!!!
    Greets to Troop 24 from DPSG Germany expecially to THomas Maier.

  892. Teresa Lorentz says:

    Wishing everyone in US Troop 70308 from California, Colorado, Alaska, Oregon, and Wyoming a fabulous time at Jamboree. Take lots of pictures. Make lots of new friends and memories to last a lifetime.

  893. Laura Hostetter says:

    Wishing the Scouts from US Troop 70207 and the Scouts from around the world an adventure filled World Jamboree!! And a special shout out to Scout Klayton Richards from Tr 70207 from his little brother Conlin: I miss you!!

  894. Kate D says:

    Hi to Rach, Nora and everyone else from Horsham Weald and West Sussex Scouts. Hope you are all having an amazing time!!

  895. Carol Stack says:

    To my son, Andrew Stack, IST member,

    My wish is that you have the time of your life & enjoy people from all over the world, learning that that we are all one & there is good in the hearts of all. I hope it’s as much fun as England was.

    My wish is that all of you have a fun & safe Jamboree & that you never forget this experience throughout your life. Pass it on & bring your children back in the future.

  896. Janet Fox says:

    Wishing the UK 42nd Contingent, H & W in Autumn Svedala Camp, a FANTASTIC, FUN time and come home SAFE. Special wishes to Simon, Angus, Fiona, Hannah and Josh in IST. Love the RADIO and PRESS PICTURES!

  897. Rod Gowdy says:

    Best wishes to Troop 70301 from Oregon and Washington in the United States. Many thanks to their Swedish hosts. (Wish I was there!)

  898. Soledad says:

    Desde La Plata, Bs. As. Argentina un saludo enorme para todos los scouts!! que sea un excelente jamboree!!!! Y un especial abrazo a la delegación de La Plata!!!!

  899. Alan says:

    I went as a leader to Sweden on the WorldJamboree year camp 1979. Hope you all have a good a time as we did, and meet many new friends. Special greetings to Hannah from Middleton, With the UK Manchester contingent.

  900. Graham says:

    I Would like to wish unit 57 form Northumberland UK all the best on a journy of a life time. 38,000 friends from nearly 200 different countries, its going to be awsome. Graham jnr enjoy son and i want plenty of photots of the Jamboree so all are scout groups and family and friends can relive some of the experiance with you

  901. Judy Agate says:

    Best Wishes to everyone at the Jamboree, especially the guys from Petworth and Pulborough District in the UK Contingent and UK IST of which my son is part. have the time of you lives !!

  902. Alessandra, Luca & Valentina says:

    It’s the Adventure of a lifetime! Good luck to all of you and special greetings to Eleonora from Reparto Centro-Nord, Italy.
    Have a lot of fun!

  903. Malin says:

    We wish you all to have the time of your life! Share the moment and show the world that it is possible to have fun and be friends with people from all over the world. Be united in the goal to live in love and respect for each other. Big hugs and kisses to Albin from Sweden, Uttern, from mum, dad and Oskar :-)

  904. Elizabeth Finley says:

    I wish all of the Socuts well. Have a great time and visit and do all that you can. Many of the friendships you make will last a lifetime. Understand and appreciate the people and the cultures you meet. You, the youth, are the future of the world make the most of it now. Elko, Nevada USA WSJ IST 2007 Team Happy at Gilwell

  905. Ben Housego says:

    To the Buckinghamshire Contingent, have a great time and make new friends. Enjoy your experience of a lifetime and come back and share it all with us.

  906. Michael Schröter says:

    my daughter Sarah is with the Troop Sportfreunde Stiller of the German contingent at the WSJ. I wish all participants and ISTs a wonderful Jamboree and many new friends. Lot of special greeting to the Wikinger from Achim near Bremen.
    Michael Schröter

  907. Thobias G says:

    Have a really nice time and I hope the sun is shining on you!!

  908. Inez Johnson says:

    Hope all ‘Ay Up Tykes’ are enjoying themselves. You’re a fantastic example of our young people today.

  909. Angela Denton says:

    Wishing all of you at the Jamboree a fantabulous time, especially Central Yorkshire Pirates – trust you making a name for yourselves. Have the best experience ever and make long lasting friendships across the world – such an opportunity, absorb every minute of it! Lots of luv Angela

  910. Mojjan och Tompa says:

    Our best regards to all of the participants! Especially to Julia Weber in the Swedish IST Group. Keep on rocking!
    We hope the sun soon is shining again. Have fun – all of you!

  911. We all wish every member of the 22nd world scout Jamboree A safe and amazing time , An experience of a life time which really reminds us that scouting is world wide we have differant culture speak differant languages yet all share our promise and scouting values .Our very own Jakk is sharing his scouting with you all. Go Jakk and all the East Susex contingent Saxons 22 Stay Safe have fun believe in yourselves Simply Scout

  912. Benny, Hans-Ueli, Maria Amacher says:

    Hej Schöggeler im Trupp 15 Herbst/ Klarälven. Hebet e ganz schöni Ziit mit viil Sunneschi und ganz villne neue Iidrück, neue Bekanntschafte und …….simply scouting.
    Extragrüessli ad Zera vom Tassilo und Familie.

  913. Ceska & Dirk says:

    from Belgium, to you all, have fun, enjoy the spirit of scouting and keep it simple;) let see to the world how great it is to feel united over the whole world. We wish you an unforgettable experience …

  914. sandy and david todd says:

    Be safe, have fun, make lots of lasting memories. Special shout out to Charlie and Troop 70206 from the USA!

  915. Pauline F. says:

    Haj Crew 70107 USA Central!

  916. Hi every body at the world scout jamboree especially the longford contingent from ireland, hope your all having the time of your lives.Enjoy and treasure every moment. Love and miss you Nathan.xxxx mam dad and robert.

  917. Beinta says:

    hey hey
    I’m singing in the rain…… einki annað at gera :-)
    Keep up the positive spirit,
    make new friends and have lots of fun.
    vónandi fáa tit eina ógloymandi legu
    alt tað besta frá okkum øllum og góða Ólavsøku

  918. Jane Edlin says:

    Hope you’re all having the time of your lives! Special hello to Rachel (Poochie) from Paladin (1st Shipley) Explorers (Horsham & Weald contingent); try everything, have a fab time and make your leaders proud! From G I JaneE.

  919. michelle melvin says:

    Best wishes to everyone and enjoy. Hope the rain stops soon. To all the Irish Contingent and John M have a great time, enjoy and stay safe. xx

  920. Brian Downey says:

    JAMMY LITTLE FECKERS!! Hope you all have a great time, even the lazy Longford Scouts from Ireland!

  921. Janice & Brian Neary says:

    Hello to all WSJ Participants and especially those Troop 70103. St. Louis is still experiencing 100+ degree days, so enjoy the cool weather – and rain! Enjoy your experience and make the most of your time while you are there!

  922. Steve says:

    Hope the weather improves for you all….but, it’s only rain! Best wishes to everyone on site but especially my son who is there with Unit 10 of the UK contingent…remember, plenty of photo’s

  923. Abdul Waheed says:

    Wish all the participants have great time which they will cherish for a life time. Best wishes to the Indian contingent especially to the ones who have come from Bangalore!!!

  924. Hilary says:

    enjoy every moment Lior we miss you already

  925. Robert Kostur says:

    Hope everyone is having a fantastic time. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so treasure it! Hope Derbyshire are doing ok :)

  926. Watten says:

    Have a great time…..

  927. Βικη Αμοργιανου-Σαατσογλου says:

    Ευχομαι σε ολους να περνατε καλα και να σας μείνει αξέχαστη αυτή η εμπειρία. Ειδικά στον Νίκο του 41ου Αμπελοκήπων.

  928. Tom's Family from NJ says:

    Greetings from the Jersey Shore! Have a wonderful time, everyone, and enjoy the spirit of friendship and peace. Meet new people and learn about and celebrate your differences. Go Troop 70004!!!!

  929. Gerhard Mros says:

    Incredible! That is the best word to describe what is happening right now at the 2011 Jamboree. Hats off to the staff for putting together a fabulous event for the Scouts of the World. All the best to everyone attending from Canada and the rest of the world!

  930. Keaton Alie says:

    Hope you have a blast of a time. You make me wish I could be your age again. Whatever you learn let it be coupled with responsibility. To God, to others and to yourself.

  931. Paul Rhien says:

    Greetings from the American Southwest! I lived in Scandinavia for two years as a young adult and am VERY jealous of the fun time you’re all going to have!! Ha en skjempe fin tid!

  932. Josie Williams says:

    Hope your all having a great time, especially the Uk contingent from AVON, especially KIlkenny ESU. And all my other friends from the UK.

  933. celina says:

    Ae galera !!!!!!!!!!!! curtam bastante !!!!!! divirtam-se por todos os que ficaram no Brasil !!!!!!!!!!!

  934. Gabriela Balderas says:

    Let the world know that is possible living in peace and solidarity. Enjoy yourselves each minute of this experience and spread the world the joy of be a SCOUT.
    Saludos a todos desde MEXICO. Siempre Listos!
    Provincia Coyoacan. Ciudad de México

  935. Tuan Hoang says:

    To Frank Hoang, Troop 70305 and other WSJ 2011 participants. Hope you all will have a wonderful time in Rinkaby. Enjoy the fantastic hospitality from the great host country – Sweden.

    Chu’c mu*\ng Tra.i Hu*o*’ng -Da.o The^’ Gio*’i 2011 tha\nh co^ng…

    Dad & Mom from Anaheim -USA

  936. Madeleine Rugner says:

    I hope you have a good time in Sweden and have a lot of fun. My boyfriend are at the camp and I miss him but I will soon see him again. =) Hopefull the sun comes again tomorrow =) Hugs =)

  937. Ana Bellé says:

    My wish for them: Have fun. Share ideas and experiences. Make friends for a lifetime. Meet new cultures. Dance. Smile. Jump. Be happy.
    Have a fantastic time in Sweden!

    GESJT – 17 PR – Curitiba – PR – Brasil

  938. lucila orjuela says:

    un gran saludo de mano izquierda para todos los paticipantes de este jamboree 2011, que Dios los bendiga los guie y los proteja en este caminar y DISFRUTENLO !!!!!

  939. Heléne Lundborg says:

    To all the scouts at the Jamboree but especially to the ones from Uppåkra Scoutkår; Have the best time of your lifes and stay safe!

  940. Dashe Jordan says:

    Have a ball everyone at the WSJ 2011. Hope that the Caithne Troop from Ireland are having a great time.

    Bring me back a pressie :)


  941. Kim C says:

    A big hug to the Utah LDS contingent and especially the boys in Crew 70313 Committee A. Have a wonderful time! We love you and are praying for you each day.

  942. Jo and Dave says:

    Wishing all of the Shropshire contingent a very happy time in Sweden! thanks to all the leaders for all their hard work in making it happen.

  943. Rima zankoul maamari says:

    Wishing all of you the best time of your life. Hope that this experiance will remain in your heart and mind through out your life. Make friends, learn and enjoy a one in a life time adventure. may God bless you and Protect you all. Go Lebanese contingent go.

  944. Andrés Arciniegas says:

    OMG! so jelous!! hehe
    i wish i’d be there, so it’ll be next time…
    I wish you the best, and have a great time in those lands ;)

    Andrés Arciniegas
    Clan Excalibur
    Grupo 7 Huayna-capac
    Region Nariño

  945. Benjamin says:

    Big hugs to the world’s best sister, Amanda from Oslo, Norway (*?*)

  946. Kristin and Chris Doyle says:

    I am so glad you are having the opportunity to learn about so many different cultures. This experience will be so valuable now and in the future years to come. I am proud of you (Connor Doyle) and can’t wait to hear about all of your experiences. Be inquistive, communicate, and take care.

  947. karen mc caffrey says:

    I hope everyone has a great time, so jealous!big hi to the irish contingent especially saileach were my brother is!have a ball!

  948. Siv-Britt Carolsson says:

    Wish you all a nice stay in Sweden.

  949. Caroline, Simon and Ed Hale says:

    Charlie and all Suffolk scouts have a fabulous time. It is an opportunity of a lifetime to make friends and learn new cultures. A wish you ALL an amazing time!!!!!!!!!!!

  950. Tom Cameron says:

    My wish is that you make life-long friends and get to help someone in need over the course of the camp.

  951. Armin Bammer says:

    best wihes to all participants and special greetings to the austrian scouts from vienna/austria!!!
    also here, it´s raining :-(

  952. Joey says:

    A jamboree is a once-in-a-lifetime-expirience! Enjoy every second! I was there in 2007 and it was absolutely amasing.

  953. Isabel Galucho says:

    I wish you all can be role models for everyone else and show that it is possible to share an ideal despite age, gender, religion, nationality or personal beliefs. It is possible to make it happen. I know 879 from Portugal can do it!

  954. Sinead says:

    Hello to everyone in the Feoras Irish Contingent. Hope you’re all having a fantastic time :-)

  955. Munim Chowdhury says:

    Best wishes to Bangladesh Contingent in WSJ2011…
    Hope you guys can enjoy an awesome jamboree … :D

  956. Frank Masi says:

    You made it! Have a great time, be safe and enjoy every moment!

  957. Mark Hodgson says:

    Best wishes to all Surrey scouts in Rinkaby, but especially to Ellie Hodgson (Connect 4) and Steve Woodnutt (Surrey White Lions) from 1st Ruxley, Epsom. Make new friends, enjoy the experience and savour the memories.

  958. Marie-Hélène says:

    Tous mes voeux pour que ce jamboree soit un moment unique et inoubliable dans la vie de tous les scouts présents, et qu’il imprime durablement leurs vies de toutes les valeurs positives qui s’y développent.
    Have fun , make lots of friends and share all you can now and at home !

  959. Debbie Coull says:

    Have the most amazing Jamboree ever! Hope it stops raining soon, lots of thoughts coming your way especially to Tom in Polcirkeln,Winter Camp, from Debbie, Gregg and Julia in Cape Town, South Africa(also raining by the way)

  960. Tim says:

    To Judy and Tom and the group from Rickmansworth & Chorleywood, and all from Hertfordshire – Have a fantastic time. We’re so proud of you.

  961. Malene Hoejkjaer says:

    Hi everyone!
    Hopefully you are all happy for your stay in Sweden! And that the weather are with you!
    At monday I´ll be visiting the camp, and hope to see a lot of happy scouts from all over the world.
    Kind regards Malene From Denmark

  962. Rachael Davis's Family says:

    Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing we would like to wish Rachael Davis, the Norfolk Contingent (UK) and all participants at WSJ 2011 an amazing time!! Enjoy this once in a lifetime experience, make friends and happy memories!! Rachael we love you xx

  963. yvonne barry says:

    Best wishes to you all, especially Jamie and the Irish draighean troop.

  964. Juan Andres Botero says:

    A todos los Scouts y en especial a los Colombianos, un cordial saludo y abrazo fraternal, esperando saber más de ustedes desde las tierras de la abundancia y la riqueza, animo Colombia, arriba Colombia!, Aseguren que cada uno de sus días sea el más feliz y compartan su riqueza interior con todos y todas!

  965. Diane Jones says:

    Go Staffordshire!!!!
    Hope that you all have a smashing time at the Jamboree, making friends with people from all over the world and enough memories to last a lifetime! Young people can make a difference and change the world with global understanding and love.

  966. Emma allison says:

    Hope you are all having a fabulous time. Uk staffs contingent especially Heather Allison ( love ya ), rob Gilbert, matt Gilbert & Charlie Willars xx

  967. Tuija says:

    Best wishes to all of you following the steps of B-P on the 22nd Worldscoutjamboree in Sweden. Have fun, make friends and enjoy the spirit of scouting!!
    Greetings from Finland to everrybody – especielly PLR-members..

  968. Juro says:

    Sun, Sun, Sun – we need more sun for the next week!

  969. Naomi Roberts says:

    Hello to Tim, Andrew, Simon, and Simon of Durham Stephenson Unit, UK! Hope you all have a the time of your lives and come back with lots of brilliant stories and new friends from all over the world! Together, we can change the world!

  970. Gerri Hynes Donan says:

    The very best of wishes to our two intrepid Scouts from 3rd Offaly Birr, Co. Offaly, Ireland, Jamie Doonan and Nathan Young. And the very best of wishes to everyone attending the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Sweden. Hope you all have a wonderful time and looking forward to hearing all the news and stories for a life changing experience.

  971. Debby Little says:

    To Nathan, from 1st Tableview South Africa. Hope you are having a ball and making lots of new friends. Have fun!!

    from Akela and Scouters, Rovers, Scouts and Cubs

  972. Neil Rabbitts says:

    I wish the jamboree harmony across cultures and countries. Latvia and Nepal leading the way with a joint patrol!

  973. Danny acsl 7th Nottingham says:

    beste ønsker til alle speidere fra Færøyene….!
    Also best wishes to all the scouts and leaders from Nottinghamshire. hope you are all having a great time .

  974. Helen Horner says:

    My wish is for you all to have the most amazing time of your lives and to meet new friends from around the world and create memories that you will always treasure, Make the most of this fanatstic experience, extra special wishes to Foxtons! @FoxtonsWSJ and love to James x

  975. Fiona Scott says:

    I would like to wish everyone at the Jamboree to have a fab time & an enjoyable experience but especially to the BUGS Unit from the UK, and my daughter, Micky! Loving the tents!

  976. Shannon McKee says:

    A big shout out to troop 70308! I am sure you’re all having a great time! Enjoy the experience! So proud of you Colby!

  977. The Lavins says:

    our wish for our son and brother; and all the participants is they get from this experience that they are a citizen of the world. That they carry this evnt with them for allof their lives and use it to shape a new and wonderful world for us all and future generations.

  978. Michelle says:

    Say hi to all the Lincolnshire Contingent, hope you are all having fun, Michelle Nelson

  979. Suvi-Anna Pesonen says:

    Hello everybody! I wish you all the best Jamboree ever!
    I also send a big hug to my darling sweet girl Ona 14 years at the Finnish camp. I love you<3 your own Muma. <3 and Pete and Pinja say Mjau ;)

  980. Debbie Cornwall says:

    To Liam UK Dove Unit, hope you and all you fellow scouts have a fantastic time, don’t forget the photo’s, e-mail address to keep in contact when you get back. Dad & Debbie x

  981. Joe says:

    My envy goes out to everyone who got to the Jamboree! Especially to Sonnie of the Phoenix Unit. Here’s hi from Joe, Jacob and George!

  982. Susan O'Connor says:

    Have a brilliant time and enjoy the experience and a hello to the North London Scouters and leaders, specially Kieran, David and Andy. Have fun.

  983. Maria Cummins says:

    A big hello and Dia daoibh to all the Irish Scouts – especially Darragh Cummins in 70004 – hope you’re having a ball – missing you lots – the house is soooooo quiet ;-) Mam, Dad, Saoirse and Bronagh.

  984. Sheila Wakely says:

    This is an opportunity of a lifetime! Have fun, enjoy, and experience life…from around the world.

  985. Chefe RuFoS says:

    Desejo que este Jamboree sirva de exemplo para todos aqueles que não acreditam na união e paz entre os povos.

    Aos participantes: aproveitem ao máximo! São apenas 10 dias!

    São os votos do Chefe RuFoS, GE Jean de Lery – 46/RS – Estância Velha – Brasil!

  986. Papagena says:

    Ich wünsch allne Pfader und Pfaderinne viel Schpass im Jamboree. Ganz bsunders viel Schpass wünsch ich am Trupp USCE (United Swiss Chocolate Eaters). Ich hoff ihr hend en schöni Zit und hoffentlich au schöns Wätter. Ganz bsunders liebi Grüssli an mis Schwöschter<3 Avisto.
    Alles liebi us de Schwiiz!!!!!!! Papagena

  987. Shamir bracha says:

    best wishes to all participants.
    millions of kisses to our son OMER.
    have great time in sweeden.
    missing you already…….
    mom & dad

  988. Mary-Ann Landers says:

    Enjoy your awesome experience interacting with fellow scouters from all over the world. Best wishes to the South African contingent and especially the scouts from Blaauwberg, Cape Town.

  989. Frieda Devriendt says:

    Hallo, ik wens elke scout een Happy Jamboree maar een speciale linker voor de scouts van Mortsel en een dikke kus voor Katrein en Annelien De Wel

  990. Jacquie Sutton says:

    To all the Scottish Scallywags, hope you’re all having more fun than you can possibly cope with. Post some photos please, so we can all be even more jealous back home. Take care, and have the time of your lives!

  991. Antónia Beatriz says:

    Have a great Jamboree! the best of your lives! Kisses
    and hugs, especially to the 255- Damaia – Portugal
    Estou convosco!

  992. Ellie Clark says:

    Rob Johnson I love you! Have fun, missing you looooads:’) <3

  993. Kirsi says:

    Greetings to the Finnish contingent and especially to Möljä. Have a great time down there! – Lotta & Akseli, äiti valvoo webcameja :-)

  994. Theresa Cilia says:

    Wishing you all a fantastic time but especially to all the Maltese Group and Timmy Cutugno – Love u lots Aunty Ziz xxxxxx

  995. DEnis Spiller says:

    have a fantastic time, make loads of friends and doloads of swaps!

  996. Hello from Pakstan to Jaanoo n the Pakistan Contingent. and all the other scouts attending the jamboree.
    Hope you’re having a fantastic time on your big adventure. Enjoy n have scoutng camp of a lifetime. With Lots of Love n Hugs

  997. Evita C. says:

    Enjoy it with all your senses!

  998. Sue and Jack Pritchard says:

    Have a fantastic time, make the most of all the opportunities that come your way and take loads of pics. Will be watching the web cams. xxxx

  999. Patricia Ferman says:

    Um Jamboree excelente a todos, muitos novos amigos, muitos sorrisos e alegria!!!

  1000. Carla Adriana Pinto says:

    Enjoy this once in a lifetime experience!
    Saudações especiais para o Agrupamento 640, Sª Mª da Feira, Portugal e em particular para a Bea! Beijinhos!!!

  1001. Margaret lupo says:

    To all the world scouts at the jamboree have a great time. Hello to the Luxembourg scouts, especially the scouts of gasparich. Love & kisses to Nadia and joseph the house is so empty without you here.
    Big hugs the noo
    Mama & papa xxxx

  1002. Colin Hirst says:

    Kent Contingent UK Scouts – Hoping that you all enjoy this fantastic event. An adventure of a lifetime. See you all in a few weeks.

  1003. Vanessa Reynolds says:

    Awesome experience for all these young people! Make new friends! You are in the position to change the world!! Have a wonderful Jamboree!!

  1004. Birgitt Heil says:

    Grüße an alle Weltpfadfinder, an das Kontingent Deutschland, alle vom VCP Stamm Dietrich von Bern Hofheim, besonders den Trupp Hessen “Hoppetosse” und Ruth! “Have the time of your life – a once in a lifetime experience”!!!!!
    xoxoxo Birgitt, Matthias und Benedict

  1005. Matthew Padley says:

    I wish you all have a fantastic time and meet some great people. Good luck to all those in UK unit 88 aka ‘The Shires’. I hope Aaron had a good birthday yesterday, and a very special wish to my son David, see you soon son. Love Dad.

  1006. Edite says:

    From Portugal I wish you all enjoy this unique experience. Have fun! A special hug to my daugther Necas

  1007. Jan Willem says:

    Hello scouts in Sweden. Wy wish you the best for the days left in Sweden and have fun!!!!
    Jan Willem and Ellie
    and Greetings to the grote peren

  1008. Nina says:

    Wishing all the “Dancing Queens” of the essex contingent a wonderful time and enjoy .

  1009. Lesley Stewart says:

    Best wishes to the Hagis Neeps and tartan group unit 65 from south east Scotland have the time of your lives especially to Gillian Stewart who will celebrate her 16 birthday with the rest of the group on Sunday the 31st July x

  1010. Åge says:

    Wish I could be with you but I can’t so I do second best… I visit you on Friday. C U in scouting

  1011. Cindy and Matthew Hall says:

    Hi from the London branch of your family Daniel Walsh (from the Coventry representative) –
    Big up the Coventry massive! Have the time of your life
    Love Cindy, Matthew and the Essex fur crew xxx

  1012. Swapnil says:

    A warm wish to all the Jamborees in Sweden, i wish i was being a part of scout to be there with you all. Anyways you all rock. To my dearest friend Aurora Krogh from Norway, hope you are having a good time there and i miss you so much.

  1013. Shaun Harris says:

    Wish all participants and staff a great time and to enjoy the experience of a lifetime! Best wishes to all the Student Scout and Guide members from the UK and look forward to hearing about your adventures!

  1014. Marreiro says:

    Para o agrupamento 555 de Almada, uma forte canhota de inveja do vosso sempre admirador Marreiro. Que seja o melhor jamboree de sempre. Beijos e abraços

  1015. I wish for our Egypt group a fantastic Jamboree.. and a life time experience .. that they will never forget.. Enjoy Dear Frinds, Peter and all 16 scouts from SMSCOUT.ORG

  1016. Catarina M&M says:

    For all scouts, especially to 75 Estoril, from Portugal, live this experience of a life time, full of adventures, friendships, new cultures and lots of scouting!!! Boa caça!

  1017. Mummy Beattie says:

    Rhiannah don’t forget to brush your teeth xx

  1018. Dan Cardle says:

    Have a great time Anthony Cardle, the Clyde Unit from Scotland and all the rest of the scouts. Looks fantastic!

  1019. Daddy Beattie says:

    Go KAOS!! (Kenilworth, Warwickshire and Cov) Hope your having a fantastic time Rhiannah and co. Very Jealous xx

  1020. wendy glebocki says:

    best wishes to all from the Beauvale Division Trefoil Guild, Nottinghamshire Guiding, UK.

  1021. Heshani says:

    Big Hello to all the scouts from Sri Lanka and specially my brother Rajitha.
    We are waiting to hear from you.
    Make lot of new friends and enjoy !
    Love from all the family.

  1022. Maggie Greaves says:

    It all looks amazing: enjoy the experience of a lifetime, Hi to Shires Unit, UK Contingent 88. Special hi to Sam Greaves, missing you loads, love from all at home xx

  1023. Barbara wyant says:

    Greetings to Steph Wyant and the Eureka! Contingent from Hampshire, UK and their fellows Hampshire scouts- strawberry jams, allsorts, and connect4 (special mention for Ellen Paton). we waved you off from Pax Hill and wish you a fun and exciting time! Thank you to your leaders who are keeping us posted with news! Love from steph’s mum dad and sister Ellie xxx

  1024. Christiane says:

    Hello to scouts from all over the world – enjoy the jamboree, the memories will last for a lifetime! A special hello to Wendy and Pia from Baden/Austria!

  1025. Markus Söderlund says:

    Ha ett jättebra läger, Pappa, Carro och Kristine.

  1026. Stefan says:

    Hello all together!

    All the best wishes for a great time with lots of benefitial meeting and growing world wide friendships all over the world!

  1027. Andy Marples says:

    Best wishes to all the Scouts at the Jamboree, especially the UK Derbyshire Units Dove and Derwent, and my daughter Tasha. Have a great time.

  1028. phineaj says:

    i wish you all love and friendship and send my love to jess and all the derbyshire scouts

  1029. Raymond says:

    I wish everybody there a good time and i hope that the world see that everybody can life together in peace and having frun. we all can learn about it.

  1030. JILL SALLEY says:

    Hope all the Northern Ireland scouts are enjoying every minute of the jamboree. Special wishes go to the scouts from 1st Aughnacloy troop, Matthew, Adam and Erin and Raymond of course. Stay safe and make the best of every opportunity!

  1031. Fredrick says:

    Greetings to all scouts! I was a boy scout myself a long time ago and went to two big camps, one in Mae Råkes 1981 and a bigger one in Sevenoaks in England 1980? 81? I had a wonderful time with many nice memories, and I hope you all will get nice memories too!

  1032. Nancy Alcock says:

    Hope everyone is having a fun-filled time on this event of a life time. Have fun Brent and all the kids from New York State..

  1033. Anni says:

    B.P. dice “Lasciate il mondo un pò migliore di come l’avete trovato”, voi l’avete fatto, lo stete facendo e lo farete.. Anche un sorriso contribuisce ad un mondo migliore! Continuate così, siamo fieri di voi.. Un bacione a tutto il contingente Italiano ma soprattutto al reparto “Sorgente Viva”!!!

  1034. Dora Mourão says:

    I’d like to be there! i wish all of you Having fun and make new friends, specially The Tropa 7, from RIO de JANEIRO BRAZIL and all brazilians there!
    Mônica 76º GE N Sra Medianeira, I miss you… KISSES,KISSES,KISSES.

  1035. Neilbrien says:

    To the Philippine Contingent, GOOOD LUCK!

  1036. ‘Une fleur au chapeau, à la bouche une chanson, un coeur loyal et sincère’ Amusez vous bien à la Jamboree 2011 en Suede…

  1037. David and Sheila Mitchell says:

    Best wishes to all the 19 scouts from Christchurch, Dorset, UK and especially our son’s (Oliver) unit 89, Connect 4. We have been on the website all day today so that we can be part of jamboree experience and have passed the info to friends and family. Thank you to all the organisors for this wonderful event. T

  1038. Barbara Coleman says:

    To all participants have a fantastic Jamboree! To the Suffolk contingent (unit 72) and especially my daughter Ellie my wish is for you to enjoy this experience and meet lots of new people and make new friends.

  1039. Sofia Prodromou says:

    Εύχομαι σε όλα τα παιδιά στο Jamboree να περάσουν καταπληκτικά και Απλά Προσκοπικά. Στην Κυπριακή αποστολή και ειδικά στο 273 και στον Κωνσταντίνο, τον Γιώργο και την Μαρία μου, εύχομαι να έχουν μια εμπειρία ζωής!!

  1040. Ann says:

    To all participants on Jamboree 2011! Enjoy and Have the time of your life, make friends from all over the world! Big hugs to my twins Pernilla & Daniel in Vågen!!

  1041. Anna-Karin Klingsbo says:

    Best wishes to all scouts and leaders.Enjoy! Some extra hugs to Skeppet Sigtuna.

  1042. Francesco Carpinteri says:

    Beautiful people, beautiful place, what to look for more? Thing like this make the World better- wish for you good time, good experience and a strong base for the future

  1043. Kira Pollard says:

    I hope everyone has an amazing time, makes loads of new friends, learns lots of new things and has the experience of a lifetime, especially the Conrish Unit. Kernow Bys Vyken!!

  1044. ELENI LANITI says:

    I wish all boys and girls attending the Jamboree to make great experiences, have fun, meet new friends from everywhere. ENJOY EVERY MINUTE. A special “good luck” to my daughter Ariana, my goddaughter Aggelica and their group from Cyprus.

  1045. Heather says:

    Hello to everyone, but particularly Crew 70007! Cherish every moment you are there. Cherish every experience you have and every person you meet. You will never experience anything quite like this again. Thank you, Sweden, for providing such an amazing experience for all these Scouts!

  1046. Nic Busley says:

    Have a great time :-) This experience will stay with you forever :D

  1047. gutujja says:

    ndi munauganda ela nenyumiliza mwekyo,Kasujja and the other guys from UGANDA I wish all the best have fun.

  1048. Rosa Calpe says:

    Disfrutad del Jamboree!!! , esto es para todos los participantes y en especial para el contingente español, scouts valencians, grup scout Sant Cristofol Alboraya. Besets y un abrazo!

  1049. Laura Pannell says:

    Hi to all the Essex contingent in Winter camp,
    Hope you all have a fantastic life changing experience and to all the IST members that have made this possible……

  1050. Marcia Wall says:

    Have the time of your life Joseph Powell!!! We are all thinking and praying for you and for the young people participating on this amazing Jamboree. Take lots of pictures and tell us all about it when you get back :o ) from all of us at Rhodes, Middleton, UKxxx

  1051. Yasmin & Ruud says:

    Enjoy this experience of a lifetime with your amazing world family. Special wishes to the Cheeses and Apples from Somerset UK.

  1052. Jayne Charnock says:

    Have fun, make friends, and take away one thing from your experience that you will carry with you for the rest of your lives!

  1053. Anne Marthiensen says:

    Moin, moin Hamburg! Wir wünschen Euch allen und im Speziellen Nils eine tolle Zeit! Simply scouting. Anne, Georg, Meike und Franky

  1054. Michell Webster says:

    Enjoy Lincolnshire unit 50!! Hope you have a fab time, meet loads of new friends and can’t wait to hear all about it! Wishing you all well. xx

  1055. Erica Cushworth says:

    Hello to the Humberside Contingent on Kiruna camp in Winter. Hope you are having a fab time! Make an enormous flag so we can spot you on the webcam!

  1056. HECTOR says:

    My best wishes to all of you, enjoy this amazing experience. SALUDOS A LA TROPA POPOCATEPTL DE MEXICO~~~~

  1057. Mandi Richardson says:

    Hope everyone has a fantastic jamboree – you have all worked so hard to get there. Special mention to unit 080 – West Lancashire who my daughter Cat is with. Hello also to my son, Dan who is part of the IST, along with Cath and Craig!! Enjoy the experience!!

  1058. Allyson Gaynon says:

    MY WISH is I was 20 years younger so I could be there!!!!!!! Have a super time to all in camp but especially unit 42 in sub camp 14. WSJ have done a great job letting us see what’s going on on the webcams thank you very much. Thinking of you al xxxx

  1059. Irma says:

    Greetings to all of you and specially to troop 70023 TOVERBALLEN
    Have fun!

  1060. Amanda Fearns says:

    ***** Cleveland Crusaders, Unit 11, Jukkasjarvi *****
    Hope you are all having an amazing time!!!
    Thank you so much Sue, Doug, Laura, David and Chris for all the work you’ve put in to get our young people there!
    :-) :-) :-) :-)

  1061. Stephen Wray says:

    Hope everyone has an amazing time and hundreds of memories :) it will be an experience of a life time!!!… and on a personal note :P … Hope everyone from Leicester is having a brill time :D .. especially Holly <3 and Georgia :)

  1062. Andrew hughes says:

    Hope u all enjoy, good luck to all from Wales, especially Llanelli Iestyn & Ben enjoy

  1063. Amanda Dean says:

    Hello to all Jamboreers, especially Super troupers, Essex 24 in “Summer” – let’s hope today really will be the greatest day of your lives!!
    Make the most of your opportunities – Go Scouting!

  1064. Liz says:

    All the best to everybody making such a fanstastic occaision work – all builders, ISTers, leaders, youngsters, sponsors etc. Help make the world a better place – because it “won’t get no better if we just let it be!” And love to daughter Emma – IST from Ängelholm, Sweden

  1065. Roee bracha says:

    Hey guys. My wish for you is that you will meet many new friends. and even if you don’t find someone that you like, so look after person that you do like. There are 40,000 people in the camp, i’m sure you will meet new friends… have fun :)

  1066. lynda jones says:

    Best wishes to all at the Jamboree.Especially the Merseyside unit and my twin boys John+Dean.Enjoy everyone!

  1067. Ada says:

    Auguro ai miei fratelli di vivere questa esperienza indimenticabile, di godersela in tutti i modi, di affrontare tutto ( compreso il tempo ) con il sorriso!

  1068. Elaine Watkins says:

    Greetings to the Greater Manchester East Contingent, especially James in Unit 35! Have the time of your life guys! Enjoy, learn from each other, stay safe and happy and make loads of new friends. You and your leaders are truely amazing, x

  1069. Todde says:

    Have a nice camp all Scout.

  1070. Luigi Vinciguerra says:

    I wish you will enjoy all the best from this Jamboree and that the experience you are living now will remain in your hearts along your life

  1071. abuzar mansoor says:

    wish from pakistan islamabad pl print this message in jamboree daily newspaper pakistan scout asssociation wish to restore peace in pakistan pl convey all regards to participatnts

  1072. Michael, Sweden says:

    I wish you all the best and and as much brothering and sistering as possible during these exciting days in Sweden!

  1073. Dorothee says:

    Dem 11er Drämmli und der ganzen Schweizer Delegation wünsche ich eine megatolle Zeit in Schweden. Geniesst die Begegnungen und lernt viel Neues kennen! Profitiert von den einzigartigen Erfahrungen, die Ihr in diesen 12 Tagen machen könnt!
    Und kommt alle heil zurück!

  1074. helle wictor says:

    Have fun every one and enjoy the solidarity between one and another.
    The best wishes for the jamboree.

  1075. Jonathan Hillier says:

    I wish I was their but I am too young. Enjoy South Aficans!

  1076. Sandra Martinovic says:

    Best wishes to the CROATIAN contingent especially to our sun Matej. We wish you unforgettable experiences, meny new friends and good weather.

  1077. Stefanie Schaller says:

    Hallo Trupp Hessen “Hoppetosse” !
    Wir wünschen Euch (besonders Sophia Schaller) eine tolle Zeit beim Jamboree ! Viel Spaß, gutes Wetter und viele Grüße aus Hofheim, Steffi, Thomas und Justus Schaller

  1078. Elizabeth says:

    Wishing all the Scouts a fantastic time especially the units from Hampshire, UK and my daughter Charlie in Eureka unit @eurekajamboree

  1079. Silke Glüge says:

    Ich wünsche allen Teilnehmern viel Spaß, gutes Wetter und jede Menge neue Freunde und Erfahrungen. Ein besonderer Gruß geht an die Sportfreunde Stiller vom BdP und davon ein extra lieber Gruß an Sonja von den Wikingern aus Achim

  1080. Beate Ladurner says:

    eine erfahrung fürs leben
    genießt die tolle zeit, die neuen menschen,
    have fun

  1081. Bird Family says:

    To all the Lincolnshire Scouts – have the most wonderful time! You have all worked so hard to get there so now is the time to enjoy. x x

  1082. Susan Bonnici says:

    Wishing all there unforgettable days especially to the Maltese contingent. Cherish these moments to help make the world a better place to live!!!! A special wish goes to my son Matthew to have the best experiences ever!!

  1083. julie says:

    reading all of these posts fills me with emotion, so much love and positive thought being sent to those young people, they are our future. thanks to all the leaders who have given up there time. to Maddy and fox patrol from Leicestershire have a ball and make new

  1084. Susan Dodds says:

    To all the “Ay’up Tykes” West Yorkshire contingent, Hope you’re having an absolutely great time. Enjoy every minute, it will be over all too soon. Hope you make lots of new friends, from lots of different countries.

  1085. chris walder says:

    Good morning to all in uk groups from Kent especially Spitfires enjoy the days to come

  1086. Danièle Antony says:

    All over the world there are scouts believing in the same values.I wish that some of you use this kowledge for e better planet. I wish you a great time and that you never will forget this experience. I thank all IST for their work “behind the scence” to make a big camp possible.
    Good luck to Luxembourg contingent, have fun :-) ))

  1087. Johansen family, Cardiff says:

    Go well! Stay safe! Have fun!. Think ‘Defaid mewn welis’ contingent may not need the wellies from the pics so far!!

  1088. Heather says:

    Best wishes to the Cornish contingent. Have a wonderful adventure and enjoy the experience.
    David take loads of pictures and be safe.
    Mum, Dad and Emily xxx

  1089. Tracey Hughes says:

    To the Muddy Dragons, unit East from Wales

    Glad you’ve finally arrived and though there’s no need to say it – Go For It! Have a brilliant time. To all participants congratulations for attending such a global event. Please visit the very sociable Muddy Dragons in camp Summer – they are the ones with the 8 foot dragon gateway!

  1090. katrina stacey says:

    To Taz with ACT/NSW contingent from Australia, we are missing you and hope that you enjoy every moment of the WSJ. Enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity.
    ILY Katrina.

  1091. Claire Miller says:

    Hello to the Devon unit in winter, Mora. Good morning Lou. Hope you all have fun. Remember to try 1 new thing at least once a day, try for a 100. Thanks to the IST for making this happen. lots of love from plympton and brixham.

  1092. Tuula H says:

    Good morning, Sweden!

    Webcams show a little bit of rain on the camp site. Hopefully it stops and our beloved little and big Scouts have an adventurous day today! Greetings especially to the team from Northern Finland, and in particular to Samposet from Kempele. Finally: Go, Saila, Emmi and Sonja!

  1093. Gaba says:

    wow – Jule – you must have a great time in jamboree. God bless while you are in this camp, I think of you!

  1094. Ursula says:

    i wish for all of you an amazing jamboree 2011. greetings to the Austrian contingent with my 2 children

  1095. Angela Posso says:

    To the Gibraltar Contingent and all at WSJ have fun and make the most of this unique experience.

  1096. monica colombo says:

    I wish all boys and girls attending the Jamboree to make great experiences, have fun, meet new friends from everywhere and with them make better the wonderful world in which we live. A special “good luck” to my son Andrea and his italian troop Ghiacciaio Ardente. Finally great thanks to all adult scouts and coordinators that allow our kids to live such a great experience!

  1097. Michele Xuereb from MALTA says:

    Hey MALTA, keep that flag flying high! First full day’s over so make the most of the next one guys :)
    TO THE ORGANISERS: Can we pls have Webcam3 lowered down from 40m high, down to say 10m up like Webcam2? The tents seem like pinpricks! Thx and enjoy :) :) :)

  1098. Julie Kirby says:

    To the Muddy Dragons, unit East from Wales

    Glad you’ve finally arrived and though there’s no need to say it – Go For It! Have a brilliant time. To all participants congratulations for attending such a global event. Please visit the very sociable Muddy Dragons in camp Summer – they are the ones with the 8 foot dragon gateway! Tell Bethan we’ve posted this!

  1099. Jo DeBarbaro says:

    Best wishes to the UK contingent especially those from Kenilworth in Warwickshire..Have a great time..You deserve it after all the hard work you put in fund raising.

  1100. cleo Ourri says:

    I wish every single one of you fun , adventure and creativeness throughout your life.I wish each and everyone of you contributes in some way for all of us to have a better environment,a peaceful planet.Above all live the moment have a great time!!!! Love from Cyprus!

  1101. Kajsa says:

    Make the most of your experience at the Rinkabyfield it will fly by way too fast!

  1102. Staite Family Stafford UK says:

    Chloe Staite we all hope you have a fantastic time and are making friends from all around the world ! Staffordshire Contingent UK.
    Love Mum,Dad & Joe

  1103. mair bourne says:

    Have a great time, making friends and trying new experiences. Thank you to all the leaders who are giving time forthe jamboree, esp Andy, Paul and Jez, from the Foxtons.

  1104. From the headoffice of the Association of Protestant Guides and Scouts in Germany I wish you all that this fabulous event will bring you close to each other, help develop harmony across borders, races and religions and will make you strong to carry this message out into the world.

  1105. Catherine Spencer says:

    To all the Muddy Dragons from South East Wales. Have the most amazing time at Jamboree. Meet as many people as you can and have the time of your lives. xx

  1106. Del King says:

    Wishing ALL participants of The WSJ all the very best – have fun – learn about your world wide Scout Family – remember the words of our founder Robert Baden Powell – “Leave nothing but your thanks”. May God Bless you all

  1107. Nigel Taylor says:

    To all Jamboree participants, Have a fantastic time everybody. Best wishes to all especially the East Lancashire Unit. Hope to see you all on Saturday!

  1108. Luc says:

    Best wishes to all participants – I’ll be visiting the Jamboree on Monday

  1109. Ellen says:

    Wishing the Riverbend 77 and all those attending a wonderful Jamboree. Enjoy yourself and enjoy the experience.

  1110. Anne Marie Janssens says:

    Hoping you have an unforgetable jamboree. Can’t wait to hear all the stories. Wish I was there. From where I stand it seems to be great. Engjoy, have a great time and make friends from all over the globe.

  1111. Ruedi & Barbara says:

    Best wishes to all scouts at the Jamboree. Have a great time and enjoy simply scouting!
    Special greetings to the troop CHÜSSISCHLACHT in Mora/Winter; vil Spass und ä unvergässlichi Zyt!

  1112. Markus & Claudia Jeker says:

    Mir wünsche im 11er Drämmli es unvergässlichs Jamboree 2011!Gniesset’s und hebet mega viel Spass ;) E liebe Gruess a aui

  1113. Michelle Janke says:

    Wishing the 1st International group from Calgary, Alberta the best Jamboree ever! Have a great time and take care of each other!! :)

  1114. Dan jones says:

    My son Garry is with the scout troop from Cork,Ireland & I hope that they all cherish every minute of the jamboree & make friends with lots of people from all over the world.My wife & I miss him already.

  1115. Harvey says:

    As an American who lives in Japan and Thailand, I know the value of a global mindset. My son Yujin is with the Japan Contingent in Winter/Poleirkeln. Stop by and say “Hello!” since he is fluent in English. Also, tell him to email home sometime! :-)

    Wishing the best of times for all of you at WSJ22. May you all have so much fun and be so busy that you don’t have time to think of us back home. :-)