Mind-blowing end to a fantastic Jamboree!

The 22nd World Scout Jamboree is officially closed! The Jamboree ended with a spectacular Closing Ceremony on the theme Solidarity. The Ceremony took place on the new stage, with views from every side.

The hosts were just as excited as the audience even though the sky started to open up, just a few minutes into the Ceremony.

The rain didn’t stop anyone though. 40 061 dancing scouts together with Daniel Lemma, Sanna Nielsen, Kate Ryan and Europe made sure that the 22nd World Scout Jamboree ended with a bang! Besides singing and dancing, the show contained speeches from H.M. the King of Sweden and the camp chiefs Marie Reinecke and Göran Hägerdal, together with Luc Panissod from the World Organisation of the Scout Movement.

The ceremony, and the 22nd World Scout Jamboree, ended with fantastic musical fireworks and the flag handed over to Japan, host of the 23rd World Scout Jamboree 2015.

You can still watch the show via Bambuser.

Flickr photos: Magnus Fröderberg/Scouterna
Main photo: Jakob Svensson/Scouterna

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  1. Elisa Portugal says:

    During the closing ceremony, I couldn’t stop crying, under that rain… Thank you all. This was the best experience of my life. I wish I could have made it last forever.

  2. rami anggraeni says:

    I want to ask what are the activities carried out so far?

  3. Dominik Drewes says:

    hey! by the closing ceremony video at min 12:30 is played a song… can someone of you tell me the name?

  4. Surendra Maharaj says:

    Congrats! Fantastic job! to the organizers of the 22nd World jamboree. I followed the activities from home and saw that I missed a once in a lifetime opportunity. To all the scouts/contingents and especially those from Trinidad and Tobago I know you will cherish that experience forever.

  5. this is tasawwur Atique from Pakistan with lots of good wishes to Camp Management Team especially Mia and Camella of GDV. Both performed really well and I am thankful that as an IST both helped me perfoming Modules in Eviroment section. I am also thankful to Alenora, Josefin and kiki. I am missing my other colleagues there. It was fun to work and spend time with them. Love from Pakistan. This jamboree will play great role in my life and it will always be remembered by my team and myself

  6. Congratulations m from Pakistan &Thanks Sweden and Jamboree organization and media team that we could enjoy this amazing Jamboree 2011 with you. As we have seen it was an fantastic event and hope that the seeds of peace you sowed will spread and make the world a better place. I wish the young generation Good luck to be wiser and spread the light

  7. It was a Great event World class. Eventhough I’m not a participant , I feel as a part of this big event. I followed this site each and everyday for around 2 weeks now.
    Thanks everyone for giving this opportunity to be connected with the jamboree from our homes.
    You have done a great work. JAM 2011 Sweden
    Closing ceremony was great…
    Feel sad to know now it is over.We’ll sure miss this exiting event. Congratulations to al Maagement team

    Sri Lanka contingent, we are waiting for you to comeback home to us with lot of great memories, experiences and friendships from all over the world.


  8. Sian and John Turner says:

    We second the appreciations proposed by Nicky on 7th August! With thanks and in awe of the achievements of all the jamboree teams.

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  11. Laureen says:

    On behalf of the Zimbabwe Contingent, thank you sooooo mauch for welcoming us, for Home Hospitality and for a wonderful experience at the Jamboree. All our participants will cherish these memories for a very long time!!!

    See you in Japan!!!

    Unit Leader

  12. Emiel Janssen says:

    Thanks Sweden and Jamboree organization and media team that we could enjoy this amazing Jamboree with you. As we have seen it was an fantastic event and hope that the seeds of peace you planted will spread and make the world a better place. Good luck!

  13. Davide says:

    Merci bcp pour cette super expérience.. thank you so much for such a great experience… and concerning the closing cerimony, please please please AVOID people that do not speak French.
    There are over 3000 people speaking French very well, just ask to one of the French speaking contingent next time

  14. To the organising & IST teams – congratulations on a fantastic Jamboree from the UK GLMW Units Unity & Diversity – the media coverage has been great

  15. Sarah Craddock says:

    Hi there!!
    I´m Sarah´s mother from São Paulo Brazil, Tropa 2 Arara Azul and also would like to thank you all for this wonderful coverage. As my friend from England I also have been glued to the site for these 12 days.
    The Jam N sessions made my day when I arrived home from work everyday. To see all these scouts having fun and sharing experiences was really awesome and emotional, I couldn´t stop the tears.

    And yesterday at the closing …… Fantastic!!! Unbelievable!!! and a photographer took a picture of my daughter and Carajás troop!!! and it´s on the oficial site!!!! Can you believe it??? during Europe´s performance!!! That was really unbelievable!!!

    Well done Sweden Scout Organization!!
    Bravo Bravo Bravíssimo all the IST members!!

    I can´t find words to thank you all!!!

    I invite all to visit my country Brazil and to visit the Carajás group SP 2 in São Paulo city.
    visit our website http://www.carajá

    Sheila Craddock :) :) :)

  16. Rachael Davis's Family says:


    I am hoping that someone will receive this message and read it… I’m hoping it’s not too late!!

    I would like to thank the whole team for making the 22nd World Scout Jamboree such an amazing experience for everyone. But mostly, I am sure that I speak on behalf of many parents, friends and relatives of the Participants, I would like to say a very BIG thank you for all the wonderful coverage you have provided on your website… From the webcams which we have all been glued to, the Jamboree radio team, the wonderful ‘Jam N’ team who have had us all hooked hoping to get a glimpse of our sons/daughters the Bambuser team who did a fantastic job of trying to involve us all in all the ceremonies…

    I have also loved the commentary that has accompanied the live broadcasts on your ‘live’ page on the website – especially the funny comments made by Anders Frick and the team!! And of course all of the updated information and photos throughout the rest of the site.

    So there it is!! I just wanted to show my appreciation – with your help we have been able to share in this wonderful experience so thank you again.

    Nicky from Thetford, Norfolk UK

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  18. Heshani says:

    Eventhough I’m not a participant , I feel as a part of this big event. I followed this site each and everyday for around 2 weeks now.
    Thanks everyone for giving this opportunity to be connected with the jamboree from our homes.
    You have done a great work.
    Closing ceremony was great…
    Feel sad to know now it is over.We’ll sure miss this exiting event.

    Sri Lanka contingent, we are waiting for you to comeback home to us with lot of great memories, experiences and friendships from all over the world.


  19. Cecilia says:

    A big thank you to the excellent media team – it has been wonderful to follow the jamboree events online and feel the spirit of jamboree.

  20. Deus abençoe cada escuteiro e a todos que se comprometem com a causa de criar um mundo melhor rompendo barreiras para a compreensão mútua e amizade. Simplesmente Escutismo, Simplesmente Solidariedade, Simply Scouting
    Greetings from Angola Scouts’ Association.

  21. Aleksander says:

    All event was simply amazing.
    Thank you Sweden and thank you WOSM.
    Grateful parent from Slovenia.

  22. Sussi, Helsingfors says:

    Tusen tack Sverige för ett fantastiskt jobb – thank you Sweden for a job truly well done! This jam will surely be one of those things our scouts will cherish for a long, long time to come – as do we parents, as well. We might expect much more mature children back home, as this has evidently made a change in them. Välkommen hem Spinno!

  23. Sal Baconline says:

    Thanks to Sweden, jamboree helpers, the brilliant Media team and Scouts for making the jamboree exciting for participants and web watchers!

  24. Antonio Jorge Simas de Almeida says:

    Parabéns a todos os participantes, para mim é uma felicidade imensa saber q vcs estão curtindo o Jamboree.

  25. Esteves, Valmir says:

    Congratulations to all … thank the organization.

    Brazil – Sao Paulo

  26. Connie Scott says:

    Thank you again to all of the organizers! From what I saw you did an awesome job! You should be very proud of the positive change you created this week! Waiting for the Canadians to come home!! Expecially Rob from Burlington!

  27. Sarah Craddock says:

    Lucas Blunschi thank you for taking the picture of Scouts from Brazil during the show by Europe(people having fun) on the live stream. You made many mothers and fathers back home here in São Paulo Brazil very thrilled to see our kids there!!!

  28. Gerold says:

    Hi everbody. Especially to our beloved kids Isabel and Florian and to Jakob, Gabriel and Rene fein the scoutgroup Brunn am Gebirge: We are so happy that you had this great Jamboree- put these great moments and spirits deep in your hearts. Have a great hoho. Greetings Margit and Gerold/Austria.

  29. Dag Lundén says:

    Fantastic final show via the web.
    Partly some sound variations but based on the weather I would say I’m amaced that you succeded to send it out at al. Greate work!

    And to al scouts travelling home ot to HH.
    Travel safe and take care!

  30. pam morrow says:

    hello to all the northern ireland scouts especially tyrone thanks to all the leaders who made it possible and gave up their time for such a fantastic experience.enjoy the next stage of ho ho safe trip to finland and look forward to seeing you back in belfast scouting is fab!!!!!!!

  31. Brigitte Pobitschka says:

    Viele Grüße an Kim und trupp 14/autumn – “D’Schwoba” -aus Bad.-Württemberg/D .
    Wir haben jeden Tag im Internet nach Euch gesucht…aber leider nicht gefunden. Alle Teilnehmer haben aber immer sehr glücklich und zufrieden ausgesehen und Ihr hattet sicher viel Spaß und neue Freunde. Den Veranstaltern des Jamb kann man nur danken. Euch allen eine glückliche Heimkehr. Noch viele Jahre schöne Erinnerungen an diese Reise.Die kann Euch auch in schlechten Zeiten keiner nehmen! Good luck to you all!

  32. Tehuia (TAHITI) says:


  33. gillian conradie says:

    Briliant! Greetings to the metropolitan line contingent!

  34. Becca and Riley Pass says:

    Go UK44.!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Rob Hoitt says:

    Watching you all Stateside. Don’t let a little rain spoil the awesome party! Greetz to BSA Troop 70005!

  36. lesley says:

    Hi to all the notts unit!! Hope you have had a great time Rob, Hope hoho is what you hoped it would be :)

  37. lyn Marsella says:

    Unit 79 – hope you have had an amazing experience and made loads of new friends – enjoy the closing ceremony and Ho Ho – look forward to hearing all about it xxxxxxxxxxxx

  38. Hello to Marcus, Lizzie, Roy and Sandra and everyone in the NORTHERN IRELAND CONTINGENTS from everyone at 1ST BANGOR SCOUT GROUP – what a fantastic jamboree it has been for you all and what an adventure!!! Have a great HO HO experience and many memories for the future!

  39. Sarah Clark says:

    Take this wonderful spirit home with you and you will lead the World! We are so proud of you – shout out to BSA Troop 70205 – and the guys from Crockett Troop 419.

  40. Helen Mills says:

    Hey Canute, West Sussex, UK Contingent – enjoy your last night tonight at the closing ceremony – what an incredible journey you have all had! Enjoy next week too at the ho ho! See you soon x

  41. paul Newton says:

    Hello to all at WSJ especially the UK contingents from Hampshire

  42. chris b says:

    Hope all the uk contingents have enjoyed themselves at the jamboree. Big hello to uk 13 from coventry. Hope you have a good ho ho and look forward to seeing you on the 11th

  43. Becca and Riley Pass says:

    Hi to all in Unit 44 – Spitfire. What a fab journey you have experienced so far, enjoy HoHo xxxxxxxx

  44. maryam says:

    wow congret to all scouts is so nice to see the peoples like u in this world i love u and i am proud to be 1 scout mother,god bless all of u @david gauthier (suisse) i am so happy to find u monday love u my son <3

  45. Matthias MARTIN says:

    allez tous ce soir à la soirée de fin du Jamboree: ca va être supeeeeer!!!!

    Vive le Jamboree!!!






  48. Scouter Judi says:

    Another World Jamboree is almost over. Congratulations Sweden it looked great from the homeside seats in Canada. Wishing the Canadian Contingent and especially Gabriel, Ethan, Scouter Henry of 12th Richmond — and Mr.Dallas of 6th Peace Arch memories for a lifetime! Thanks for taking care of our Venturers Scouter Andrew and escorting them home safe and sound to Vancouver! You’re the best of the best! Scouter Judi and your pal. See you soon H, G & E….

  49. Elizabeth Bantham says:

    Hi Emily and Unit 42
    So glad you are all having a super time at the Jamboree. Enjoy the Closing Cerermony and your Hoho in Finland.

    Nanny & Grandad Bantham

  50. diane says:

    Hope all the Robin Hood’s and the Merry Men have all had a brill time, hope you have a good time in Holland whatever you do there, shame it could be more tents tho!!

  51. Tina Brown says:

    Hi to the UK contingents, especially SPITFIRE UNIT 44. don’t get too sad at the closing ceremony, and good luck for your HOHO in Czech republic. Can’t wait for your return on 11th. X hi Jack

  52. olin says:

    have fun buddy……. just cant wait for the sauvenir form Jamb :P

  53. hii,..i come from indonesia.
    Warm greetings from here,..
    congratulation for all participant from my lovely country Indonesia.

  54. angela and john finch says:

    Have watched as much as we could on the net. Its over so quick. Enjoy the next week in Germany. Best wishes to all in Canute West Sussex. Liams Family

  55. tiffany says:

    It has been great to watch the jamboree on the internet. I loved it all- videos, pictures, interviews, the games, the cultural dances. I wish i was there. I hope everyone involved had great experiences to take back to their troops, family and friends.
    greetings and farewell from U.S.- hope all have a safe return back home.

  56. Gerold says:

    Hej. great, great work dein your side! I can “join” my kids and see their fabulous Events. Thanks to all of you!

  57. Has been exciting follow all your activities through the internet: videos, interviews, Jam N, blogs, pictures…everything. Now we will wait for the transmision….by sure it will be awesome!!!

    Greetings to all of you from our scout group in Bogotá, Colombia

  58. sukumarps says:

    My son from India is participating in this mega event and it is nice to keep ourselves updated with the latest happenings by the minute thru this great website. You guys REALLY ROCK!!!! Simply Scouting must now be known as Simply Scouting & Rocking!!! Three Cheers to the Scouting community

  59. Syamsu says:

    Congrat for all member. hope you got exciting experiences

  60. Jumping across images from 15th to 22th Jamboree….the same faces, the same smiles, the same spirit and emotions….Simply Scouting, is the best message and the best memory for each of us, boys and “old-boys”…. The Spirit Lives On!!!

  61. sharing this with all my friends to watch in the USA

  62. carole says:

    great 2week it was, I was glued to my netbook screen and my smartphone all along, a much as I could. Have a good ceremony and a great trip home!!!pleae don’t forget the messages, I think the world need them

  63. John says:

    Hope you have all had a great time

  64. Bob Spoors says:

    What a magic time thanks Sweden as a day visitor me and my G/daughters who are Cubs had a fantasic time
    Iam glad to see Scouting is giong forward

  65. Susan, Helsinki says:

    For some of you the adventure continues with Home Hospitality in Sweden or in another Nordic country – we’re welcoming Jacob and Joshua from Surrey, UK, to join us on Monday. TERVETULOA! Tervetuloa kotiin myös oma leiriläisemme Spinno-leirilippukunnasta!

  66. Trabucchi Gabriella says:

    :) it’s already over? Sigh!! :( BUT YOU ARE ALL TAKING HOME SUCH GREAT EMOTIONS AND MEMORIES…thanks for conveing them for us who are at home. :)